Arsenal Transfer News: Cesc Fabregas Reports to Arsenal for Training Amid Drama

Tom Kinslow@@TomKinslowFeatured ColumnistJuly 4, 2011

Was there ever really any doubt?

Despite reports that he may strike against Arsenal and their summer training regimen, Cesc Fabregas has not only reported to the Gunners but has done so a day early according to a report from Jamie Sanderson of YoungGunsBlog, a report that was later confirmed by Sky Sports.

Through all of the drama and madness surrounding Fabregas and Barcelona, the former Barca prospect has always handled the situation the same way—with class and dignity.

Unlike other players, who get into very public spats with their clubs as they try to force an exit, Fabregas has always handled the situation with a very measured approach, allowing the cards to fall where they may and treat both parties with the respect they deserve.

The Spanish midfielder may have his heart in Barcelona, but the man respects Arsene Wenger and the Gunners too much to ever do something to damage the club.

His comments last week, in which he insinuated Arsenal may not want him anymore, raised some eyebrows within the club's supporters, but this display will more than make up for that mild controversy.

While his arrival doesn't mean he won't be sold to his boyhood club, it can't possibly be a bad thing for Wenger, whose job may depend on another strong season from his captain. 

Barcelona has shown an unwillingness to bid what Fabregas is worth and has further complicated matters by getting into a very public dispute over Arsenal's signing of two young Barca prospects.


However, there may be a further contributing factor in the story as Arsene Wenger secured the signings of Barcelona’s Jon Toral and Hector Bellerin earlier in the summer, both 16-year-olds having rejected contracts at Camp Nou.

Barcelona are said to be outraged by Arsenal’s actions, and are threatening to report the London club to Fifa, making a claim of £350,000 for each player.

However, Barca have said they will withdraw the claims if Fabregas is their player come the beginning of the season.

This dispute doesn't exactly endear the club to the Gunners and if anything, makes Wenger more determined to keep his grip around Fabregas, regardless of what the Nou Camp throws at him in the transfer window.

In the coming days, Fabregas will answer more questions about his future at the Emirates, and after last week's drama, he'll be sure to measure his comments, in which he'll likely echo what we have heard in the past.

The midfielder will praise Arsenal and speak about how much respect he has for Wenger, the Gunners and what the club is trying to build, and the speculation about his future will continue long after training starts in earnest.

Fabregas may depart the Emirates this summer, but one thing is for certain. He will do it with class, dignity and the respect of every Arsenal fan around the world.


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