Arsenal Transfer Rumours: Eden Hazard and 5 Transfers to Replace Samir Nasri

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IIJune 9, 2011

Arsenal Transfer Rumours: Eden Hazard and 5 Transfers to Replace Samir Nasri

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    Arsene Wenger and his club are looking at this summer as a time to improve their team. The one drawback is that Arsenal have to improve while replacing Samir Nasri.

    Nasri is a young, talented winger and attacking midfielder who can change games at times.

    Many teams are vying for his trade, and the temptation on the midfielder may just be enough to get him away from his club in London.

    The Gunners have many options and have been looking at players that are similar to Nasri.

    Here is a list of 5 possible options to replace Samir Nasri that should put Arsenal fans at ease.

Eden Hazard

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    Eden Hazard is a young 20-year-old winger and attacking midfielder.

    He is the best option to replace Samir Nasri.

    Hazard, like Nasri, likes to link up with his teammates, and can effectively take on defenders when needed. He has searing pace, which, when deployed down the wing, he can use to get himself into a position to send in crosses to his teammates.

    The National, a publication in the United Arab Emirates, said Eden Hazard has “pace which terrifies: quick changes of direction, instant acceleration, continuous movement”.

    Hazard is a perfect fit for Arsenal and would take to Nasri’s role seamlessly.

Charles N’Zogbia

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    Charles N’Zogbia has been on Wigan since 2009 and now is looking for a move away.

    N’Zogbia is already a proven Premier League player, and can play as a winger on both sides as an attacking midfielder, or even as a left back.

    N’Zogbia and Hugo Rodallega made up the majority of Wigan’s attack. The two men helped keep Wigan in the Premier League for another season.

    It is time for N’Zogbia to be rewarded for his efforts at the DW Stadium.

    Charles wants to be on a team that can challenge for silverware. Arsenal consistently finishes sufficiently for a spot in the Champions League and always challenges for a trophy.

    N’Zogbia talks of a possible move in saying he wants to play for a club with “bigger goals who can play in Europe and also help [him] with France.” (Metro)

    This utility player deserves a move to Arsenal and would replace Nasri very well.

Jesus Navas

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    Jesus Navas is a clinical, proficient winger that Arsenal has had their eye on for almost a year.

    Navas has put on great performances for his club Sevilla in La Liga. This has further sparked their interest.

    It has been reported Sevilla rates Navas between £22 and £25m. Normally, Arsenal would immediately turn away from a player priced like this, but the pressure to get silverware is currently larger than ever.

    Further, Arsenal may not need to turn away because they will receive a transfer fee with Samir Nasri's departure. That transfer fee should suffice to cover Navas’s, or at least put it within reach.

    Jesus Navas is another proven player that could be just what the Gunners need to end their silverware drought.

Stewart Downing

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    Stewart Downing may not be the favorite replacement for Samir Nasri in the Arsenal midfield, but he is nonetheless a talented and proven Premier League winger. He is confident on the ball and can take on defenders.

    Downing also has a very high football IQ and makes passes to set up scoring opportunities. He can also send balls to lead strikers behind defenders.

    The plain and simple truth is that Nasri will be forgotten with goals and wins, and Downing can help the Gunners get them.

    Downing has been an Arsenal transfer target since his Aston Villa contract talks broke down.

Unknown Young Talent

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    Arsene Wenger has an eye for talent. He brings in players that he knows already fit the Arsenal system.

    He also brings in players who are full of potential that he can mold towards the next stage in their career.

    If Arsene can manage to bring in a cheap, young player who could be a key for Arsenal for years to come, then he should make the move.

    A signing who can take on a future starring role will not only help Gunners fans forget about losing Samir Nasri, but it will also allow give them someone with a real commitment to the team. Players are loyal to the managers and teams that create their careers.

    An unknown young talent may not be the Gunners' No. 1 choice, but then, again can fans really believe that Arsene Wenger is going to entirely change his policies when it comes to the transfer market? He will probably do an overhaul of the team and bring in five or more players.

    However, they will not come at astronomically high prices.