Sergio Kun Aguero: Real Madrid and 6 Other Teams He Might Play For Next Season

Andres Ehrli@@ehrliCorrespondent IIIMay 26, 2011

Sergio Kun Aguero: Real Madrid and 6 Other Teams He Might Play For Next Season

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    It should be no news that Sergio Kun Aguero wants out of Atlético de Madrid. He has said so himself, so no speculation there. Kun has also said he can't say where he's going. Yet

    There is also no speculation on what his contract release fee is: €45 million (plus tax). 

    He reportedly has several offers, and he should, given he's one of Europe's top strikers.

    There have been denials, confirmations and everything you should expect from transfer window rumours. 

    But who are those teams that supposedly want Agüero?

    To answer this question, I give you my own personal list. Some of them you will expect, and some you won't. 

7. Arsenal FC

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    Why Aguero fits:

    Arsenal need both a striker and a player that can make the difference day in and day out in front. They need a "crack" if you will. Robin van Persie is good, but he has legs made out of Swarovski crystal. He misses playing time constantly. And that's not good. 

    Plus you can always play them together in case van Persie ever decides to be fit for a whole season. 


    Why it might not happen:

    Arsenal aren't big spenders. Actually they're not even spenders. They just don't work that way. Anything over €20 million is blasphemy for Wenger & Co. So don't expect them to pay over €40 million for Aguero (or anybody else) anytime soon. 

    That might change with an expensive sell, though (Cesc Fabregas, maybe?).


    Real Chance of it Happening:

    Zero to 1.5 percent chance (it should really be higher, though).

6. FC Barcelona

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    Why Aguero fits:

    Barcelona need another striker. Bojan and Jeffren don't (and won't) cut it up front. So they have three players for three spots. That's bad roster making, even if Afellay eventually pans out. Even with the dutch, they're still four to three. So another man would make it possible for Messi & Co. to actually rest. 


    Why it might not happen:

    Barcelona have other transfer prospects on watch, and rumors say they have Rossi signed for around €30 million.

    That said, €45 million plus taxes is on the expensive side for Barça, and they have more positions and a certain Cesc Fabregas's return to consider. 


    Real Chance of it Happening:

    Five to 10 percent chance. 

5. Tottenham Hotspur

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    Why Aguero fits:

    Tottenham starts Peter Crouch up front. They clearly need help up front. Period. 

    The Spurs also seem willing to spend their money. 


    Why it might not happen:

    Aguero might not want to go there because of Tottenham's caché.

    He might feel it's not an improvement over Atlético de Madrid. 


    Real Chance of it Happening:

    Ten to 20 percent chance. 

4. Liverpool FC

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    Why Aguero fits:

    Last time they signed an Atletico de Madrid star it played out well for them, didn't it? They did it once, and they could be in for seconds. They do have Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll. But you could line them up front at the same time because of Agüero's versatility. 


    Why it might not happen:

    They've spent big on Carroll and Suarez recently.

    Also €45 million could be too much for them without selling the real Torres they must have locked and gagged somewhere in Anfield. 


    Real Chance of it Happening:

    Twenty to 40 percent chance. 

3. Chelsea FC

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    Why Aguero fits:

    Aguero in blue? Maybe. But how did it go for Chelsea the last time they got an Atletico de Madrid star on their roster?


    They could do with another striker, especially with Didier Drogba not getting any younger and possibly on the way out.  Roman Abramovich does have the infinite money cheat though. 


    Why it might not happen:

    They spent almost €60 million on Torres six months ago.

    If that's not enough reason not to spend more than €40 million on another striker, nothing can stop Roman from bolstering his (fantasy) team. 


    Real Chance of it Happening:

    Fifty to 60 percent chance. 

2. Real Madrid CF

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    Why Aguero fits:

    When it counted the most (against Barça), Mourinho preferred Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of the team's incumbent strikers (Karim Benzema, Gonzalo Higuaín, & Emmanuel Adebayor) up front.

    So the fact Mourinho has no starting forward is quite evident. Aguero could be that man. 

    He also fits the bill as a "Galactico." So Florentino Perez will like that, obviously. 


    Why it might not happen:

    Atlético's image and Enrique Cerezo's would be heavily tarnished.

    If Madrid bought out the release clause, it is speculated Cerezo would make them pay for taxes. Taking the bill up to almost €80 million.

    That's too much. Even for Madrid. 


    Real Chance of it Happening:

    Seventy to 85 percent chance. 

1. Manchester City

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    Why Aguero fits:

    Money: check (Infinite amounts every summer, apparently). 

    Need of forward: check (City always needs another forward, especially now that Carlos Tevez seems to want out).

    Could make Tevez stay: check (nothing like an Argentinian pal to calm down another Argentinian).  

    Desire to win Champions League and spend BIG by club: double check.


    Why it might not happen:

    The only thing that could stop this is Aguero preferring Madrid  and making a move himself so Enrique Cerezo will budge and let him move to the city rivals. 

    Everything else seems to match. 


    Real Chance of it Happening:

    Eighty to 95 percent chance.