Arsenal Transfer News: 10 Players the Gunners Should Target This Summer

Matthew Celentano@@Gunner_NYCFeatured ColumnistMay 27, 2011

Arsenal Transfer News: 10 Players the Gunners Should Target This Summer

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    After yet another campaign for Arsenal with no silverware, Arsene Wenger is in a do-or-die situation this summer. If he makes the right transfers, he may finally bring his side to trophies after six long years, and if he makes the wrong transfers, then his job is on the line.

    These 10 players are ones who can finally bring glory to the Emirates, so without further ado, let's begin.

Georgio Chiellini

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    Regarded to be one of the best centre backs in the world, Chiellini would be the perfect buy for Arsenal.

    The Gunners lacked a reliable defense this season, and it was due to both lack of experience and lack of strength in the back line. Chiellini brings more than enough of both of these things.

    Having played in Serie A for seven seasons with a whopping 170 caps for Juventus as well as 40 starts internationally for Italy, Chiellini has plenty of experience under his belt. However, being only 26 years old, the Italian still has plenty of time left in football, meaning he's yet to reach the peak of his career yet. That's a win-win situation.

    With Juventus failing to qualify for any European football next year, Chiellini should be interested in a transfer to a more successful club. A player of his calibre should be playing against the top clubs in Europe rather than just Serie A and Coppa Italia matches. Although Chiellini seems to be very loyal to Juventus, he could easily be lured into a move to the Emirates with the prospect of Champions League football.

    Overall, Chiellini would bring something new to Arsenal, an experienced and tough centre back. He is the epitome of what Arsenal need right now, so bringing him to North London would be a highly beneficial transfer. 

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

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    Out of all the transfers in this list, this is the one that seems most likely to come through.

    Chamberlain is the classic Arsene Wenger transfer. He's talented, he's fast, he's a playmaker, and most of all, he's young. At only 17 years old, Chamberlain is toted to be the "next Theo Walcott," due to his speed and talent on the wing.

    This transfer was an inch away from actually happening during the January transfer window, but it never came through. However, I think Wenger will pounce on buying the young Englishman as soon as he can.

    Chamberlain's move to the Emirates would be a great transfer for both the future and the present. If Chamberlain stayed at Arsenal for the bulk of his career, he could be the future of the club alongside Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey. 

    On the other hand, Chamberlain arriving at Arsenal would also be a valuable player to have in near seasons, as his pace and vision of the pitch are at the same level as some top players in England.

    Because Southampton are a League One club, they wouldn't charge too much, certainly nothing over 10 million pounds. All in all, this is a transfer impossible for Wenger to refuse.

Stephane Mbia

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    Buying Stepháne Mbia is an ideal transfer for the Gunners. The Marseille midfielder can play both centre back and defensive midfielder, two positions where Arsenal are lacking players. The only true defensive midfielders Arsenal have are Emmanuel Frimpong and Alex Song, so this forces more attacking-oriented players like Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey to play in the defensive midfielder position.

    Not only is Mbia a versatile player who can play in a numerous amount of defensive positions, but he could also comfortably connect with the Arsenal squad, as he comes from Ligue 1, the league where a majority of the Arsenal defenders started their career in.

    Because both players are from Cameroon, Mbia could easily link up with Alex Song in the defensive midfield, creating the much needed defensive spine that Arsenal so obviously lacked this season.

    The only problem with Mbia is that his contract at Marseille has recently been extended to 2013. He's stated that he's happy playing for Marseille and would like to stay. Nonetheless, Wenger should try as hard as he can to sign this defensive maestro, as he could really strengthen the spine that Arsenal need in order to win trophies.

Jan Vertonghen

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    He's the second centre back on this list, and I can assure you there's a couple more, but we all know that's the position Arsene Wenger has on his summer shopping list. The Gunners desperately need some tough defensive players to bolster the defensive line in the centre, and Jan Vertonghen is more than just a great centre back.

    Because he's Belgian, he and his compatriot Thomas Vermaelen know each other well, so Vertonghen can easily connect with him and make a smooth transition into the Arsenal squad. This would finally provide Arsenal will the tough and strong defenders in the centre that that they urgently need. The Ajax centre back is also very versatile, as he can play in the defensive midfielder position as well.

    At 6'2", Vertonghen would be very helpful when it comes to defending set-pieces, something that has been the Achilles heel of Arsenal this season. With him and Vermaelen in the centre, Arsenal fans won't ever have to bite their nails again when an opponent wins a corner.

    Overall, buying this talented centre back would be a shrewd transfer, and he could really help fix Arsenal's ominous defensive problems.

Karim Benzema

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    To start with, I'd like to say how awesome it would be if Benzema came to Arsenal. Arsenal supporters rarely experience the joy of buying big-name players, and signing Benzema would be a huge excitement for Arsenal supporters.

    Not only would it be exciting, but signing the Real Madrid striker could win back some of the Arsenal supporters who threw a fit after the ticket prices were raised. The rebellious supporters' main argument was that Arsenal cared too much about finance, and that Arsene Wenger should spend some big bucks in the summer to finally win a trophy. Bringing Benzema to the Emirates would show the supporters that their voice was heard, and that Arsenal is willing to give everything they have in order to bring some talent to North London and finally win some silverware.

    Anyways, on to why this man can end Arsenal's lengthly trophy drought. Arsenal need a world class striker to accompany Robin van Persie, as he is currently faced with the pressure of scoring the majority of Arsenal's goals.

    Benzema has clearly expressed that he is unhappy as Real Madrid, and with the return of Higuain from injury next season and the likely signing of Adebayor, Real Madrid will have no use for Benzema. Clearly it wouldn't take too much convincing of Madrid and Benzema to bring the striker to the Emirates.

    As a Frenchman, Benzema would have no problem connecting with the other Arsenal players, as the majority of the Arsenal squad are also French. Despite being the most expensive transfer on this list, Benzema has hit the net 23 times this season, and his goal-scoring abilities could really help bring some trophies to the Emirates.

    Overall, signing Benzema would be a dream come true for Arsenal. It would finally give van Persie a world class striking parter, and would create a due that could that could be scoring goals left and right.

Chistopher Samba

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    I honestly can't imagine Wenger not buying Samba; he'll never get a more perfect transfer.

    Much like Chiellini, Samba has everything that the Gunners need. He's certainly got strength, being one of the toughest centre backs in the Premier League, and at 6'4", Samba's got immense ability in the air. When it comes to defending on set pieces, something Arsenal clearly need some help with, Samba will show that he is the right man for the job.

    However, Samba has a couple more things that Georgio Chiellini doesn't happen to have, two things specifically that could convince Wenger to put the Blackburn centre back in red and white next season.

    First off, Samba has been playing in the Premier League for four seasons now. His experience in England's top tier will be valuable when it comes to getting used to the Premier League style of play, as he won't take any time getting used to the game play and can dive straight into the deep end.

    If Wenger were to buy a centre back from Serie A or the Bundesliga, the player would probably have to take some time getting used to English clubs' different style of play. Arsenal needs a player who will help them win trophies immediately, not one who would benefit in the long term but take time to get accustomed to a new league.

    Not only would Samba be used to the Premier League, but he'd also have a very easy transition into the Arsenal squad. Like a majority of the Arsenal players, Samba is French, so would make easy connections with his teammates and would feel comfortable at Arsenal.

    All in all, this is the signing Wenger should make, not some unknown 19-year-old playing in the second tier of Slovakian football (just making an example of his usual transfers). There's not many men better than Christopher Samba for Arsenal to sign this summer, his transfer is really a no-brainer.

Kevin Gameiro

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    If you just watched that video, your jaw has probably dropped, and if you haven't watched it, then your draw will be dropped in three minutes and 22 seconds.

    As opposed to Benzema, Gameiro seems to be the more realistic and "classic Wenger" transfer. At 24 years old, the Lorient striker is still fairly young and clearly talented as well.

    Because he is French, it makes it all the more likely for Wenger to sign Gameiro, because we all know Wenger has a soft spot for players from his home country. On top of this, Arsenal have a good relationship with FC Lorient after Laurent Koscielny joined the Gunners from the French outfit last summer. 

    Like the other French players on this list, Gameiro would have no trouble making connections with the other Arsenal players because of the apparent French culture at the Emirates. 

    However, what seems to be the most important part about this young talent is his selfishness. There's been lots of talk about how Arsenal need a classic, selfish striker to accompany Robin van Persie, and Gameiro seems to be the right man for the job. As seen in the video, Gameiro has the natural selfish striker trait, but he also makes intelligent one-two passes or even simple through balls.

    Unlike other strikers linked with moves to the Emirates, like Benzema, Falcao and Hulk, Gameiro would come at a much cheaper price. He's currently at a humbler club who wouldn't charge any more than 15 million pounds for Gameiro, tops.

    Not only should Gameiro come to the Emirates for Arsenal's benefit, but he should come for the future of his career. A player of his calibre and talent deserves to be playing Champions League football, and could be scoring goals for the North London giants in the Premier League rather than the modest FC Lorient in Ligue 1.

Phil Jagielka

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    Once again, we find yet another centre back on this list, but I promise you, he's the last one. 

    Jagielka was highly linked with a move to the Emirates last summer, but unfortunately, the transfer never materialized. However, Wenger should make a move for this player before he misses out on him for another summer.

    Many have said that Arsenal need a tough, solid, English centre back. Well, after John Terry, who probably wouldn't come to Arsenal if he was threatened at gunpoint, the first person who comes to mind is Phil Jagielka. 

    With numerous years of Premier League experience, Jagielka could be the defensive presence that would finally bring Arsenal a trophy. Of course, the Gunners do already have Vermaelen, one of the most talented centre backs in the Premier League, but you don't win the title with only one reliable centre back. These two players forming a defensive partnership could give Arsenal one of the best defenses in England.

    The only reason Arsene Wenger wouldn't sign Jagielka would be if he chose Vertonghen, Chiellini or Samba instead, but really, any of those players would be welcome at the Emirates.

Eden Hazard

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    The 20-year-old has turned into the transfer target of the summer, and any club would kill to have the Belgian wearing their jersey next season. It's almost inevitable that he'll leave his current club, Lille, this summer, the real question now is who rather than if.

    First off, it's looking more likely than ever that Barcelona will finally sign Cesc Fabregas from Arsenal, putting the Gunners in a situation where they have to buy a young playmaker fit to fill Cesc's boots. If you take Wesley Sneijder out of the equation, then there's no better man than Eden Hazard.

    Not only does Hazard have the ability to score incredibly beautiful goals, but he also does his fair share in assisting them. Hazard is the perfect example of a player who "plays the Arsenal way," with accurate through balls on the ground and a beautiful, flowing, attacking style of play. Honestly, I couldn't see Arsenal not win a trophy with Eden Hazard in their squad.

    But as always, there's a catch. With almost every other top European club in the race to sign this young prospect, the chances of Arsenal getting him are slim, providing Arsene Wenger even bids for him in the first place. 

    One could say that Arsenal have an edge in signing him because their style of play is much like his and because of their abundance of French players from Ligue 1, but no one really knows what going through Hazard's mind. 

    It'll be an excitement to see who signs this summer's biggest transfer target, let's just cross our fingers that it's Arsenal.

Scott Parker

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    After West Ham's tragic relegation, an exodus of their finest players is expected, and that includes their beloved captain, Scott Parker.

    Lack of leadership was one of Arsenal's main problems this season, but with Scott Parker, they'd have one of the best leaders in the Premier League. One of the most well known piece of evidence of Scott Parker's leadership skills was his half time speech to West Ham against West Brom. The Hammers were 3-0 down, but their captain inspired them to make a remarkable comeback and finish the match 3-3. 

    This kind of never say die attitude is exactly what Arsenal need to start winning trophies. In a couple of massively important matches this season, Arsenal would go into the 90th minute being a goal or two down, and would lose faith in their ability to come back and salvage something from the match.

    Scott Parker's Premier League and football experience would be highly valuable to the Gunners, and he could instill the winning mentality that Arsenal desperately needs.

    However, the one setback is Parker's age. At 30 years old, Parker only has so many years left in his career, and we all know Wenger's policy when it comes to age. The Arsenal manager would have trouble reverting away from his "youth project" and signing Scott Parker.

    Although it's an unlikely signing, it would be an intelligent one on Wenger's behalf, as well as a fairly cheap one. Parker could really bring something new to Arsenal, something that could give them the edge in finally winning a trophy.