New York Cosmos Front Office to Meet with the Borough Boys SC for Q&A

Cesar DiazCorrespondent IIMarch 13, 2011

The Borough Boys SC are hosting this Event (Photograph courtesy of The Borough Boys)
The Borough Boys SC are hosting this Event (Photograph courtesy of The Borough Boys)

If you're a Cosmos fan who lives in the Tri-State area and have questions about the New York Cosmos, then I suggest you attend the "Q&A with the New York Cosmos." hosted by the Borough Boys Supporters Club.

The event will take place at Legends Bar NYC on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 at 7PM.

If you're unable to attend, Cosmos fans will have the opportunity to email and twitter their questions directly to the Borough Boys SC during the Q&A session with the members of the New York Cosmos front office. Please take into consideration that Borough Boys members in attendance will be first priority in asking their questions.

So who are the Borough Boys SC? As stated in their website,

"Founded November 17th, 2007, by Nick Laveglia and Paul Morabito, the Borough Boys are a group of supporters who want to see a New York City team in Major League Soccer. The idea did not come out of nowhere, as there have been rumors that the Wilpon family, owners of the New York Mets Baseball team, are interested in building a Soccer Specific Stadium in the Queens area."

"The Borough Boys were formed to be a supporter's club for a NYC professional soccer team. Our City boasts more soccer fans than any other city in the United States and yet we are not represented on the professional level. We have huge numbers of soccer fans who come from every continent on the globe, and we therefore believe that a professional New York City soccer club would be the most successful and most exciting in the United States. As the official supporter's club for the nascent team, the Borough Boys' primary mission is to help make this team a reality."

Years before the New York Cosmos was considered a serious contender in becoming the 20th team in Major League Soccer, the Borough Boys already had members and were in existence.

Before Pelé announced the return of the New York Cosmos during the halftime of last year's Copa NYC finale, the Borough Boys SC were already in existence. And before diehard Cosmos fans ever heard of New York Cosmos Chairman and CEO Paul Kemsley, the Borough Boys were already...what? In existence...

Since Pelé's announcement, Borough Boys' President Nick Laveglia has been in direct contact with the New York Cosmos front office. If anyone has and will continue to explain to the Front Office what New Yorkers want and expect from their beloved soccer club, it's him.

For more information about joining the Borough Boys or simply following them with their latest updates of the NY Cosmos, you may do so on the supporters club's 5 Point Press media outlets: This is Cosmos Country, Facebook & Twitter.

While I may write interesting stories about the New York Cosmos History and have direct contact with the organization's front office, I have no reservation in admitting that the 5 Point Press is where I go for my NY Cosmos news, because they address the issues/concerns many New York Cosmos fans have.

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