World Football: Top 50 Goal Celebrations Of All Time (Part 2)

Chris PotterCorrespondent IJanuary 17, 2011

World Football: Top 50 Goal Celebrations Of All Time (Part 2)

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    In part one of the 50 Best Goal Celebrations of All Time, we saw a crazy-eyed African boy wobbling his belly around, an Icelander pretending to be Rambo, an Arsenal player impersonating a constipated duck and an Italian trying to make ''amore'' with his shirt.

    In the second half of this entertaining video slideshow, there is even more footage of crazy, fun and downright stupid celebrations.

    If you feel that I have missed a particularly impressive effort, let me know in the comments section below. I look forward to hearing from you.

25. Aylesbury United, Ducking Funny

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    A large duck with white plumage bred for meat. That is what Aylesbury in England is famous for and what its football team is proud of.

    So what better way to honor the Aylesbury Duck than by getting down as a team on all fours and pretending to be a family of ducks swimming along?  You can enjoy this bizarre scene at 2:46 in the video.

24. Brandi Chastain, Shorty Getting Shirty

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    Brandi Chastain became world famous when she scored the winning penalty kick in the 1999 Women's World Cup against China to secure the title for the host country.

    It was not just her pinpoint spot-kick that won her admiration. 

    All men watching in the stands and on television surely enjoyed a very visual celebration when Chastain exposed her sports bra.

23. F.C. Stjarnan, It's All Going Swimmingly

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    Another impressively synchronized effort from the celebration superstars over at F.C. Stjarnan sees the goalscorer launching himself off a human diving board to compete against a teammate in the breaststroke.

22. Eric Cantona, Je Suis God

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    ''Worship me, the Gallic king of effortless cool and creator supreme of sublime goals'."

    That summarizes the thoughts that must have crossed Eric Cantona's mind when he spun away from two defenders, exchanged passes with Brian McClair and nonchalantly chipped the ball over the goalkeeper.

    The look of disbelief was, of course, deliciously ironic.

21. Roger, Foxy!

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    Note to animal activists: no animals were harmed during this match.

    It does initially seem as though Cruzeiro's Roger has a bone to pick with the foxy mascot.  Once he has wrestles the head from the poor owner though, he shares his joy with supporters, who had probably already forgotten with whom they were celebrating!

20. Don't Try This At Home, Kids

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    It all seemed to be going so well for Real Salt Lake's Fabian Espindola after a stunning goal and a wonderful celebration in a big game against L.A. Galaxy.

    What happened next?

    The linesman disallowed the goal because his teammate had touched a goal-bound shot while in an offside position, and Espindola fractured his ankle after an elaborate, yet poorly-executed, celebration. 

19. Digging Himself A Hole

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    America Belo Horizonte is nicknamed "The Rabbits".

    So when Atletico Mineiro player Edmilson Ferreira scored a goal against them, he thought it would be funny to pull a carrot from his shorts and start munching on it.

    I'm not sure the fans were too pleased to see him...doing that.

18. Don't Whistle While You Work!

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    Football and politics is generally not a good mix. 

    So  Paul Gascoigne—not known for his intelligence—thought it would be a good idea to start playing an Orange Flute in a preseason friendly game against Catholic Celtic to mock the religious beliefs of thousands of Hoops.

    Cue death threats from the IRA. 

17. Get Your T*** Out For The Lads

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    Partly memorable because it was one of very few goals Uruguayan Diego Forlan scored in English football, but this effort will also stick in the minds of English fans because they had to suffer the indignity of a sweaty, foreign bloke with golden locks tearing around the football field bare chested for far too long.  

16. The Fling King

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    Veni, Vidi, Flippi.

    He has never quite made it at the very top level of international football, but Nigerian forward Julius Agahowa is safe in the knowledge that he can certainly quit his day job for a job with the circus.

    Time and again, we have enjoyed his sensational series of backward flips, which just seem to get higher and more dynamic each time.

    We salute you, Julius. 

15. You're Sh***ing Me!

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    Another gem from Stjarnan, this time of the more fecal variety; they recreate what it is like to go to the loo—for those who had never been.

    Creative, imaginative and completely nonsensical...we like!

14. ''I'm So Sexy It Hurts!''

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    Brian Laudrup was a good player with long hair.

    And you know what they say about long hair:  ridiculous goal celebrations!

    This particular scene sees the Dane score a fairly easy goal (1:05 in the video), wheel away in joy and slide into a particularly nauseating boy band pose in front of the camera.

13. He Dove, Ref

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    An acrobatic debut goal calls for an acrobatic, cheeky celebration that will instantly make your new fans worship you.

    That is the sound logic behind Jurgen Klinsmann's decision to mock those who accused him of bad sportsmanship by taking the plunge with his teammates.

12. Pee On Sight?

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    Finidi George is the World Cup star who ended up at Ipswich. 

    Perhaps not what he would like to have eventually carved onto his grave, but we will always fondly remember him for his humorous celebration in the USA 1994 FIFA World Cup, where he got down on all fours, cocked his leg up and pretended to urinate like a dog.

11. On Your Bike

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    Life really would be less interesting if F.C.Stjarnan did not spend hours conjuring up funny new ways to mark each goal scored.

    In their penultimate entry on this list, the players form a human bicycle on which the lucky scorer will ride off as a hero into the sunset (if it rose that day in Iceland, that is). 

10. Cheeky Chappy

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    I'm not sure whether this celebration was carried out with the blessing of his manager, but original prankster and then-Hull City player Jimmy Bullard dared to mock manager Phil Brown's public dressing down with this superb celebration.

    I'm confident everyone except Brown saw the funny side of the 10th best goal celebration ever.

9. Open Wide

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    Gascoigne, known often be in good spirits, celebrated his goal against rival Scotland in the 1996 European Championships (held in his native England) by pretending to be in a dentist's chair, which is a fairly explicit reference to the popular alcoholic drink often consumed during binges. 

8. Vision, Dreams and Passion

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    Again making light of the media's criticism of controversial off-the-field hobbies, Liverpool's Robbie Fowler got into hot water with authorities for pretending to snort a line of cocaine after successfully scoring a penalty in the Merseyside derby.

7. He's Positive Alright!

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    Another player who, despite being a different class of footballer, shared an addiction with Fowler was superstar legend Diego Maradona.

     who made an energetic last World Cup appearance in the US 17 years ago.

    Maradona made his last World Cup appearance in the United States 17 years ago.  Look carefully at 0:16 and you will understand why the authorities ''randomly'' tested him for drugs after the match finished and also why he failed said test.

6. B-Boys Back In Town

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    My personal favorite comes courtesy of Middlesbrough F.C., whose inspirational moves and electric break-dancing lit up this match considerably (0:29).

    With an English sense of humor, it works. On a technical level, I fear for the lads.

5. Bebeto, That's Just Childish!

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    Brazilian Bebeto, buoyed by baby, broadcasts by bouncing his (enough alliteration) arms playfully with his teammates.

    A great way to celebrate good news and a nostalgic moment in the annals of World Cup football.   

4. The Barely Believable

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    What a moment for Ryan Giggs, indeed.

    The Welsh Wizard danced his way past five Liverpool defenders to seal an F.A. Cup semi-final win over rivals Liverpool with a goal that had a Maradona touch about it.

    His celebration, revealing his fuzzy Welsh side, stands as a highlight in the history of the competition.

3. F.C. Stjarnan Smells A Bit Fishy To Me

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    Winning the best prize for flair and imagination, FC Stjarnan make their eighth and, sadly, final appearance in the list of best celebrations with this hilarious re-enactment of a fisherman catching a salmon (or any fish for that matter).

    The video that made the Icelandic team an overnight internet sensation.

2. Roger Milla, Making Football Sexy

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    Suitably grainy footage and commentary add yet further charm to this recording of Roger Milla's famous corner flag jig against Romania.

    A legend even today, he featured in a recent World Cup advertising campaign for Coca-Cola which aimed to encapsulate the beauty and magic of the tournament.

1. I Think He Is Quite Happy With That One

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    One of the presiding memories from the 1982 FIFA World Cup was Marco Tardelli's highly emotional and emotive celebration.

    ''Like a volcano, a moment to reminisce about your life - your family, brothers back in Italy'', says Tardelli as he remembers the moment years on.

    While this may be a slight exaggeration, never has a footballer since been caught looking so overwhelmingly happy and passionate about a goal.

    A moment to send shivers down anyone's spine.