Premier League Prima Donnas: Ranking The Top 10 Hissyfits Of 2010

Phil ConstableCorrespondent IDecember 27, 2010

Premier League Prima Donnas: Ranking The Top 10 Hissyfits Of 2010

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    Let's face it, football isn't the gentleman's game that it once was and as wages and transfer fees have risen, the egos and self-importance of the players has followed suit.

    Over the years there have been many great rants and tantrums from Rafa Benitez's "fact" attack on Sir Alex Ferguson to Kevin Keegan's infamous "I would love it" speech, also aimed at Fergie.  

    With 2010 drawing to a close I thought I'd look back at some of the top strops of the past 12 months. From on field tantrums to post match petulance their have been many candidates to take make the hall of shame for this year and their are many candidates worthy of the list.

    Everyone of course is entitled to their opinion and do feel free to comment and let me know who I've missed off, but for now here are my top prima donnas of 2010    

10. Mick McCarthy

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    Mick McCarthy's had a tough year. He kept Wolves in the Premier League last season but as it stands they're bottom thus far in this campaign. He and his team have been criticised for their ultra-physical style of play and in this post match press conference he finally snaps with a sarcastic response before walking off.

    You can tell by the look on his face he wants nothing more than to punch the the interviewer in the face but manages to restrain himself from lashing out in a truly regrettable manner. However at the end of the clip you can see Alan Hansen is clearly impressed, calling McCarthy "the f*****g man".

    Keep up the good work Mick

9. Arsene Wenger

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    Arsene Wenger has been in charge at Arsenal for 14 years and isn't known for his emotional side. His body language is normally at neutral as his interviews are drab.

    Clearly Arsenal's lack of silverware over the past few years is frustrating the Frenchman and he's beginning to let his temper get the better of him.

    The video of Wenger being sent to the stands is not an isolated incident and he seems to have a particular hatred for water bottles. Against Tottenham you can also see him vent his anger on the helpless bottles when he unleashes hell, spraying water over poor Pat Rice, Wenger's assistant.

    If Arsenal can turn their baron spell around I fear we'll see the end of angry Arsene, but I for one love it when Wenger shows us how he really feels.

    P.S: You can see the Tottenham incident here:

8. Mario Balotelli

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    It's been a rough start to the Italian's career in the England and he's had some moments to forget from 2010.

    Although his Manchester City team cruised past West Ham a couple of weeks ago, Balotelli ignored the scoreline and instead decided to focus on himself in a commendably selfish manner. After failing to convert chance after chance not-so-super-Mario let his short temper get the better of him and lashed out at the officials. He was booked for dissent and was later substituted, blanking his manager before storming down the tunnel in a childish act of petulance.

    However this wasn't the only moment for Balotelli this year. He began his team bonding by cat fighting Jerome Boateng, an introduction of sorts I suppose.

    Clearly the youngster is talented and has the potential to be great but as long as he carries this streak of childishness, he will forever he held back. 

7. Roberto Mancini

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    Cool, composed and suave? Not on this occasion. It's no wonder his players are behaving like children when their manager is picking fights against opposition coaches.

    The normally ice cool Italian looses all his composure in this moment of madness against Everton when he throws himself at David Moyes to retrieve the ball.

    With lofty ambitions and more money than sense it's no surprise Mancini looses it from time to time but he must set a better example for his players to forget if they are to ever reach the promised land 

6. Lee Bowyer

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    WEST BROMWICH, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 18:   Lee Bowyer of Birmingham is given a yellow card during the Barclays Premier League match between West Bromwich Albion and Birmingham City at The Hawthorns on September 18, 2010 in West Bromwich, England.  (Photo by
    Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

    Lee Bowyer has become synonymous with disgrace after he was arrested a few years ago. Bowyer has been linked with with drugs, racism and makes Joey Barton look like a saint.

    In his latest moment of madness, the Birmingham midfielder launched a foul mouthed attack on an elderly fan in his side's 3-1 loss at West Brom.

    After a bad tackle earning him a yellow card, Bowyer was getting a fair share of grief from the Hawthorns crowd, Bowyer then added fuel to the fire by shouting at the grandmother, calling her a "f*****g c**t". With her grandson by her side, she was clearly appalled and complained to the club.

    Bowyer has since apologised for his behaviour but he never seems to learn that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable.  

5. Samir Nasri Vs William Gallas

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    They're both French, they've both played for Arsenal and they both hate each other.

    Since France's catastrophic World Cup campaign came to an end in the summer the former team mates have publicly traded insults with various reports about spats between them leaking out.

    After Gallas left Tottenham Nasri has described Gallas as an outcast and Gallas is reported to have called Nasri a "twat" in a French training session.

    The friction between the two finally culminated a couple of weeks ago when the pair faced each other for the first time since the South Africa calamity when Arsenal faced Spurs at the Emirates. They refused to shake hands before kickoff confirming the disdain between the two. Nasri scored, but Gallas had the last laugh as Spurs came from behind to beat the gunners 3-2.  

4. Hary Redknapp

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    I'm sure Harry Redknapp is very proud of his cockney Londoner background but on this occasion he's not. When asked about any "wheeler dealer" business in the transfer window, the Spurs boss looses it, going on a foul mouthed assault of his interviewer. I've watched this clip many times and it makes me laugh every time.

    Harry Redknapp is a superb, respected manager but on this occasion he's a comedy genius. 

3. Ian Holloway

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    Ian Holloway has truly embraced the spotlight since arriving in the Premier League and is now one of its most popular figures because of his down to earth approach and his consistent ranting on pretty much every major story or event. From Wayne Rooney to the World Cup, Holloway has given his insightful view on everything and long may it continue.

    After making 10 changes to his team Holloway was charged by the FA for not fielding a competitive team. In this video Holloway threatens to resign and become a martyr for his cause, the charges were dropped and Holloway lives on as Blackpool manager, thank goodness for that. 

2. Carlos Tevez

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    On the field Carlos Tevez is renowned for his energy, competitiveness and finishing ability however off it he's now known for his selfishness and dishonour.

    After an on-field spat with Roberto Mancini after he was substituted Tevez came out saying his relationship with the club was untenable, he missed his family and demanded a transfer. Within a week Tevez had done a complete u-turn on that and committed to Manchester City.

    This spineless lack of honour makes me sick and the sooner Carlos Tevez is out of the Premier League the better.  

1. Wayne Rooney

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    It all looked so promising for Wayne Rooney at the start of 2010, he was in the form of his life, scoring goals for fun and everyone in England was expectant of Rooney to lead the country to glory in South Africa in the summer. The expectations were never fulfilled and Rooney vented his frustration on TV for everyone to see. 

    After a poor start to the season since returning to Manchester Rooney handed in a transfer request, citing the club's lack of ambition as his reason for wanting to leave. Rooney held the club to ransom and in a Tevez like changing of mind had a new multi-million pound contract within a few days.

    For the sake of England I hope Rooney can return to his best form and we can turn around our dire form at the big tournaments but this kind of behaviour is simply unacceptable.