World Cup: United States Snubbed in 2022 Bid, Good

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World Cup:  United States Snubbed in 2022 Bid, Good
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Unlike a lot of people in the United States of America, I am quite pleased we will not be hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

I'm pleased by this decision for two reasons.

The first being that I'm tired of the fake soccer fans coming out of the woodwork every four years and pretending to care about the sport because of the World Cup.

If the US were hosting, this would be cranked up to 11 and I'd be forced to spend that summer in Canada.

Just a quick hint, I know jack squat about the teams and, not only didn't I pick the winner of the whole damn thing, I was almost as accurate as that stupid octopus.

My second, and real reason why I'm glad we're not getting the World Cup in 2022, is that security measures at airports are freakishly crazy in the here and now in 2010.  God help us all if we were hosting an international sporting event attracting thousands, if not millions, of people from all over the world.

You think the TSA is handsy now with their scanners and pat-downs, just imagine what they'd do to airline travelers that summer.  I don't think full-body cavity searches would be out of the question.

In spite of what I said about the fake soccer fans above, for the, I don't know, 10 percent of you in the US who truly enjoy the sport. I feel bad that you all can't see it live here on our shores.  For me, that would be like the Super Bowl being played in Qatar.

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