Barcelona vs. Real Madrid: 10 Reasons Barcelona Will Win El Clasico

Isaac Asante@isaacasanteCorrespondent IINovember 23, 2010

Barcelona vs. Real Madrid: 10 Reasons Barcelona Will Win El Clasico

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    El Clasico predictions are now taking place all over the internet, with avid fans awaiting the live broadcast of the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Foreseeing the winner of such a game is a hard challenge for any football follower, since both clubs possess quality players with a lot of experience.

    However, Blaugrana supporters can still be confident that their side will emerge victorious on the night of November 29; and in the next slides of this article, we look at 10 reasons why FC Barcelona will win El Clasico against Real Madrid in La Liga next Monday.

El Clasico: Barcelona’s Pluses Vs Real Madrid – Camp Nou

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    The Camp Nou, FC Barcelona’s home, does not only have one of football’s best fields; the stadium is also one of sports’ most intimidating grounds. It is on this arena’s field that winger Cristiano Ronaldo, then at Manchester United, smashed his penalty off-target in the UEFA Champions League’s semifinals in 2008.

    Large enough to contain over 99,000 spectators, the Camp Nou – constructed in 1957 – has a nerve-racking architecture. Let us wait and see how well Real Madrid’s players will fit at the Estadi del FC Barcelona during El Clasico.

El Clasico: Barcelona’s Pluses Vs Real Madrid – Pep Guardiola

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    Alongside Sir Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho and a host of big names, Pep Guardiola is one of football’s greatest coaches ever; despite his young age. Immediately after he arrived at FC Barcelona, the Spanish manager humbled all his doubters by winning an unprecedented treble, and 3 more cups in 2009 to end his first year as a coach with 6 trophies.

    He won a single title in his following season at the club, but he still retained his image as the “Astonishing Coach”. Certainly, he knows how dangerous Real Madrid and the Special One are, but then again, he also knows their weaknesses. Just watch out, Los Blancos…

El Clasico: Barcelona’s Pluses Vs Real Madrid – Confidence

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    Barcelona can boast of having crushed Real Madrid in their last 4 meetings; and no matter how they obtained such vital attainments, they surely remain confident that they can get a 5th consecutive victory over their archrivals. 11-2 is the aggregate score line of the last 360 minutes of El Clasico, and with that in mind, the Galacticos will need to give their all to remove such a winless curse. In any case, at the moment, it is the Blaugrana who have the upper hand with a strong psychology.

El Clasico: Barcelona Pluses Vs Real Madrid – The Fans

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    The fans are an indispensable force for the Catalans. In the club’s toughest moments, they have been the ones worthy of praises for their massive and effective support. Their chants during games are said to be highly daunting, and this fact has been justified over and over again in the past through complaints from Sevilla, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Valencia, Inter Milan, and Chelsea players.

    Of course, it will be interesting to examine how the Madridistas will react in front of the home fans next Monday.

El Clasico: Barcelona’s Pluses Vs Real Madrid – Willingness

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    While Real Madrid will be thinking of keeping their unbeaten run in La Liga this season, Barcelona will be striving to get Jose Mourinho’s team off the league table’s first place.

    Well, Madrid will obviously be dealing with their own aims, but FC Barcelona rarely lose their mental battles, and they will not hesitate to show their mental strength in El Clasico on November 29. Cautiousness will be required from the away side.

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El Clasico: Barcelona’s Pluses Vs Real Madrid – Kings of Goals

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    When FC Barcelona is in action, one can expect the Catalans to at least score a goal. In the most recent Day of La Liga, the champions hit 8 on the scoreboard against Almeria, and this can evidently serve as a strong warning to Real Madrid ahead of El Clasico. How hard is it to stop the Catalans’ attack? Perhaps Goalkeeper Iker Casillas will tell…

El Clasico: Barcelona’s Pluses Vs Real Madrid – Lionel Messi

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    13 league goals in 10 appearances have again made him a contender for La Liga’s Top Scorer award this season. Taking into consideration his recent hat-trick against Almeria, it doesn’t look like the forward will lose his great form any moment from now.

    Having scored a total of 7 goals against Real Madrid in his career only at the age of 23, Messi might press on next Monday in search of 1 or 2 goals which could pave the way for him to enter the list of El Clasico’s top 10 scorers of all time.

El Clasico: Barcelona’s Pluses Vs Real Madrid – Fitness

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    FC Barcelona’s players are anticipated to be 100% fit on November 29, given that they will be playing at home, and hence not traveling. It will then be up to them to stay in form during training so as to avoid any unnecessary injury. Should everything go according to plan, then they will have good chances of being the better side against Real Madrid.

El Clasico: Barcelona’s Pluses Vs Real Madrid – David Villa

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    David Villa has not been at his best this season, at the disappointment of Barca fans. The 40m Euros player only has 6 goals in 11 La Liga appearances so far this season. This is normally not a bad record, for a superstar of his level, more is expected.

    The big moment will be taking place very soon, and Villa only has the option of taking his chances in El Clasico to cool his hunger and better his image towards his fans.

El Clasico: Barcelona’s Pluses Vs Real Madrid – The Media

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    Barcelona losing or drawing in El Clasico next Monday will probably cause the Spanish media to slam the Catalan club and question their capability of grabbing at least a trophy this season. But obviously, the Blaugrana are not ready to spend their time giving out explanations and making apologies, so getting the needed result against Real Madrid should be their only choice.


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