Fanzone: Oh Dani Boy, The Pipes, The Pipes Are Calling

Kop ThatContributor IOctober 18, 2010

This article is provided by David Conlon

Eight games. Six points. Worst start in nearly sixty years. A lot of pointing fingers. It’s all Roy’s fault; it’s all Rafa’s fault: it’s all Hicks/Gillett’s fault. Let the blame game end and the renacimiento (renaissance) commence. Give the fans something to believe in, someone to hang their hat on. Someone who will run all day, show imagination and guile.

Someone who the fans won’t get on the back of if he misplaces a pass. Someone who can help Fernando Torres play less like Wayne Rooney and more like Darren Bent. (Now there’s a sentence I never thought I would be typing!). Ring out the old, bring in the new. Step forward Daniel Pacheco.

I can hear you all groaning now. A kid, a nineteen year old? When Roy is hanging onto his job by a thread? Let me explain. ‘Dani’ boy is ready. His introduction playing just off Torres would galvanise the Kop. It would send a message to star names such as Joe Cole that the size of their bank balance does not guarantee them a first team place.

Seeing a fellow ‘El Nino’ running with verve, energy and ambition may just stop Fernando Torres from sulking his way through games and unleash that free spirit that came in all guns blazing a couple of years ago from Madrid. They could dovetail up front like a padre e hijo (father and son).

Playing young Pacheco in his preferred position instead of the manufactured and inhibiting wing forward cameo’s he has been given so far under Hodgson would allow the boss to play the 4-4-2 system which is his favoured one. At the moment Roy is trying to do a Rafa impersonation by ‘controlling’ games whilst boring the fans half to death and ending up losing anyway.

If Pacheco plays at least we know he won’t be a passenger and his infectious endeavour would mean the Kop could transfer positive energy and confidence into the players instead of the constant groans at their underperforming ‘stars’.

Liverpool FC have received a massive boost off the pitch this week, but now they need an even bigger one on it. Roy could make short term decisions to try and scramble a few results in a move aimed at self preservation. Or he can get the fans behind him by giving the likes of Dani Pacheco and Martin Kelly their head. Get balance back in the team. Get Gerrard out on the right to provide much needed width and shape to the midfield.

Couple that with the renewed vigour that youngsters playing free of fear and anxiety always gives a team and there bring is hope when all we have known is despair. The fans have an important role too this weekend in beginning the process of making Anfield a place of passion once again. Go on Roy, be brave and call on Dani boy to fan the flames. The pipes, the pipes are calling.


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