Premier League Title Race: Chelsea, Manchester United...and Manchester City?

Manuel TraqueteSenior Analyst ISeptember 30, 2010

For the past few seasons, the Premier League has basically been a two-horse race between Chelsea and Manchester United. In fact, in the past six editions, the two giants split the glory with three titles each.

This season, Chelsea and Manchester United again seem to be a cut above the rest, but their dominance finally seems to be under threat. Just like last season, Manchester City spent a lot of money during the summer and they finally look to have a well-balanced team, ready to go toe to toe with the two powerhouses of English football.

After a slow start, Mancini's men had their first big test last weekend against Chelsea and they passed with flying colors! The citizens produced an excellent performance and managed to stop the Chelsea juggernaut. Tevez scored the only goal and Manchester City beat the defending champions 1-0. Carlo Ancelotti was pretty impressed with City's performance and he didn't hesitate to consider them genuine title contenders.

Mancini, on the other hand, claimed that he still needs time to build a competitive enough team and that Chelsea will probably win the league again. However, judging by City's performance and considering how talented their squad is, he's definitely bluffing.

City seem to have everything it takes to mount a serious challenge: They have great quality and depth on every sector. In fact, they might have too much depth! Mancini's main job will be managing all the egos in the locker room and giving the adequate playing time to each of his superstars.

With so many quality players, this will be quite a challenge for the Italian manager.

If he does succeed however, then Chelsea and Manchester United's dominance will definitely be under serious threat, finally.

As far as the best starting 11 is concerned, United and Chelsea might have a little edge but as far as depth is concerned, no team in the world can hold a candle to City currently. They definitely have a shot this season in the Premier League.

The only question is can they be consistent enough or will they choke when it matters the most?

Only time will tell.