Cristiano Ronaldo : Dealing With The Player Number 7 , Not The Man

anon anonContributor ISeptember 22, 2010

The Machine Strikes Again.
The Machine Strikes Again.Denis Doyle/Getty Images

We have all now become more and more accustomed to our favourite sporting heroes giving the fans what they want. Like machines we expect them to be trained on a daily basis , deliver conferences before and after matches and to conduct themselves as professionals.

When they exceed our expectations we draw to them like moths to a flame, yet when we witness a less then perfect play, we are the first to criticise.

What we have not considered is the actual lives of such players beyond the sports arena. Yes , they are endorsed and as per contracts have to live within the clauses of their contract, but what of the lives they actually do lead.

Many statistics show that within both major leagues and semi professional tournaments , athletes are treated like Gods. They are worshipped as Idols of a religion with mass followers.

A perfect example of this is none other then the most expensive name in football history Cristiano Dos Santos Aveiro. With many speculations surrounding his private life at present , a surrogate for a new baby son , a high profile relationship with sports illustrated model Irina Shaykhlismova and a record of scoring not affected by the pressures of any other famous celebrity such as lack of privacy.  

It seems that Cristiano Ronaldo really is a machine. We have for our pleasure Cris TV dedicated to following the movements of this sports star from the moment he is to leave his home to the minute he finishes the training sessions and more. Fan pages with volunteer bloggers who are willing to give up their own time to update and converse on his latest news and gossip.

So what of the mental well being of such a player. In front of audiences he is extremely confident , he is the ace of his team and the fans adore him. The sure fire ingredients  to become an egoistic personality and arrogant know it all , but with this football genius that is far from the truth.

Always smiling this machine does seem to have a heart. With all the routine as you would find in a circus, we are surprised at his disposition of content with the flow of his life.

He has amazing discipline through an organised systematic and supportive network. He is used to being in training camps since he was a little boy and to be quite fair he does not know much else. Football is quite literally his life , wife and love. You can only sense this when you actually witness the skill and talent he possesses when he is on the pitch. Away from however we do not even get a glimpse of the real Cristiano Ronaldo and I am absolutely sure this is the way he prefers it.

If anything he is a calm, relaxed and dedicated professional in his chosen field of sport and career. He has come along way from the playboy bachelor image he once held whilst playing for Manchester United and with the huge money transfer to Real Madrid and the Spanish La Liga , we have honed a more mature and satisfied player.

Overall , we should appreciate the great influence he is on young children , adults and other athletes alike. He is not following the lights of fame, but his heart, which is a trained muscle like any other part of his body and as time will soon show , he is to achieve new records set before him as challenges. This in my opinion will be done in record performances leading up to the Champion Leagues final , and once successful the world can await his next move. The choice really will be his and managers and football clubs will have to settle for his decision. He is not just a business tool but a person in a race that he won a long time ago.

So here is to seeing him back in a Red Jersey for good old Manchester United , but only when the time is right for him, not Ferguson.