Lionel Messi: UEFA Champions League Villain of the Week

Timothy NCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2010

BARCELONA, SPAIN - SEPTEMBER 14:  Lionel Messi of Barcelona celebrates scoring his sides third goal during the UEFA Champions League group D match between Barcelona and Panathinaikos on September 14, 2010 in Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona won the match 5-1.  (Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images)
Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

Welcome to the Champions League of Villain of the Week.  Today, I will be going over the villain of Matchday 1 of the group stages and we look no further than the favorites to win it all: Barcelona.

Lionel Messi was once again the man of the hour, scoring two goals and turning in a performance that was so scintillating, that to merely call it scintillating would be a travesty to the beauty and dynamism of what he did on the pitch.

He was as brilliant as lightning, as magical as the aurora, and as irresistible as sunshine and sea breezes on a summer's day.

No one and nothing could have stopped Messi on the pitch as he once again showed why he is the greatest player on the planet at the moment and may one day push as the greatest of all-time.

So, for being so brilliant that all other teams must fear him, he is a villain, but the comments he made after the game are what stood out and push him into villain of the week status.

In a very uncharacteristic move, Messi commented on his discontent that Cesc Fabregas had yet to make the move to Barcelona.

And while it has been said to death many times before, it just happened to occur during Matchday 1, before Cesc would go on to have a masterclass performance.

Maybe Cesc was responding to Messi's pleas to come join him at Barcelona, or maybe Messi was just being a prophet; whatever the case, it was a little more than inappropriate to dredge up the summer gossip during such a time and hardly classy of a player that is usually the class of the sport on and off the field.

So it is for this behavior that contrasts so much with his brilliance on the field, that Lionel Messi is the UEFA Champions League Villain of the Week.