FC Barcelona Exposed Once Again

Richard LincolnContributor ISeptember 11, 2010

FC Barcelona Exposed Once Again

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    Over the past few seasons, Fc Barcelona has been the club to beat in Europe and the World but as the playing tactics of this team become predictable so do they opponents' ways to beat them. Here way take a look at the way few teams like Levante, Chelsea, Internazionale MIlano, Rubin Kazan and now Hercules have been able to stop and frustrate Barcelona at Camp Nou in spite of all the attacking firepower they possess.

Park a Bus in Front Of The Goal

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    The most common approach the team is to defend in numbers and keep their position in the centre of the park pushing Barcelona to the Flanks of their own field. The team has no tall strikers at present and thus, even good crosses go wasted.

    SOLUTION : The club has been always known for the beautiful side of its football and not the physical side. What the attacking lineup at present lacks is a GOAL POACHER, a player like Van Nistelrooy or Filippo Inzaghi who could break the offside trap in the tightest of spaces and make teams pay for that.The club has strikers alike Thierry Henry and David Villa who are quick and clinical but at the same time are caught offside for most of their attacks. DAVID VILLA will have to be more patient and careful of the defensive line. Hopefully that will get better as he plays more matches for the team.

A Clinical Attacking Trio: The Biggest Problem

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    One of the best attacking trios ever to be seen playing together, these men had redefined attacking football at their primes. Ronaldinho now at Milan and Etoo at Inter Milan are still spreading their magic but Barcelona has struggled to find their replacements. Henry who came in for Ronnie has left the club because of his poor form and Ibrahimovic was a very wrong replacement for a player like Etoo. At present Barcelona has two players, the ever green Lionel Messi and Clinical David Villa. The only piece in the missing puzzle is the third member of the trio. Due to this, the Barcelona strike force looks wanting at times. Due to the absence of same level of threat from the missing front, the team is not able to stretch the defense as they would like to.


    SOLUTION: The only solution to this is the La Masia academy. Ibrahimovic has been loaned to Milan and was a right move as he would have never been able to keep up the passing with Messi and Xavi. Pedro looks like the most suitable answer to the problem and deserves his spot in the team. The worrying part is the depth in the squad. Bojan Krkic and Jeffren Suarez can be called upon but they cannot be relied upon to unlock all the defenses. Its time for the young guns to step up to the plate, just like LIonel Messi did five years back, when the club needed him the most.

Midfield Dilemma

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    Xavi Hernandes, the midfield maestro has been the focal point of Barcelona's play in the past two years. At the age of thirty and playing the most number of games for the past two years could easily start to take its toll on him. He was rested for the starting line-up against Hercules and it was Iniesta who was asked to control the game. Even though Iniesta is good, he is more of an attacking player who flourishes when people around him are exchanging quick passes, in absence of Xavi, this role was being played by Messi and thus, he had to drop down to take the ball giving him less time closer to the goal, where he is most lethal.


    SOLUTION: Xavi cannot be expected to play all the games, it would be better to play Iniesta and give him experience at this position and ask Mascherano to assist him in midfield passing. With a player like Mascherano, there are more options for him to defend in midfield along with Busquets and also help creating attacks. Now one would wonder why Barcelona was going crazy with Fabregas transfer? the answer is right here.