Arsenal: Theo Walcott Injury Woes Continue, Van Persie Joined on Sidelines

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Arsenal: Theo Walcott Injury Woes Continue, Van Persie Joined on Sidelines
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Hi all,

Brief one today, as there is not much to talk about.

Any by that I mean not much apart from the fact that international matches are bollocks, especially when you don't TRULY identify with any nation, and when you love Arsenal, and when Arsenal players are about as strong as Samuel L. Jackson in Unbreakable, and when you have to go into this weekend's match against the Bolton Wanders Battlers, and when you have no idea how to correctly use punctuation.

Anyway, we have now reports confirmed that the striker will miss about six weeks, which translates to three months in Arsenal injury time. I don't like how Arsenal's injury time means that our players will spend double the amount of time out injured, whereas Man U's injury time means that their team will be given double the amount of stoppage-time when they need a result. Sad stuff there.

Arseblogger makes the point that two weeks never seemed a realistic amount of time for Theo Walcott to be out with injury, given the hyper-disgusting degree in which Theo rolled over on his Beetoven ankle, which can be seen here for those of you who like to watch gross thingies and squeamish ickies.

So, yesterday we were officially told RVP is dead (confirmation).

And today we are told that Theo Walcott is, still in fact, Theo Walcott.

Little bit of deja vú going into this weekend's game at Emirates against the Battlers, and not the good deja vú where you see a beautiful girly smiling at you, and swear you've seen the same girl at the bus stop before, and get a warm, tingly feeling because you think you are all that and a Snickers bar, only to realize that you actually have seen the girl before, and that you missed your bus because you continued staring at her so long that her biker boyfriend decided to Bolton the shit out of your face.

Not really sure how that´s good deja vú, but anyway.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, bad deja vú.

This weekend we are going into the game without Chamakh as a fit striker, apparently. Not really sure where that leaves Carlos Vela—as far as I know, he's fit, although he did play 17 minutes in Mexico this week, so he´ll probably be jet lagged for a couple of days. Or three years in Arsenal injury/Jet lag time.

Sad stuff.

Last season, we also only had one striker fit for a bit of time, then Bendtner got injured and we resorted to playing Andrei Arshavin in the lone striker's role, which only really worked against Stoke because... well... they are fucking Stoke innit?

If Chamakh goes down I think so does our shot at the title because again we'll be forced to play someone who is either inexperienced, or out-of-position, or shit, or any combination of the three.

Sad stuff.

I reckon we'll see Almunia in nets again... sigh.

Sagna at right back, who was quite good for France, Clichy at left back, who was also quite good for France... against Bosnia I mean.

Then Verm and Koscielney, as Toto is only getting back to action with the reserves.

Then, I reckon, our only Song will continue to protect the back four and the retard between the sticks.

Then Cesc will hopefully improve on his shite performance for Spain against Argentina where Mascherano just bossed him about.

Then Diaby will twirl and twiddle his way and hopefully score three diving headers, or just play like he did against Bosnia... quite well.

Then the Chamakh attack will lead the line.

Then I´ll say then again.

Then Arshavin will wing it on the left, and Eboue will hopefully provide us with some funky dancing after scoring a goal like he did for the Coasty Ivor this week just gone.

Interlull over, ArsenalAdam out.

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