As Bob Bradley, U.S. Soccer Federation Ink an Extension, Dreams Might Come True

Kristian SiutaCorrespondent IISeptember 1, 2010

RUSTENBURG, SOUTH AFRICA - JUNE 26:  Bob Bradley head coach of USA looks on from the bench during the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Round of Sixteen match between USA and Ghana at Royal Bafokeng Stadium on June 26, 2010 in Rustenburg, South Africa.  (Photo by Phil Cole/Getty Images)
Phil Cole/Getty Images


Bob Bradley, your job is safe, for now. Throughout his time as U.S. National Team manger, Bradley has upgraded the level of soccer in a football country, people actually know who Landon Donovan is, Americans are playing soccer across the best leagues in the world, and this past summer, Bradley created a frenzy in towns across the country watching the red, white, and blue in the World Cup. The only reason why his status as National Team manager was in question was due to another poor finish in the World Cup.

The United States certainly had glimpses of promise in South Africa, especially after winning their group, however, a familiar foe in Ghana knocked the Yankees out of the tournament for a second consecutive time. However, when it comes to U.S. Soccer the story remains true: a step forward for the United States by not only securing a point versus rival England, but also finishing atop their group, but also a step backwards with a tough ending to a tournament filled with hype. However, the results are far heavier than hype.

Bob Bradley has proven himself to be very productive as manager, but recently the status of his job swirled around a very interesting figure in Jurgen Klinsmann and the hype of success for the yanks was boiling again. Don’t get me wrong, I like Bradley as the U.S. manger, but Klinsmann has proven himself on the world stage as a player and a coach for Germany. Wouldn’t he be a good fit for new coach?

Although, the thought of a German coaching the American team might not go over so well with many die-hard fans, the results would certainly satisfy their taste buds in the long run.  Could you imagine a German coach hoisting the World Cup in celebration of  “his” United States squad winning the whole tournament? Well, it is okay if you cant, because Bradley still has the stripes as team manager.

In the end, is Bob Bradley the right man for the job? After this World Cup, with all the shenanigans that occurred with his squad and the referees, the optimism is there, and the core of the teams is young. So, why not give this group of guys another shot at glory? However, glory only graces one team, one country, every four years. The United States could only be so lucky to be that team, and with Landon Donovan and Bob Bradley calling the shots, it would seem like a dream.

This dream, similar to what many fans had for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, and with Bradley back for another run, the United States will attempt another shot at going where no USA soccer team has gone before, and with Landon Donovan being four years older, perhaps one final run with this group of men. A fairy tale ending to this dream would seem ideal.