Six Early Season Fantasy Premier League Steals

Pete PazulliContributor IAugust 28, 2010

Six Early Season Fantasy Premier League Steals

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    If you are like me, just three games into this season you have realized that your Fantasy Premier League team has some deadweight.  Big time transfers, like David Silva, are finding it hard to get on the field with their new teams.  Normal fantasy stalwarts, such as Frank Lampard, are now stashed on the bench as they recover from injuries.  Here are six value transfers you can make while your studs recover.

    The recommendations listed are based on playing Fantasy Premier League through the Official Barclays Premier League Website.  All values are from this site and are current as of Saturday, August 28, 2010.  

Andy Carroll, F - Newcastle United

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    Andy Carroll's form has been nothing short of fantastic for a determined Newcastle side.  Carroll has four goals in his last two games, including a hat trick against an Aston Villa side in turmoil after the sudden resignation of manager Martin O'Neill.  Can Carroll keep up his success for the duration of the season?  Probably not, but his next ten games are favorable for continued success, with the exception of Manchester City and Arsenal.

    Current Value: 5.2

    Next Five Games:  Blackpool, @Everton, Stoke City, @Man City, Wigan 

Gareth Bale, M - Tottenham

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    Gareth Bale has scored twice for Tottenham this season and has been awarded bonus points in two of his three games.  Bale has been extremely involved on the wing, often crossing the ball into one of Spurs excellent forwards.  While he yet to register an assist, it is only a matter of time when playing with quality strikers like Jermaine Defoe and Peter Crouch.  Like Carroll at Newcastle, you can count on Bale playing every week barring injury.  

    Current Value:  6.8

    Next Five Games:  @West Brom, Wolves, @West Ham, Aston Villa, @Fulham

Paul Scholes, M - Manchester United

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    Paul Scholes is proving to be an ageless wonder.  On the season he has registered one goal and two assists, while playing at least 70 minutes in each game.  He has also been awarded maximum bonus points in two of Manchester United's three games this season.  Scholes also plays for a dominate defense that is unlikely to surrender many goals, potentially gaining you even more points for clean sheets.

    The two concerns with Scholes are his age putting him at an increased risk of injury and his playing for such a talent-laden side.  These concerns all but guarantee he will not appear in every game.  He is cheap and productive now though, so pick him up if you need to add value to your midfield.

    Current Value:  6.2

    Next Five Games:  @Everton, Liverpool, @Bolton, Sunderland, @West Brom

Mike Williamson, D - Newcastle United

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    You always want to spend as little as possible on defenders.  They really only provide points for playing and clean sheets.  If you do not choose wisely, they can actually cost you points by conceding too many goals and getting carded.  Few defenders, such as Glen Johnson or Patrice Evra, are involved enough in the offense to be counted on for goals or assists.

    Mike Williamson should be a good option for at least the next five to ten games.  He has a very favorable schedule for producing clean sheets.  He has also played 90 minutes in each of Newcastle's first three games without being carded once.  Williamson also recorded an assist and has been awarded bonus points once.

    Current Value:  4.1

    Next Five Games:  Blackpool, @Everton, Stoke City, @Man City, Wigan

Alex, D - Chelsea

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    I normally would not recommend spending 6.1 on a defender, but if you can get one of Chelsea's defenders at this price you should take it.  The team is playing brilliantly and has not allowed a goal all season.  As long as Alex plays two-thirds of the game and is not carded, you should expect six points each week.  This is exactly what he has done.  

    Current Value:  6.1

    Next Five Games:  @West Ham, Blackpool, @Man City, Arsenal, @Aston Villa

David Stockdale, G - Fulham

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    With no end to the Mark Schwarzer saga in sight, David Stockdale has proven himself to be a solid fantasy option in goal.  Stockdale saved six shots in the first two games and three in the third.  He also was credited with stopping a penalty kick against Manchester United.  With the exception of a home game against Tottenham, Stockdale's next five games provide excellent chances for clean sheets.

    Current Value:  4.1

    Next Five Games:  Wolves, @Blackburn, Everton, @West Ham, Tottenham