World Cup 2010: Paul the Octopus one of the Small Stars In South Africa?

Daniel GoochAnalyst IJuly 8, 2010

The World Cup always delivers drama and excitement, but this one has brought with it some cult heroes who have made South Africa 2010 special.

Before the World Cup started, we were thinking the tournament's stars would be Ronaldo, Rooney, Torres etc. However, the real stars this time are not who you would have originally thought...

This year's tournament will be remembered for many things. It was the first time the tournament has been in Africa, and France and Italy exited early among other things.

Who have been the real stars of the World Cup though?

Not the big teams or the amazing players, but it is the little stars who make the tournament what it is.


Paul the Psychic Octopus

The most surprising star of this World Cup has got to be Paul. If you don't know who Paul is, then...I'll tell you.

Paul is a psychic octopus. Yes, he's amazing.

He was born in England, and moved to Germany, where his handlers at his aquarium found out about his amazing gift.

He is the Internet sensation for this year's tournament.

Its not a joke.

He has been able to predict every German game correctly throughout the World Cup semifinals. So far he's eight for eight.

He is so famous he even has his very own Twitter account—@PPsychicOctopus .

Not everyone has been happy about Paul's predictions.

The Argentinians and Germans have threatened to kill and eat him after he predicted both teams to lose. The octopus remains undeterred and his handlers are confident he will still be making predictions in 2014 and beyond.



Before the tournament, no one outside of Africa had heard of the vuvuzela.

Every time you turn on the television and watch a match, that is the only thing you can hear. No cheering, no singing, just a constant drowning.

Some love it, some hate it. Yet, it is still the soundtrack to this year's tournament. 


Diego Maradona

England fans know Maradona as the guy who cheated the Three Lions out of the World Cup a few decades ago.

This time there was no cheating but a lot of entertainment on the side lines.

He was running, jumping, screaming and pointing from the bench at every Argentine game of the finals.

He was the most energetic coach in the technical area, and the best guy to look at if the game isn't exciting.


James Corden

Some people have been slating James Corden for his World Cup show on after some of the games.

However, apart from the awkward silence after a joke every so often, the guests are great, the clips from the day are great, and the human football charts are awesome.

I can't really see why people don't want to watch it.

Where else can you see Katy Perry doing a sexual act on a vuvuzela?


New Zealand

New Zealand, the island off the east coast of Australia, is more famous for the All Blacks rugby team rather than the All Whites football team.

However, they managed to pull off a massive result against the current champions. They drew 1-1 with Italy in their best-ever result. This draw was part of the reason Italy exited the tournament early.

Even though all they got from the World Cup was a draw, they were welcomed home like heroes with a parade in the streets.

A tiny team upsetting a much bigger one is what we love to see.