World Cup 2010: After England's Dismal Finish, Who Will Want To Manage Next?

Daniel GoochAnalyst IJune 29, 2010

BLOEMFONTEIN, SOUTH AFRICA - JUNE 27:  David Beckham of England sings the national anthem ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Round of Sixteen match between Germany and England at Free State Stadium on June 27, 2010 in Bloemfontein, South Africa.  (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)
Clive Rose/Getty Images

After England's dismal performance at the World Cup, who will actually want to be their manager?

Fabio Capello was once thought of as the man who can do no wrong. However, in the last few weeks there's not much he has done right.

Many fans want to see him gone. He was the man who was meant to be the next Alf Ramsey, the guy who would take us to World Cup victory.

Capello is trying to hold on to his job. Well, that's what he wants the fans to believe. In fact, it has emerged that he is clinging on for a £12 million payoff.

If Fabio isn't the man to takes us to the top, who is?

There has been a group of names flying around about who will be the next boss of English football.

The England squad has had a few foreign managers recently, so will there be another one, or will they go all-British?

Nearly two-thirds of fans want the next manager to be English, one-third don't mind, and a tiny one percent want him to be foreign.

As well as Fabio Capello, the names of possible future England managers are:

Harry Redknapp
Roy Hodgson
Alex Ferguson
Jose Mourinho
Alan Shearer

To be honest, I don't care if the next manager is old or young, English or foreign.

Who would be your first choice?