Joe Cole's Departure.... Pros and Cons For Both The Sides

chelsea fanaticContributor IJune 10, 2010
Times at Chelsea

     Though the contract talks between the two parties were not moving in the expected direction and everyday all newspapers were busy in reporting his next possible club, I was still hoping that sooner or later the parties will come to conclusion and Joe will sign a new contract and remain at SW6.

     But fate had something other in its mind and finally club declared its stance about Joe's future at Chelsea. When I read the news, I was totally devastated and was ready to bet hundreds that club management has gone mad. but later as I started to think I gradually started to realize that there are some pros too in this decision..

     First lets talk about Joe's Pros and Cons ----

    Speaking about pros, Joe will get the regular chances to play and show his abilities with more freedom if he stays fit and in good condition. He is a kind of player who will flourish if manager builds his team plan after considering his game style and nature of play. If he joins the club like ManC then his wage demands will also be satisfied.
     But there are cons too, If Joe wishes that his creativity should get fully utilised by the manager then he might need to join relatively small club like West Ham where he will not get the opportunity to play in prestigious tournaments like Champions League even his team will not be title contenders. Whereas if he joins the big clubs like Arsenal or ManC then he will get the chance to play continental tournaments but still i think none of the manager will be ready to change the game play of the whole team to accommodate him and eventually it may turn out to be disaster move for him.

     What Chelsea Will Supposedly Gain Or Lose -----

     Surely first thing which comes to my mind is we will lose the creativity which Joe brought to this club. His passing and commitment to towards the club had been awesome. Another thing is that We are losing the player who has been supporting Chelsea since childhood. Chelsea will have to dig deep to find the player of his caliber and club might need to spend huge money to fill his position. As well as club has lost one of the fan favorites.
     but there are some positives too, at least now we can hope that players like Stoch who have risen through our academy and dying to get the chance to break into first team will be seen in action regularly. Joe's departure may prove to be fruitful for the academy players. Also club is set to save up to 7 million Pounds per year which club was paying for Joe's wages. but for me chances to academy players seems to be the biggest advantage of Joe's departure.

    All in all both sides will gain something and lose something but still it will be hard for all the Chelsea fans seeing Joe wearing jersey than ours.

     Finally I would like to say thanks to Joe for his contribution towards Chelsea during his 7 year stay at The Bridge and surely his name will go down in the club history as one of the naturally gifted player which club ever got. We Love You Joe !!!!