Toronto Argonauts: Stubler Creating Own QB Controversy

Kelly BundleAnalyst IJune 28, 2008

As fans watch the season opening edition of TSN's Friday Night Football, one must ponder just what Toronto Argonauts first-year head coach, Rich Stubler, is doing.

On a hazy night in Winnipeg, the Argos task is to win game one and show that their two all-star quarterbacks can co-exist. Hows the show so far you ask?  His A and 1A quarterbacks have both been pulled for one another and the Argos and Bombers are just starting the second half.

Reigning MVP and A quarterback, Kerry Joseph, was under center for the start the game, after only finding out from his coaches yesterday that he was starting. 1A quarterback Micheal Bishop, who entered the game only slightly into the second quarter, had the games only TD pass.  

Typically when one has 2 great quarterbacks at his disposal, an effort to keep the peace is required.  One way of establishing this understanding, is for the head coach to maintain confidence in whomever he decides to start.  

This clearly is not Stublers approach.  He has just pulled Bishop out in favor of Joseph to start the second half.  I'll be the first to say that by showing little confidence in either pivot he has just manufactured his own QB controversy.  

As things seemingly got more confusing for the Argos leader, he went  looking for help.  Mr. Stubler, now is not the time to defer to Kavis Read for his opinion. The former defensive coordinator and halfbacks coach, Read, can not help you now.  Steve Burrato, Argos offensive coordinator, was in the booth and nowhere to be seen when he needed him.

And whats this?  The Argos are about to win the game with both QB's playing a relatively small part in the victory.  The Toronto defense playing the larger role in the victory.  

Maybe this article should have focused on how the defending Grey Cup finalist, Winnipeg Blue Bombers managed to blow the first game of the 08' campaign to their closest rival for the division title?  

Let me think about that for a second... Nahhhh, Rich Stubler and a blossoming self-induced QB controversy is far too entertaining to pick apart!

- Kelly Bundle