Euro 2008: What Passionate Displays of Football

Yehana SteenbokContributor IJune 26, 2008

The European semifinals are over.


The games have become very dramatic late in the game. Spain waited until the second half to score. Germany left it extremely late in the game to score the winner. I wonder what the finale holds in store for us. There are no underdogs in the finale, but it may pave the way for World Cup 2010.


Spain vs. Russia. The first half was perfectly matched, as both sides were playing as good as they were getting, although Spain had better possession. David Villa will miss the final. He was substituted due to injury, and Cesc Fabregas replaced him. Xavi scored the first goal from Iniesta’s kick. Cesc Fabregas then assisted for the second and third goal. Fernando Torres did not score, although he came close quite a few times.


Germany vs. Turkey. Germany and Turkey had quite a boring game, and Turkey righteously took the lead. Germany soon leveled. The game then escalated to a dazzling end as Germany scored a last-minute winner.


Hopefully, the finale on Sunday will be a breathtaking, passionate display of football at its finest.