Pictures of David Beckham's Proposed Miami Stadium Released

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Pictures of David Beckham's Proposed Miami Stadium Released
Aaron Davidson/Getty Images
David Beckham's team have released pictures of the proposed stadium for his MLS franchise.

The first pictures of David Beckham's proposed Miami football stadium have been released.

Speculation has been rife as to where in the city the stadium would be placed, and the latest image would appear to suggest a port location, per MailOnline Sport's Twitter account:

At 25,000 seats, it would be the third-largest football stadium in the MLS, per Charlie Skillen of the Daily Mail, and with Beckham rumoured—per The Sun via Metroto want to bring the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo to the league, he is sure to fill it.

According to Andres Viglucci and Patricia Mazzei of the Miami Herald, the design of the stadium would be "European" in style with steep banks of seats bringing patrons much closer to the action, and it will ensure a fantastic view of the pitch from every seat.

An undulating roof will also allow wonderful vistas of the city from the port area, which would normally only be available to those sat in their yachts.

The proposed area around the stadium would undergo a massive regeneration with shops, a plaza, a nightclub and other establishments all bringing new life to a tired and worn-out area of the city.

There's certainly a buzz about the choice of a port location and it sits well with the "Southern Legion," a set of fans committed to getting behind the project and eventually the team.

Lynne Sladky/Associated Press
The "Southern Legion" are urging everyone to push for a port location for the stadium.

Via their own blog, they are urging everyone to get behind the push for a stadium in Miami Port, but certain sections of the locale are none too happy at the prospect of a downtown location for the project.

Key port tenant Royal Caribbean Cruises are concerned that the influx of fans on matchdays and having a stadium in such close proximity to their own headquarters could well interfere with their immediate and future plans.

John Alschuler, Beckham’s New York-based real-estate advisor, agrees with the "Legion" and is in no doubt that this is the right move for the city, per the Miami Herald report:

We have a chance to do something special. It can be one of the great stadiums. We feel a stadium downtown can be a key contributor to the revival of a great city.

David loves what it’s becoming, and much of that energy is downtown.

Perhaps in a PR exercise designed to keep potential neighbours onside with the project, he added: 

If the County Commission doesn't agree that soccer at the port is a good idea, we’ll play somewhere else.

We want to come to the port only if we’re an asset to the port. If we’re a liability to the port, then we shouldn't be there.

In any event, the Miami MLS franchise will be a reality soon enough and these plans clearly demonstrate that Beckham and his team will be key players in the league come 2017.

With billionaire Marcelo Claure's money, the entrepreneurial expertise of Simon Fuller and the football nous of Beckham himself, "Miami MLS" is already off to a winning start.

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