Stingy Patch of Mud Makes Save of the Day in Lithuanian Football Cup

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Nobody beats mud. 

In a wild clash amid rock, paper and scissors, mud would win every single time. In a football match between Žalgiris Vilnius and Kruoja Pakruojis on Wednesday, mud gets the save. 

Oh, you can try to get one over on mud, but you will fail horribly. 

This lovely look-in on a dreary day in football was spotted by Bob's Blitz and features two sides locked in battle during a quarterfinal match in the Lithuanian Football Cup. 

There isn't a great deal of information about the brief video, so we welcome any further details you might be able to offer. Though we would be rather astonished to hear anything astounding about a ball sitting in mud. 

The YouTube description informs us that Kruoja is the team that gets the ball into the box when one of their players flicks a strike on goal. 

With the score 1-0, the ball heads toward the net for what would have been a successful attempt on any other day.

Unfortunately, on this day, things were far more gloomy and depressing for Kruoja, because that shot enters a huge patch of mud, leading to what we assume is utter heartbreak for the man who thought he had a huge goal.  

The ball just sits there like a petulant child who didn't get the toy he wanted or a fat man who refuses to leave the buffet. 

Žalgiris would win the game, 2-1, and take the aggregate between the two teams, 4-2. Somehow we think that patch of mud should get some sort of shrine from fans. 

In an odd turn of events, horrible weather came through with a major save. 

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