Biggest World Football Blunders of the Weekend with Luis Suarez and Diego Costa

Greg Johnson@gregianjohnsonSpecial to Bleacher ReportOctober 21, 2013

Biggest World Football Blunders of the Weekend with Luis Suarez and Diego Costa

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    Domestic football is back after the international break and with it comes another job lot of bloopers and blunders to trawl through from the past week of action.

    This week's entry of errors features Diego Costa tripping up a child, Luis Suarez getting back into the habit and more than one example of a player's head getting in the way of his intentions.

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Butterfingers US College Keeper Lets a High Ball Slip in over His Head

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    First off, we head to the US college soccer leagues.

    Iona College's Jordan Scarlett couldn't believe his luck. What had originally been a speculative long-range crossbar rattler soon became an unlikely goal for him and his team, evading Fairfield's hapless goalkeeper.

    Watching as Scarlett's shot was rebounded up high into the air, the shot-stopper appeared to lose his nerve as he waited to catch the ball as it descended, with disastrous results.

    This goal brings a whole new meaning to restarting from a drop ball.

Diego Costa Trips a Child

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    It isn't clear whether Costa, Atletico Madrid's Brazilian-cum-Spanish striker, excels more with his football or pantomime antics on the pitch.

    Here, the forward decides to play a prank on a young fan training with his team by sending the child off balance, causing the boy to fall to the floor.

    What will the attention-grabbing attacker do next?

A Linesman Almost Goes the Way of a Hitchcock Horror Victim

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    Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds came to the world of football at the weekend, as the poor linesman in the clip below began to be bothered by a few feathered harassers.

    While the birds may have made a welcome change at first from the usual verbal abuse from the stands, it seems that his patience soon ran out.

    It's not sure what caused the airborne aggressors to swoop down upon the official.

    Was it his fluorescent jersey? Had a striker he'd wrongly called offside previously stashed a few seeds in his back pocket? We'll never know.

Brazilian Defender Goes All Van Persie When Trying to Make a Clearance

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    At first, if you don't pay attention to the colour of the shirt worn by the man sending in the delivery, the above video looks like a well-taken goal by a determined striker.

    On second glance, however, the man who conjures up an impressively scooped finish is in fact a defender, desperately racing back to save his goalkeeper with a spectacular clearance.

    Unfortunately, his connection with the ball was too sweet, sending it flying into the back of the net.

Referee Forgets the Rules as Eto'o Kicks the Ball out of Keeper's Hands

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    Scott Heavey/Getty Images

    Premier League watchers will be well aware of Samuel Eto'o's cheeky pocket picking of Cardiff City goalkeeper David Marshall, but that doesn't make the act any less deserving of a mention in this week's countdown.

    This was a blunder within a blunder, with Marshall's naivety as he bounced the ball by Eto'o combining with referee Anthony Taylor's absent-minded approach to the rules of the game.

    Up until the goal, scored by Eden Hazard after Eto'o's cheeky, underhanded swipe, Cardiff were 1-0 up against Mourinho's men, thanks to a smart finish from striker Jordon Mutch.

    Whether it was the controversial nature of Chelsea's equaliser that sapped morale, or the timing of the strike itself, the leveller eventually led up to a harsh final scoreline of 4-1 in favour of the hosts.

Harry Redknapp's Unwelcome Header

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    Staying in England but dropping down a division, QPR manager Harry Redknapp brought back memories of his infamously foul-mouthed on-camera reaction to a stray ball hitting his head during a training session with Tottenham Hotspur, as a spectator forced him to field another unexpected header at the weekend.

    The promotion-chasing boss clearly doesn't like being surprised by footballs at head height, as he turned to remonstrate with the man in the stands who threw the sphere into the back of his head.

Midweek Bonus: Leverkusen's Ghost Goal

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    Stefan Keissling found a novel route to goal in midweek for Bayer Leverkusen in their Bundesliga clash with Hoffenheim.

    His header went the wrong side of the post but still found its way into the goal thanks to a hole in the side netting.

    The officials somehow allowed the strike to stand, with Hoffenheim now petitioning the league to have the match replayed.

Midweek Bonus: Suarez Adds Another Dive to His Personal Highlights Reel

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    Just when you thought it was safe to describe Suarez as a reformed character, he snaps back into his comically conniving self, with a barely credible plummet to the floor in Uruguay's 2-1 win over Argentina.

    The bluff did the trick and won his side a penalty, as you can see in the clip above, with the Liverpool forward stepping up to convert the spot kick just minutes after displaying his ability to flop at will as he tussled with two defenders.

    Will we soon be seeing his antics return to the Premier League, too?

Midweek Bonus: Scrum Cap Defender Turns into a Poacher in Front of His Own Goal

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    Oh dear, oh dear.

    While the rugby cap clearly helps to give Petr Cech a confidence boost in goal, the headwear failed to do anything other than help to identify the buffoon who tried to prevent a goal with a poacher's effort of a clearance.

    This impressively powerful own goal comes to you from a midweek fixture in the top division of Hungarian football.

Midweek: Top Corner Finish Via a Facial Deflection

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    We end this week on a positive note, with a potentially bad blunder that went good.

    A failed volley from the No. 10, pinged sideways off his boot rather than forwards as he intended, smashing his teammate square in the face to provide the ball with the mother of all deflections. It then floated and spun past the confused goalkeeper to earn the two players' team a goal.

    It may have been a brilliant bit of serendipity that produced the strike, but imagine if pros could somehow work this accident into a inventive new way of fooling defences into conceding?

    After all, we've long seen plenty of slapstick pretend errors at penalties, corners and free-kicks designed to trick defenders into complacency or pity before ramming home a finish.