Rooney, Rio and Ronaldo End Porto's English Supremacy

illya mclellanSenior Analyst IJune 9, 2016

Earlier today I was able to tune my receiver to the radio-waves emanating from Portugal that were transmitting the signal that I wished to locate.

This was able to be done through the wonders of modern technology and the magic of electronics.

I couldn't believe my luck as soon after joining the broadcast, Cristiano Ronaldo, who incidentally earlier this year had been crowned world player of the year, proceeded to defy expectations of his inability to perform in big matches that had been proliferated by many in the media.

The impetuousness of youth? Or the definition of a supreme talent? One is left wondering how this goal will be celebrated in the years to come, can the world player of the year continue to improve?

Rooney has had an interesting time of late himself, a sending off meaning the ugly head of his disciplinary records past was able to rear itself. But today, in a display of the mans maturity, he has moved on directly from it and returned to business with a strong display in today's match, that underlines the rare gift he can bring to his side all over the pitch from an attacking position.

Also returning to the fray was one Rio Ferdinand, who himself has demons in his past regarding certain incidents. However, his partnership with Nemanja Vidic has become one of the most lethal centre back pairings in history and has already taken United to the pinnacle of of world club football.

Today it was to the detriment of Porto that these three took the field as they once again managed to produce the football that has made them key members of a side that is on occasion able to show the world how football should be played.

FC Porto had previously maintained a record of supremacy over English teams that belied the status of their national league in the pecking order of European football.

In an infinitely beguiling twist, it was a Portuguese national, who has a history with one of their great rivals, that scored the goal they were to end up seeing on replays as the goal that sank them and exalted one of their own countrymen (possibly a few others were happy about it as well).

Today when the electric machines were humming their strange and wonderful signals through the airwaves to my brain via other electronic machines, I was able to witness a supreme performance that bordered on the total football that was some say, pioneered by the Dutch in the 1970's and is still today strived for by coaches across the globe.

The possession, reaction to loss of possession and general superior play of the United side was to a level that few sides would have matched.

Porto can take heart in the notion that perhaps on a day like today there would not have been many sides in history that would have competed with the United side that took the field against them.

For the three R's of Manchester United the quest continues with trophies up for grabs in three other competitions still.

Can they achieve this seemingly insane feat?

In a cliche that is so comfortable to use, I will say this, only time will tell.