Frank Lampard: Comparing His Season-by-Season Premier League Stats for Chelsea

Peter Brownell@pbnoregard11Contributor IFebruary 27, 2013

Frank Lampard: Comparing His Season-by-Season Premier League Stats for Chelsea

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    Frank Lampard is a Chelsea legend, no question about it. 

    This list examines Lampard's statistics as a Chelsea player from the start of the 2008-2009 Premier League season and compares each of the last five seasons, including the current campaign.  

    It details nine different metrics: goals, shots on target, assists, chances created, conversion rate percentage, successful dribbles, accurate cross percentage and ground duel winning percentage.

    The theory behind these nine statistical categories is that they are the some of the best metrics available to measure the quality of a midfielder.  They should provide a sense of Lampard's evolving game over the last five seasons. 

    One theme in particular emerges from the data: Lampard can still find the back of the net, even after all these seasons wearing blue.

    All data is courtesy of the EPLIndex.

08'-09' Premier League Season

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    The figures that stand out during this season for Lampard are definitely the creative passing categories.

    This was by far the Englishman's most prolific chance-creating campaign, creating 134 chances, the most of any of his last five seasons by 20 chances. 

    He also tallied 10 assists, his second-highest figure in the last half-decade.

    Also worth noting: Lampard's 12 goals on 57 shots on targets left him with his worst conversion rate percentage, 11 percent.  This was also his best dribbling season, getting past defenders 26 times, 10 more than his next best dribbling season.

09'-10' Premier League Season

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    Lampard was an offensive machine this season, finding the back of the net on 22 occasions, by far his most impressive goal-scoring Premier League season of the last five years.

    He also played the role of creative genius, picking out 14 assists (most of any of the last five seasons) and creating 114 chances (second most of the last five seasons). 

    Less impressive were his crossing accuracy and his ground duel winning percentage. 

    However, the difference in these figures over the past five years is not so significant.  Indeed, his 29 percent crossing accuracy was the lowest of any of his last five seasons—only by a scant five percent, though.

    Similarly, this was the only season his ground duel winning percentage was below fifty percent.  He won 49 percent of ground duels.  His best ground duel campaign is currently happening, he's winning 55 percent of ground duels.  With a handful of games to go, this could easily change.

10'-11' Premier League Season

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    This season is a candidate for Lampard's most futile offensive Premier League campaign of the last five years.

    He registered his lowest goals and assist totals, 10 and two respectively.  It was also a down year in terms of chance creation, finishing the campaign with 52 chances created.  He has 20 so far this year, so that figure has a chance to be the lowest of any of the last five seasons.

    On the positive side, Lampard's crossing was most accurate it has been in the last five seasons.  He completed 34 percent of these types of passes.  His next highest accurate crossing percentage was 31 percent. 

11'-12' Premier League Season

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    With the exception of the current campaign, the 11'-12' season has the chance of being Lampard's most clinical in terms of finishing.  The Blue registered a chance conversion rate percentage of 26.

    He bagged 11 goals on 26 shots on target. 

    This was also his most effective regular passing season.  Lampard completed 87 percent of his open play passes.  A very impressive figure considering just how much Chelsea play through him.

    He won 50 percent of the ground duels he engaged in.   

12'-13' Premier League Season

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    Lampard has already matched last season's goal total with 11 Premier League goals so far this campaign. 

    While he has not registered an assist and his chance creation is down, the English international is proving that he can still score goals at one of the highest levels of European football.

    His goals have come from 20 shots on target and left him with his highest chance conversion rate percentage in five seasons, 34 percent.

    He's also already equaled the amount of dribbles he completed in the last three seasons, so far he has eight successful dribbles.  Also worth noting: his ground duel winning percentage, as it stands, is 55 percent, his best figure in the last five seasons.

    Lost a step?  Doubtful.  Frank Lampard can still play the beautiful game beautifully, no doubt about it.