Premier League vs. La Liga: Is the Premier League Still the Best in the World?

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Premier League vs. La Liga: Is the Premier League Still the Best in the World?
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The Premier League is viewed as the most competitive in the world with the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea all vying for the top prize, while the La Liga contains perhaps the two best teams in the world, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

But which is of these is really better?

In this article, we try to assimilate two varying views, from two different authors on this very subject. 

A recent article of mine highlighted the possibility of Robin van Persie winning the 2012 FIFA Ballon d’Or. 

However, the discussion quickly digressed into one important topic that has been plaguing football forums for quite a while lately—the quality of the Premier League.

One of my readers, trying to dispel the notions that La Liga is not a two-horse race, suggested that the Premier League is also the same: the two teams being Manchester United and whichever team happens to be bankrolled by a billionaire.

While I do concede to the fact that the Bundesliga edges the English Premier League (EPL) as highlighted by one of my own articles here, I wish to dispel certain notions about the EPL and cement its superiority to other leagues like the La Liga and the Serie A.

Henceforth, I will be arguing on the affirmative. 

Contrarily, Michael Cerna, a regular at Bleacher Report, has collaborated with me on this article, and he will be providing rebuttals as to why the Premier League is not as superior to other leagues in Europe as thought otherwise. 

He had the following to say:

"I actually do not deny that La Liga is a two-horse race. That much is clear. La Liga is incredibly imbalanced at the top of the table.

However, the EPL is not much better. The Premier League has become almost as imbalanced at the top of the table as La Liga. The current state of the league, going back three-four seasons, is far different from what it was a decade ago. 

There are no longer four, much less six clubs competing for the title.

There are only two most seasons, sometimes three. With all due respect to Tottenham, Arsenal and Liverpool, those clubs do not consistently fight for the title for multiple seasons or even throughout an entire season.

Many fans who try to argue that the English league is balanced will automatically look to Spain as a comparison. The reason for this is clear—it makes the Premier League look better.

The question is, how much better? While we know going into the season that either Real Madrid or Barcelona will win La Liga, we also know that Manchester United and (formerly) Chelsea or (currently) Manchester City will win the PL.

The EPL has become a league where the title is only really contested by Manchester United and whichever billionaire-backed club is better that season.

What follows are my reasons that, while the EPL remains a world-class league and the best in some ways, it is not far superior to La Liga or Serie A."

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