25 Most Embarrassing Soccer Goals Ever Allowed

Allan JiangTransfers CorrespondentJanuary 19, 2012

25 Most Embarrassing Soccer Goals Ever Allowed

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    Playing professional football in this social media driven age can forever taint your reputation if you make an awkward mistake. 

    The 25 footballers on this list were wishing the ground would swallow them up when they made their unfortunate gaffe. 

    Brace yourself for the 25 most embarrassing football goals ever allowed.  

Fabien Barthez

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    David de Gea is looking like the new Fabien Barthez.

Unnamed Goalkeeper

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    When I first watched this, I was crying because I was laughing so hard. 

    It's as if the goalkeeper has never dribbled with the ball because he was like a dog chasing his tail after he simply dragged the ball back. 

Susan Starr

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    Yael Averbuch, who scored the wonder goal, would go on to represent the United States. 

    Meanwhile, Susan Starr, who conceded the goal, never reached any significant professional milestones. 

Marco Materazzi

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    To give you some context to the game, Empoli came into this game needing one point to avoid relegation, and as Chris Kamara would say: "they were fighting like beavers."

    In stoppage time, Marco Materazzi did what he did, to the astonishment of the Empoli players, who could not believe their luck. 

Paul Robinson

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    Paul Robinson has never been the same since that goal. 

    People seem to remember Gary Neville making the pass and there was nothing wrong with the pass.

    Do you remember who told Neville to pass it back? 

    Rio Ferdinand. 

Radwan Al-Moosa

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    The goalkeeper momentarily forgot he was a goalkeeper but Radwan Al-Moosa ensured he'd take the headlines. 

Pavol Ďurica

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    Yes, Pavol Ďurica is still playing professional football and no, he hasn't been converted to a forward...yet. 

Lee Dixon

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    Lee Dixon had a touch of quality because he scored some great goals and was ice cold from 12 yards out. 

    Too bad on this occasion, it was an own goal. 

Khalid Askri

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    This wouldn't have happened if Khalid Askri was humble, instead of striking his poise for the camera. 

Jurgen Sierens

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    Jurgen Sierens had done well to make an unorthodox save with his feet. 

    I don't understand why he didn't use his hands. 

    He retired a year or so later and I wonder how much this goal affected his decision. 

Kakha Kaladze

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    I guess Kakha Kaladze can take solace with the fact he didn't score a hat-trick of own goals. 

Yuta Minami

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    This is what hesitation does to you. 

Carl Jenkinson

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    I have no idea how Carl Jenkinson ended up at Arsenal because he is not a Premier League standard full-back.

    Maybe they should move him into up front because not even Robin van Persie scores goals like that. 

Iñigo Martínez

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    Thirty-nine minutes into the game and Spain were already 6-0 up, so Iñigo Martínez decided to make it a bit even. 

Iain Dowie

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    Iain Dowie made it clear to management that he should never be allowed inside his team's penalty box. 

Franck Queudrue

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    Even after that own goal, years later, Lens let him rejoin the club. 

Goran Rubil

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    Unsurprisingly, Goran Rubil didn't last another season at Hajduk Split. 

Jamie Pollock

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    If Jamie Pollock did this regularly on the other side of the field, he would have represented England. 

Chris Brass

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    Poor Chris Brass broke his nose, too! 

Wayne Hatswell

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    When in doubt, clear the ball, but make sure you don't blast it into your own net. 

Laurent Koscielny

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    To be fair to Laurent Koscielny, he has played a lot better this season. 

David Hutton

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    David Hutton certainly doesn't play goalkeeper on FIFA. 

Goran Basic

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    Having just pulled of a great save, how on earth did Goran Basic punch the ball into his own net?

Virgil Vries

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    Why did Virgil Vries lift his right foot over the ball? 

Enaut Zubikarai

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    When I first saw this goal, I thought Dion Dublin.

    If you're not catching my drift, here's the goal I'm talking about. 

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