Abandoned: The History of the ECW World Heavyweight Championship

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IDecember 4, 2011

Abandoned: The History of the ECW World Heavyweight Championship

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    Throughout history, professional wrestling has seen many championships.

    In WWF/E, there are six major titles. Not many know that the company has had a total of at least 19 different titles, 13 of which have been abandoned for one reason or another.

    The other two major companies owned by WWE are WCW and ECW, which have at least 15 abandoned and forgotten titles between them.

    For as long as it takes, I will be concentrating on those forgotten titles.

    Each slide will feature the champion, who they defeated, where and when they won it, the length of their title reign, any special circumstances that happened during their reign and a bit of commentary.

    Belts with a lengthy history will get their own articles and may be broken up into two depending on the length. Titles with a short history may be featured in a standard article, but if they’re really short, they’ll be at the end of another title.

    For this edition of "Abandoned," I present the ECW World Heavyweight Championship.

    The title was created for an affiliate of the National Wrestling Alliance called Eastern Championship Wrestling in 1992.

    In 1994, it became the title of extreme when ECW became Extreme Championship Wrestling after withdrawing from the NWA.

    The title was abandoned in 2001 when the company went bankrupt and was bought by Vince McMahon.

    Unlike most abandoned titles, this one was revived in 2006 after the success of the ECW One Night Stand pay-per-views.

    The ECW brand was scrapped in 2010 and the title was once again abandoned.

    Throughout its 18-year history, the title has seen 51 champions. So let’s get started.

Jimmy Snuka

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    Defeated: Sal Bellamo

    Where: Tabor, PA

    When: April 25, 1992

    Title reign: one day

    Jimmy Snuka defeated Sal Bellamo in a tournament final to become the first Eastern Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion.

    At the time, ECW was an affiliate of the NWA. For this reason, WWE does not recognize title reigns held by wrestlers during the time the company was apart of them.

Johnny Hot Body

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    Defeated: Jimmy Snuka

    Where: Philadelphia, PA

    When: April 26, 1992

    Title reign: 79 days

    Hot Body became the first wrestler in ECW to become a Triple Crown Champion.

    Four months later, he became the inaugural champion of the Television Championship, and a year later he captured the Tag Team Championship three times with Chris Candido, Chris Michaels and Tony Stetson.

    He would retire from the ring in 2001.

Jimmy Snuka

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    Defeated: Johnny Hot Body

    Where: Philadelphia, PA

    When: July 14, 1992

    Title reign: 78 days

    While in ECW, Snuka would also hold the Television Championship once.

    Four years later, Superfly Jimmy Snuka would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

    Snuka can still be seen wrestling at independent events and has appeared here and there for WWE.

Don Muraco

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    Defeated: Jimmy Snuka

    Where: Philadelphia, PA

    When: Sept. 30, 1992

    Title reign: 47 days

    This would be the only title held by the Magnificent Muraco while in ECW.

    Ten years prior, Don Muraco was a two-time WWF Intercontinental Champion.

The Sandman

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    Defeated: Don Muraco

    Where: Philadelphia, PA

    When: Nov. 16, 1992

    Title reign: 138 days

    During Sandman’s first appearance with ECW, he portrayed a surfer.

    He looked and acted very different than the Sandman we’d eventually come to know.

Don Muraco

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    Defeated: The Sandman

    Where: Radnor, PA

    When: April 3, 1993

    Title reign: 127 days

    Muraco retired from the ring in 2003 and has appeared sparingly at wrestling events.

    He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004 and has also appeared for the WXW promotion as a manager to his son.

Tito Santana

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    Defeated: Don Muraco

    Where: Philadelphia, PA

    When: Aug. 8, 1993

    Title reign: 32 days

    Santana’s run with ECW didn’t last long, as he left the company the same year.

    Being a former WWF Intercontinental and Tag team Championship holder, as well as the winner of the 1989 King of the Ring, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004.

    Tito Santana is now retired from the ring but will make appearances here and there for independent promotions and legends conventions.

Shane Douglas

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    Defeated: Forfeit

    Where: Roanoke, PA

    When: Sept. 9, 1993

    Title reign: 23 days

    Tito Santana no-showed the event. As a result, ECW awarded the title to his challenger, Shane Douglas.

    His first reign didn’t last long, but he would soon make history.


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    Defeated: Shane Douglas

    Where: Philadelphia, PA

    When: Oct. 2, 1993

    Title reign: 85 days

    The homicidal, suicidal, genocidal Sabu was crazy at its finest. Like Mick Foley and Terry Funk, Sabu would do anything to make sure the fans were entertained.

    Sabu would later win the Television and Tag Team Championship, thus making him a Triple Crown Champion.

Terry Funk

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    Defeated: Sabu

    Where: Philadelphia, PA

    When: Dec. 26, 1993

    Title reign: 90 days

    This hardcore legend fit in very well with the extreme style of the promotion. He would win the World Championship one more time as well as the Television Championship.

    The Tag Team Championship eluded him and he was never able to become a Triple Crown Champion.

Shane Douglas

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    Defeated: Terry Funk, Kevin Sullivan, Tazmaniac, Mr. Hughes, Hawk and Public Enemy (Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge)

    Where: Philadelphia, PA

    When: March 26, 1994

    Title reign: 385 days

    This was an eight-man ultimate jeopardy match.

    Like WCW’s War Games match, this saw two teams of four battling it out to determine a winner. The first person to get a pin or submission would win the match for his team and the title for himself.

    On August 27, 1994, Shane Douglas won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. He made history when he threw it down and called it useless. 

    He instead held the ECW Championship up high.

    That same night, ECW withdrew from the NWA and soon became known as Extreme Championship Wrestling. 

    Shane Douglas then became the first world champion of the new extreme company.

The Sandman

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    Defeated: Shane Douglas

    Where: Philadelphia, PA

    When: April 15, 1994

    Title reign: 196 days

    Sandman was making the transition into the beer-drinking, kendo stick-wielding mad man we all grew to love.

    Throughout his ECW career, Sandman would become a Triple Crown Champion winning this, the Television and Tag Team Championships before the company was shut down.

Mikey Whipwreck

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    Defeated: The Sandman

    Where: Philadelphia, PA

    When: Oct. 28, 1995

    Title reign: 42 days

    Mikey Whipwreck was a punching bag during the beginning of his ECW career. As the fans started to get behind him, he won the Television Championship.

    He next won the Tag Team Championship with Cactus Jack, but his big moment came here when he defeated Sandman in a ladder match to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

    With this win, he became a Triple Crown Champion!

    Towards ECW’s end, he would win the tag titles one more time with Tajiri.

    Whipwreck can still be seen on occasion on the independent circuit.

The Sandman

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    Defeated: Mikey Whipwreck and Steve Austin

    Where: Philadelphia, PA

    When: Dec. 9, 1995

    Title reign: 49 days

    This was a triple-threat match.

    During Whipwreck’s reign, he had a feud with Steve Austin. The man later known as Stone Cold failed to dethrone the champion.

    He was given one more chance in a triple threat match that would also feature the Sandman.

    Unfortunately for both the champion and Austin, Sandman would pick up the win here.


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    Defeated: The Sandman

    Where: Philadelphia, PA

    When: Jan. 27, 1996

    Title reign: 252 days

    The psychotic Raven won his second ECW title here.

    His first encounter with gold would be the Tag Team Championship with Stevie Richards.

The Sandman

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    Defeated: Stevie Richards and Brian Lee

    Where: Philadelphia, PA

    When: Oct. 5, 1995

    Title reign: 63 days

    When Raven no-showed the event, Paul Heyman set up Sandman and Tommy Dreamer vs. Stevie Richards and Brian Lee. The first wrestler to get a pinfall or submission would win the title.


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    Defeated: The Sandman

    Where: Philadelphia, PA

    When: Dec. 7, 1996

    Title reign: 127 days

    Paul Heyman gave Raven another chance, and he returned to the title picture.

    A barbed-wire match was booked, and Raven defeated the Sandman for the title.

    This would be the final time Raven would hold the title, though, he would win the Tag Team Championship two more times with Tommy Dreamer and Mike Awesome.

    He spent time in WCW and WWF before and after his various stints with ECW.

    While in WCW, he would win the Light Heavyweight and United States Championships along with the Tag Team Championship with Saturn.

    His time with WWF saw him win the Hardcore Championship 26 times.

    He also spent some time in TNA Wrestling, winning the NWA World Heavyweight Championship once.

    Raven can now be seen on the independent circuit.

Terry Funk

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    Defeated: Raven

    Where: Philadelphia, PA

    When: April 13, 1997

    Title reign: 118 days

    This would be the last time Funk would win the title.

    The hardcore legend would spend time in WCW and WWF between his stints with ECW and his many retirements.

    While in WCW, he would win the United States and Hardcore Championships and the World Tag Team Championship in WWF with Cactus Jack.

    He would also be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame alongside his brother, Dory Funk, Jr., as a member of the class of 2009.

    Funk will still wrestle in hardcore style matches on the independent circuit.


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    Defeated: Terry Funk

    Where: Philadelphia, PA

    When: Aug. 9, 1997

    Title reign: eight days

    Terry Funk’s final ECW title reign would be ended by the sadistic Sabu.

    The match itself was sadistic as the two battled it out in a barbed wire match.

    After ECW went under, Sabu found himself in TNA. He also showed up briefly for WWE’s revival of ECW.

    You can still see Sabu wrestle at independent shows.

Shane Douglas

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    Defeated: Sabu and Terry Funk

    Where: For Lauderdale, FL

    When: Aug. 17, 1997

    Title reign: 60 days

    This was a triple threat match.

    During his career with ECW, Douglas would also hold the Television Championship.

    When he later found his way to WCW, and briefly in WWF in 1995, he never found the same success.

Bam Bam Bigelow

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    Defeated: Shane Douglas

    Where: Queens, NY

    When: Oct. 16, 1997

    Title reign: 45 days

    Bigelow spent time in the WWF before heading to the land of extreme. He never won a single title with Vince McMahon.

    During his time with ECW, he would capture the World and Television Championships.

    After ECW, he headed to WCW where he would win the Tag Team Championship as a member of the Jersey Triad with Diamond Dallas Page and Kanyon as well as the Hardcore Championship.

    After WCW was shut down, he spent time in the independents before passing away on January 19, 2007.

Shane Douglas

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    Defeated: Bam Bam Bigelow

    Where: Monaca, PA

    When: Nov. 30, 1997

    Title reign: 406 days

    This would be the final time Shane Douglas would hold the title.

    After multiple stints in TNA, Shane Douglas now wrestles in the independents.


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    Defeated: Shane Douglas

    Where: Kissimmee, FL

    When: Jan. 10, 1999

    Title reign: 252 days

    While only winning the title twice, Taz is without a doubt one of the most recognizable names associated with ECW.

    Before winning the world title, Taz would capture the Television and Tag Team Championships. With his world title win he became a Triple Crown Champion.

Mike Awesome

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    Defeated: Taz and Masato Tanaka

    Where: Villa Park, IL

    When: Sept. 19, 1999

    Title reign: 89 days

    This was a triple threat match.

    Taz had signed with the WWF and ECW needed a new champion. They went with the mullet-wearing Mike Awesome, who, as his name implies, was awesome.

    Awesome would also win the Tag Team Championship with Raven during his time with the company.

Masato Tanaka

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    Defeated: Mike Awesome

    Where: Nashville, TN

    When: Dec. 17, 1999

    Title reign: six days

    After the triple threat match, Awesome entered into a feud with Tanaka, and it was quite the memorable one.

    Tanaka would also hold the Tag Team Championship twice with Balls Mahoney and Tommy Dreamer.

    Masato Tanaka still wrestles in his native Japan as well as the United States.

Mike Awesome

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    Defeated: Masato Tanaka

    Where: White Plains, NY

    When: Dec. 23, 1999

    Title reign: 112 days

    Awesome’s second reign was a controversial one.

    Towards the end of his reign, he signed with WCW without the knowledge of Paul Heyman. He appeared on an episode of WCW Nitro while he was still the ECW champion.

    Mike Awesome had betrayed the loyal ECW fans and they wanted blood.

    Heyman had the perfect plan to take the title off of him.

    Mike Awesome would pass away on February 17, 2007 after redeeming himself in the eyes of the ECW fans after a match against Masato Tanaka at the WWE promoted ECW One Night Stand.


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    Defeated: Mike Awesome

    Where: Indianapolis, IN

    When: April 13, 2000

    Title reign: nine days

    Paul Heyman and Vince McMahon struck a deal. Due to both having hatred for WCW, they were able to come to terms involving Taz.

    Vince would allow Taz to return to ECW to take the title off of Mike Awesome, but he would have to lose it quick so he could return to WWF full-time.

    Taz made a surprise appearance to defeat Awesome for the title.

    During Taz’s short title reign, he appeared on an episode of WWF SmackDown, where he lost to then-WWF World Champion Triple H.

    Taz would win the Hardcore Championship three times and the Tag Team Championship with Spike Dudley before retiring due to injuries.

    You can now see Taz at the announce booth with Mike Tenay during TNA Impact Wrestling.

Tommy Dreamer

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    Defeated: Taz

    Where: Philadelphia, PA

    When: April 22, 2000

    Title reign: a few minutes

    A long-time ECW wrestler, fans knew it was only a matter of time before “The Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer would win the ECW World Championship.

    Since Taz had to drop the title before going back to WWF full-time, it was decided to give the title to Dreamer.

    It was an emotional moment for ECW fans to see him win the title and see Taz pass the torch to him. His reign didn’t last long, though.

    While with the company, Dreamer would also win the Tag Team Championship three times with Johnny Gunn, Raven and Masato Tanaka.

    After moving to WWF, he won the Hardcore Championship 14 times.

Justin Credible

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    Defeated: Tommy Dreamer

    Where: Philadelphia, PA

    When: April 22, 2000

    Title reign: 162 days

    Justin Credible ended the feel-good moment when he challenged and defeated Tommy Dreamer for the Title.

    Credible would also hold the Tag Team Championship twice with Lance Storm.

    During his time in WWF, he held the Hardcore Championship eight times.

    You can now see him in the independents, wrestling under his real name, P.J. Polaco.

Jerry Lynn

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    Defeated: Justin Credible

    Where: Saint Paul, MN

    When: Oct. 1, 2000

    Title reign: 35 days

    This would be Jerry Lynn’s only title while in ECW.

    He would have a legendary feud with Rob Van Dam, but the Whole F’N Show would usually best the New F’N Show.

    During his brief stint with WWF, he held the Light Heavyweight Championship once.

    When TNA was created, he found his way there and won the X-Division Championship twice as well as the Tag Team Championship twice with A.J. Styles and Amazing Red.

    He was last seen in TNA earlier this year.

Steve Corino

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    Defeated: Jerry Lynn, Justin Credible and The Sandman

    Where: Villa Park, IL

    When: Nov. 5, 2000

    Title reign: 63 days

    This was a double jeopardy match. 

    In this match, Jerry Lynn faced Justin Credible while Steve Corino faced the Sandman in the same ring at the same time, with the two winners meeting for the title.

    This would be the only title Corino would hold while in ECW.

    He was last seen in Ring of Honor Wrestling.

The Sandman

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    Defeated: Steve Corino and Justin Credible

    Where: New York, NY

    When: Jan. 7, 2001

    Title reign: a few minutes

    This was a triple-threat-tables-ladders-chairs-and-canes match. Picture WWE’s TLC match, only with canes added.

    This would be the final time he would hold the title.

    Sandman would be seen briefly in WWE after ECW was revived, but he didn’t last long.

    He also had multiple stints with TNA, the most recent being last year. He was released after no-showing an event.


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    Defeated: The Sandman

    Where: New York, NY

    When: Jan. 7, 2001

    Title reign: 93 days

    Financially, ECW wasn’t doing so well. TNN cut the ECW program in favor of WWF Raw, and Vince McMahon bought and shut them down in April 2001. 

    Even though ECW joined World Championship Wrestling and invaded the WWF, and the WCW Championships were defended, the ECW titles were not. 

    So the ECW World Heavyweight Championship had been abandoned.

    Rhino also has the distinction of being the final ECW Television Champion as well.

    During his time with WWE, he would hold the Hardcore Championship three times and the WCW US Championship when it was under WWE control.

    After being released, Rhino made his way to TNA where he won the NWA World Championship.

    You can now see him working the independents.

Rob Van Dam

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    Defeated: Awarded

    Where: Trenton, NJ

    When: June 13, 2006

    Title reign: 21 days

    Rob Van Dam had defeated John Cena for the WWE Championship at ECW One Night Stand.  Two days later, ECW debuted on the Sci-Fi Network under the WWE banner. 

    Paul Heyman came to the ring and introduced Van Dam.  When he entered the ring, Heyman awarded him with the ECW World Heavyweight Championship.

    While with WWE, Rob Van Dam would win 16 titles, making him a Triple Crown and Grand Slam Champion.

    You can now see RVD in TNA Wrestling, though, there are rumors that he wants to return to WWE.

The Big Show

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    Defeated: Rob Van Dam

    Where: Philadelphia, PA

    When: July 4, 2006

    Title reign: 152 days

    With this win, Big Show would become the first and only wrestler to hold the WCW, WWF/E and ECW World Championships.

    Big Show has had a huge amount of success while in WWE, winning a total of 14 titles.

    You can still see him appear on both Raw and SmackDown.

Bobby Lashley

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    Defeated: The Big Show, Rob Van Dam, Hardcore Holly, Test and CM Punk

    Where: Augusta, GA

    When: Dec. 3, 2006

    Title reign: 147 days

    This was an extreme elimination chamber match.

    This match featured six wrestlers and two started in the ring. The other four superstars would be locked in separate internal chambers with a random weapon.

    Every five minutes another wrestler would be chosen at random and join the match. Eliminations occurred by pinfall or submission.

    The surviving wrestler would be the ECW World Heavyweight Champion.

    Lashley would previously hold the United States Championship but wouldn’t win any other belt, as he would leave after three years with the company.

Vince McMahon

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    Defeated: Bobby Lashley

    Where: Atlanta, GA

    When: April 29, 2007

    Title reign: 21 days

    This was a three-on-one handicap match featuring Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon and Umaga vs. Bobby Lashley.

    When Vince pinned Lashley after Umaga did the damage, he won the title.

    This wouldn’t be McMahon’s only World Championship, as he was previously the WWF World Heavyweight Champion.

Bobby Lashley

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    Defeated: Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, and Umaga

    Where: Saint Louis, MO

    When: May 20, 2007

    Title reign: a few minutes

    This was a three-on-one handicap match.

    Lashley got his rematch, but he had to compete in the same exact match as last time.

Vince McMahon

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    Defeated: Awarded

    Where: Saint Louis, MO

    When: May 20, 2007

    Title reign: 14 days

    Bobby Lashley pinned Shane McMahon to win the match. 

    As Lashley was celebrating his win, Vince McMahon declared that Lashley didn’t win the ECW World Heavyweight Championship because he didn’t pin him. 

    So Vince McMahon awarded the title back to himself.

Bobby Lashley

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    Defeated: Vince McMahon

    Where: Jacksonville, FL

    When: June 3, 2007

    Title reign: eight days

    When Bobby Lashley was drafted to RAW two weeks later during the annual WWE Draft, he was no longer a member of the ECW brand. 

    Vince McMahon stripped Lashley of the ECW World Heavyweight Championship as a result.

    Lashley is no longer with WWE and can now be seen doing mixed martial arts.

Johnny Nitro

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    Defeated: CM Punk

    Where: Houston, TX

    When: June 24, 2007

    Title reign: 69 days

    Johnny Nitro defeated CM Punk for the vacant title.

    Punk was originally scheduled to face Chris Benoit at the event. When Benoit didn’t show up due to what he called “personal reasons,"  WWE substituted in Johnny Nitro.

    We all know the real reason he didn’t show up, so there’s no reason to get into it.

    A few weeks later, Johnny Nitro changed his name to John Morrison.

    Morrison would also win tag-team gold with Joey Mercury and Miz as well as the Intercontinental Championship three times.

    John Morrison left the company earlier this week, making him the longest-lasting Tough Enough winner with seven years in the company.

CM Punk

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    Defeated: John Morrison

    Where: Cincinnati, OH

    When: Sept. 1, 2007

    Title reign: 143 days

    CM Punk has since moved onto being one of the biggest stars in WWE right now.

    He has held a total of eight titles, including this one, the Intercontinental, Tag Team, World and WWE Championships.

    Because of his multiple title wins, Punk is a Triple Crown champion. He has also won the Money in the Bank match twice.

    As of this writing, CM Punk is the current WWE Champion on Raw.

Chavo Guerrero

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    Defeated: CM Punk

    Where: Charlottesville, VA

    When: Jan. 22, 2008

    Title reign: 68 days

    No one expected to see Chavo Guerrero with a World Championship in WWE, but he proved us wrong when he defeated Punk in a no disqualification match.

    Guerrero previously won the Cruiserweight and Tag Team Championships in both WWE and WCW.

    You can now see Chavo Guerrero bitching and moaning on Twitter.


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    Defeated: Chavo Guerrero

    Where: Orlando, FL

    When: March 30, 2008

    Title reign: 91 days

    Kane defeated Guerrero in eight seconds in a match at WrestleMania 24.

    On June 23, 2008, the title became exclusive to Monday Night Raw when Kane was drafted to the flagship show.

    The Big Red Monster is a decorated WWE star, having won 17 titles. This led him to become not only a Triple Crown Champion, but also a Grand Slam Champion.

    Kane has been away from the WWE for a few months, but recent videos aired on Raw and SmackDown say he’ll be returning soon, and returning resurrected.

Mark Henry

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    Defeated: Kane and The Big Show

    Where: Dallas, TX

    When: June 29, 2008

    Title reign: 70 days

    This was a triple-threat match.

    When Henry won the title, the belt once again became exclusive to ECW, as the World’s Strongest Man wrestled on the brand.

    A month later, general manager of ECW Teddy Long awarded Mark Henry the brand new ECW World Heavyweight Championship.  The new design proudly displayed “World Wrestling Entertainment” all over the belt.

    This would be Henry’s first real success in WWE since debuting in 1996.

    He first title win came in 1999, when he was awarded the European Championship, but he would lose it just over a month later.

    You can now see Mark Henry on SmackDown as the World Heavyweight Champion.

Matt Hardy

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    Defeated: Mark Henry, Chavo Guerrero, Finlay and The Miz

    Where: Cleveland, OH

    When: Sept. 7, 2008

    Title reign: 127 days

    Hardy won the title in the first-ever ECW World Heavyweight Championship Scramble Match. 

    The match had a 20-minute time limit and began with two superstars. Every five minutes, another superstar entered the match. 

    The superstar who got a pinfall or submission on any other superstar became the champion until the next pinfall or submission happened. 

    The title could technically change hands multiple times. 

    The wrestler who held the title at the end of the 20 minutes was crowned champion.

    Every superstar in this match got a win except for the Miz. When Matt Hardy was the champion when the 20 minutes ended, he won the title.

    This would be the final title Matt hardy would win while with WWE, having previously won 12 other titles.

    After spending some time in TNA, Hardy can now be found in a rehab facility.

Jack Swagger

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    Defeated: Matt Hardy

    Where: Sioux City, IA

    When: Jan. 12, 2009

    Title reign: 104 days

    Jack Swagger was pushed immediately upon debuting with ECW. He won the ECW Championship and held it for a good amount of time.

    He has held one other title in WWE, winning with World Heavyweight Championship after cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

    You can now see him on Raw and occasionally on SmackDown.


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    Defeated: Jack Swagger

    Where: Providence, RI

    When: April 26, 2009

    Title reign: 42 days

    Christian had a successful mid-card career in WWE, having won multiple titles.

    Upon leaving the company in 2005, he found himself in TNA entering the main event. There he won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

    He finally returned to WWE in 2009 and won his first world title on the ECW brand.

Tommy Dreamer

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    Defeated: Christian and Jack Swagger

    Where: New Orleans, LA

    When: June 7, 2009

    Title reign: 49 days

    This was a triple-threat match.

    Tommy Dreamer would realize his dream by winning the ECW Championship for more than a few minutes.

    On June 28, Dreamer survived a scramble match, with Jack Swagger, Finlay and Mark Henry gaining victories before Dreamer was able to pick up a win to retain his title after the 20 minutes expired.

    After losing the title, he announced his retirement and had his last match in December.

    His retirement didn’t last long, as he found himself in TNA in 2010.

    He would leave a year later and go back to work on the independent circuit.


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    Defeated: Tommy Dreamer

    Where: Philadelphia, PA

    When: July 26, 2009

    Title reign: 205 days

    Two years later, Christian would finally win the World Heavyweight Championship twice and become a Grand Slam Champion in the process.

    Christian is currently nursing an injury but will return to SmackDown when it’s healed.

Ezekiel Jackson

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    Defeated: Christian

    Where: Kansas City, MO

    When: Feb. 26, 2010

    Title reign: a few minutes

    Much like the original ECW, WWE’s version wasn’t doing so well, ratings-wise at least.  The SyFy network wasn’t happy with the low ratings of the show and wanted a change. 

    So WWE decided to get rid of ECW all together and replace it with WWE NXT, a reality-based program. 

    On ECW’s final show, Ezekiel Jackson defeated Christian for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. 

    When the show ended, Jackson became the final wrestler to ever hold the title, as the belt was officially abandoned again and ECW itself was put out of business for the second time.

    Ezekiel Jackson has since won the Intercontinental Championship, but now he does nothing while on SmackDown.

Statistics and Final Thoughts

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    Most Reigns: The Sandman (5)

    Longest Single Reign: Shane Douglas (406 days)

    Longest Combined Reign: Shane Douglas (874 days)

    Shortest Reign: Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, Bobby Lashley and Ezekiel Jackson (a few minutes) 

    City with the Most Title Changes: Philadelphia (20) 

    State with the Most Title Changes: Pennsylvania (24) 

    Extreme Championship Wrestling was a one-of-a-kind wrestling promotion. It probably had the most loyal fanbase in the history of the business.

    The title has seen many Hall of Famers and legends throughout its existence. It was disappointing to see the company go under and the ECW Championship abandoned.

    When ECW was revived by WWE, I felt that there was a glimmer of hope that Vince would let Paul Heyman have free reign and let it continue where it left off.

    It started out decent but as time went by, Heyman was replaced and ECW just became the third WWE show.

    This new ECW was a shell of its former self. The only resemblance of the past it had was the occasional extreme rules match and Tommy Dreamer.

    The brand was dead in the water and ECW died for a second time.

    While the title is still fresh in our minds, the legacy of the ECW World Heavyweight Championship has been forgotten.

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Vote for the Next Edition

53 of 53

    After today, there will be 13 titles left in the series, and I want you, the readers, to vote on which one you want to see next.

    Unfortunately, you’ll only get to vote for eight of them, but I’ll get into why that is in a little bit.

    Here are your choices for the next edition:

    The Million Dollar Championship

    WWE Cruiserweight Championship

    WWF Junior Heavyweight Championship

    WWF Light Heavyweight Championship

    WWF Women’s Tag Team Championship

    WCW Six-Man Tag Team Championship

    ECW World Tag Team Championship

    ECW’s FTW World Championship

    The other five titles are WWE’s World Tag Team and Hardcore Championships and WCW’s Tag Team, International and Television Championships.

    The two tag-team and television titles will take more than one article to complete, so they will take a while to put together.

    The international title has lineage with the original World Championship and the NWA Championship, so it will take some extra time and research to do.

    As for the Hardcore Championship, I will be trying something different due to the 24/7 rule the title had. I just haven’t decided what to do yet.

    These five will get done, but they will be done last due to the length of their histories.

    So cast your vote! The title with the most votes will be seen on Wednesday!

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