MLB Free Agents 2012: 10 Better Uses of Yankees' Money Than CC Sabathia

Kenny Servera@twitter/heyoungkid360Contributor IIINovember 14, 2011

MLB Free Agents 2012: 10 Better Uses of Yankees' Money Than CC Sabathia

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    CC Sabathia is a very good pitcher and deserves all the money that he gets. However, there are some players that the Yankees could have spent money on instead of Sabathia. I will show you some of the players that the Yankees could have gotten if CC opted out of his contract.

    To the slides we go. 

Albert Pujols

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    I know this sounds really ridiculous but hear me out.

    Pujols is the best player in the game and every team dreams of having him. Why not the Yankees? Granted, the Yankees have an All-Star lineup, but they need someone to play DH since Posada is not coming back to the Yankees. Pujols is very durable as he can play 1B and RF. Also it doesn't hurt that New Yorkers want to see him in pinstripes. 

    I know this will never happen but one can only dream.   

C.J Wilson

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    The Yankees need pitching. It's plain and simple.

    Half of Sabathia's money can be spent on one of the most talented free agents on the market. Wilson is coming off a 16-7 record with a 2.94 ERA. However in the playoffs he was rocked.

    Wilson has been the ace of the Rangers this season and could leave them. The only question is if Wilson can handle the pressure of pitching in New York come playoff time?

    Only time will tell. 

Re-Sign Robinson Cano to a New Contract

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    Are the Yankees not serious about re-signing Cano?

    Cano has been the best hitter on the Yankees for the last three seasons. He was the only one to do real damage in the playoffs this season. Cano deserves all the money he wants and if the Yankees are serious on keeping him, they should do it now. 

Re-Sign Jorge Posada

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    He's on this list for one reason: Let him retire as a Yankee. 

    Posada is coming off his worst season and at one point actually took himself out of the lineup for a game. He is a part of the "Core Four" and I can't even picture him in another uniform. The Yankees could have used some of CC's money to sign Posada to a one-year deal.

    Let Posada retire as a Yankee. 

Re-Sign Freddy Garcia

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    Garcia has been a reliable pitcher for the Yankees this season. 

    Every time he pitches it has been a grind-it-out start for him. He has showed that he can handle New York and deserves to stay a Yankee.

    If the Yankees don't get a high-priced pitcher on the market, look for them to re-sign Garcia. 

Re-Sign Bartolo Colon

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    Nobody expected Colon to actually pitch well for the Yankees last season, but he proved the naysayers wrong.

    Colon was good for the first half of the season but regressed in the second half. He also went on the DL once this season.

    It would be a safe bet that the Yankees would re-sign him but it's uncertain whether he'd be the fifth starter or a long-relief man in the bullpen.

    Either way he should be back.

Sign a Bench Player

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    Yankees need some depth in their bench.

    Last season the Yankees didn't have enough in their bench to make it far in the playoffs. Andruw Jones has been decent for the Yankees but the Yankees need more. They could possibly bring back Jerry Hairston Jr. who was a key cog in the Yankees' 2009 title run.

Get Bullpen Help

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    The Yankees need bullpen help. 

    Rafael Sorriano was supposed to be the bridge to Mariano Rivera but he got injured and was decent if not spectacular. The only good pitcher besides Rivera was Davis Robertson.

    The Yankees need to sign one good relief pitcher, one of whom could be be Ryan Madison, someone who can deliver for the Yankees.

Sign and Trade for Felix Hernandez

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    The Yankees need Hernandez and Hernandez needs the Yankees. 

    King Felix has been the best pitcher for the most horrific team in the league. He needs to go to the Yankees not only for a new change of scenery, but to win a championship. Brian Cashman has his eyes on him. It will be only a matter of time before he gets him. 


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    I believe that these players could have been signed by the Yankees if CC Sabathia didn't restructure his contract. Thank you for reading.