Chelsea FC: Fernando Torres Is Useless and Must Be Sold to Anzhi Makhachkala

Allan JiangTransfers CorrespondentSeptember 11, 2011

Chelsea FC: Fernando Torres Is Useless and Must Be Sold to Anzhi Makhachkala

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    Juan Mata took 34 minutes to score his first ever goal for Chelsea, whereas Fernando Torres took 14 games. 

    Daniel Sturridge took 51 minutes in his first start of the season to register a goal, whereas after 248 inept minutes, Torres has yet to find the back of the net.  

    Torres is useless. He's a lost cause. He lacks the heart, the determination, the mental will power to succeed.

    He's so far behind the eight ball: One goal in 22 games—forget about it. Sell him (I don't care where but if Chelsea have been screwed over twice, why not try to screw over Anzhi Makhachkala).

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Liverpool Screwed Chelsea over and Chelsea Screwed Themselves over

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    Last season, Chelsea was in pole position to buy Sergio Agüero. 

    The Argentine said

    "Chelsea are a great club. They have become one of the most feared in Europe over recent years. London would be a really amazing city to live in as well—myself and my wife could be really happy there."

    ESPNsoccernet sources broke the story that Atlético Madrid had agreed to a £40 million summer transfer fee move for Agüero.

    Then, John W. Henry and Thomas C. Werner at Fenway Sports Group pulled off sport's greatest ever swindle—Bernie Madoff would be proud.

    Somehow, just somehow they managed to convince Roman Abramovich to buy Fernando Torres, who had a Stéphane Guivarc'h-esque FIFA World Cup, who had lost that yard of pace, who was having his worst Liverpool season, for £50 million.

    To think Silvio Berlusconi was laughing his way to the bank when he sold a deteriorating Andriy Shevchenko for £30.8 million. 

    Henry and Werner must have hosted a party just to celebrate how much they screwed Abramovich over. 

    At the end of the day, Chelsea screwed themselves over when they couldn't seal the deal to sign Agüero.

    To add insult to injury, Manchester City signed Agüero for £38 million, and the Argentine has already scored six goals and provided an assist in four games.  

Fernando Torres Does Not Deserve to Be in the Starting 11

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    A player that cost £50 million and makes £180,000 a week has one goal in 22 games.

    Please don't tell me this is real.

    This isn't the case like when Barcelona overpaid for the services of Marc Overmars—£25 million if you were wondering. 

    At least Overmars was competent. Fernando Torres is incompetent.

    From now on, every time Torres starts, you know it's not the manager's decision—it's owner Roman Abramovich's decision.

    Chelsea cannot afford to start Torres out of sympathy. You start a player on form.

No Results and No Heart Equal Failure

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    Fernando Torres should show some cojones.

    Forget about the fact he couldn't register a single shot on goal, that should be expected, but what about his passing?

    Where's the vertical incisive passing?

    Torres criticised his fellow teammates for being slow in midfield, yet he's slowing down play by passing it backwards. 


    Coming into the game against Sunderland, on average Torres contested a challenge eight times every game.

    It's irrelevant if he didn't win many of those challenges, but it showed he cared. It showed he had some heart.

    He didn't contest a single challenge in the 17 minutes against Sunderland.

Daniel Sturridge Must Start Every Single Game from Now on

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    Things have worked out perfectly for Daniel Sturridge. 

    Not given a chance because Chelsea management had to include Fernando Torres, Sturridge was loaned out to Bolton Wanderers

    He scored eight goals in 12 games, while Torres finished the season with one goal in 18 games. 

    Sturridge served a three-match suspension while Torres still couldn't score. 

    When given a chance, Sturridge grabbed it with both hands against Sunderland like Álvaro Negredo did against Lichtenstein. 

    Negredo effectively ended Torres' international career, whereas Sturridge should effectively end any chance for Torres to start for Chelsea. 

    This might be beneficial for Torres, because seemingly the only time he scores for Chelsea is off the bench, like against West Ham United and Aston Villa during preseason.   

Romelu Lukaku Suffering the Daniel Sturridge Syndrome

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    I was in shock when I heard Romelu Lukaku was going to be loaned out to Stoke City, and if not for a technicality in the Premier League rules, Lukaku would be playing with former Chelsea player Robert Huth and potentially thriving off hoof football. 

    If Chelsea's forwards were scoring goals left, right and centre, then the loan would have made sense.

    But Chelsea's forwards aren't scoring goals, yet Lukaku, like Daniel Sturridge was last season, has been unfairly treated.

    Left out of the UEFA Champions League squad and then left out of the entire squad against Sunderland.

    Name me an 18-year-old who has scored 41 professional goals and provided 14 assists in a top flight league?

    Two years ago, I watched a school boy take Beerschot defenders to school by scoring two goals and providing two assists.

    That's not normal. You don't get teenagers dominating seasoned professionals in such fashion. 

    He has the potential to be one of the world's best. I believe he'll be a future FIFA Ballon d'Or winner. 

    Manager André Villas-Boas must give Lukaku a chance.

Anzhi Makhachkala?

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    Why Anzhi Makhachkala?

    Well, considering how badly Silvio Berlusconi and John W. Henry and Thomas C. Werner at Fenway Sports Group screwed owner Roman Abramovich over—maybe Chelsea's owner has learnt some devious tricks. 

    Why not try to package a once in a lifetime deal to extremely ambitious Anzhi owner Suleyman Kerimov?

    Considering how high Henry and Werner aimed, why not ask for £40 million for Torres. 

    Do I think this will happen? No. 

    I think what is most probable is Torres ending up at Málaga.

    If he takes the easy way out and goes over to the Middle East or the MLS, then that would really show how unambitious and how the phrase "fighting spirit" doesn't resonate in his mind.

    Chelsea must get rid of Torres ASAP, because even if he scores 10-20 goals, that's not good enough.

    He needs to score 30 goals, because he is a  £50 million forward earning £180,000 a week.

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