1. Who Did It Better? Jokic vs. Alisson

    Pick from two full-length assists 🏀⚽️ Watch LFCTV on B/R Live

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  2. GOAT Kit: World Cup '14 vs '18

    You voted for USA vs. Nigeria as the GOAT shirts of the last two World Cups. Now name your winner

  3. Legends of 2010 World Cup 🏆

    This lineup is ridiculous

  4. Build a Legend with $15 🐐

    You can pick one from each category…drop your picks in comments 👇 (tap to zoom)

  5. Pick GOAT 2014 World Cup Kit 🔥

    Winning shirt will face 2018's No. 1 pick on Sunday.

    Choose in comments now or name an alternative.

  6. Benzema or Suarez?

    If you could only build your team around one...

  7. Pick Your Legendary Defensive Pairing

    You can choose only two...

  8. Who's the Worst Player You've Seen?

    You can name any player in world football...

  9. Prime Falcao Was a Problem 🧨

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  10. Sum Up This Kit in 1 Word 🤔

  11. Who Should Be the Premier League Logo?

    Which player would you put in the silhouette?

  12. Pick Your Legendary Midfield 3

  13. Right Call or Wrong Call?

    Should Man Utd have been awarded this last-gasp penalty vs. PSG for handball last season?

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  14. Who Did It Better? OG Ronaldo or Rooney?

    Pick from two iconic UCL hat-tricks

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  15. First Name You Think of Is...

    Comment your answer below 👇

  16. Which Player Would You Lock Down With?

  17. Report: Atletico in Talks with Real Madrid for James

    Colombia (National Football) logo
    Colombia (National Football)

    Report: Atletico in Talks with Real Madrid for James

    via AS.com
  18. Pick the Best and Worst Deal of 2015/16 📣

    Drop your take in comments 👇

  19. Who's Your Team's Greatest Ever Bargain?

    Name the best value-for-money signing your club ever made

  20. Who Did It Better? Iniesta or Gerrard?

    Pick from two iconic last-minute rescue acts

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  21. Build Your Dream Club for $25 💵

    You can pick one from each category…drop your picks in comments 👇 (tap to zoom)

  22. Who Did It Better: LeBron or Dani Alves?

    Vote for the greater no-look shot/pass in comments 🏀⚽️

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  23. You’re the World’s Top Prospect; Which Club Do You Sign For?

    You have the choice of any club in the world. Comment who you pick 👇

  24. Who Did It Better: Harden vs. Messi

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  25. Right Call or Wrong Call?

    Was Buffon's infamous 2018 meltdown warranted? Was this Real Madrid penalty the right call?

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  26. Which Other World Cup Moments Need a Movie Poster?

  27. Master FIFA's Most Hated Skill

    If you can't beat the drag-back abusers, join them 😅 🎥

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  28. De Bruyne or Gerrard? 📣

    You can only build your team around one...

  29. Drop Your Take in the Comments 📣