The Top 10 Brazilian Footballers in the Game Today

Sammy BalContributor IIMarch 11, 2011

The Top 10 Brazilian Footballers in the Game Today

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    Brazilian superstars have graced the beautiful game pretty much since it actually became beautiful. As we all know Brazil is the largest supplier of talent worldwide. Some 1000 odd players a year are exported everywhere from America to Australia, and along with the largest contingent of foreign players in Europe`s top leagues, Brazil still boasts of one the most competitive local leagues anywhere. 

    The following is a list of the top 10 Brazilian superstars currently out there.  

Julio Cesar

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    Julio Cesar is certainly one of the best goalkeepers in the game today if not the best. He has won club honors with a European Champions League title, several local titles in Italy and done well with the Brazilian national side as well. He did make that crucial mistake in the last World Cup and a few others recently for Inter Milan, but has loads of credit, undisputed talent and deserves the number 10 spot on this prestigious list.   

Thiago Silva

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    Born in Rio de Janeiro, Thiago currently plies his trade in Italy playing for Milan. After the recent renovation of the Brazilian national side, Thiago is one of those who has remained solid as a rock in defense and is definitely considered one of the best defenders in the world.  

Doglas Costa

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    Doglas Costa originally came from the Gremio youth system as did Ronaldinho Gaucho, Anderson and so many others. He currently plays for the little known Ukrainian club Shakhtar Donetsk. Along with many other Brazilians there, he can boast of taking this relatively unknown football entity all the way to the final eight of the European Champions League in his first season there. Loaded with skill and a great shot, this kid is going places. 


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    This extremely talented midfielder originally hails from the Sao Paulo youth system as his predecessor Kaka. Originally hailed as the new Kaka, there was quite the buzz about him a couple of years back and even a court matter which eventually ruled that Oscar could move to Internacional where he now plays.

    He came on much too late in the match where Inter was eliminated from the World Club title, a move which the coach must sorely regret.

    Oscar finally got an opportunity to shine in the South American U-20 championship recently held and did finally live up to the hype that has surrounded him for the last couple of years. Brazil won the tournament and Oscar was superb in midfield.  

Ronaldinho Gaucho

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    This one needs no introduction I am sure. He has won just about every title there is to win in world football. He has been dubbed the player of the decade. Playing for Rio`s Flamengo it seems that the joy has finally returned to the maestro's game. Fluid, fast and deadly as ever, Ronaldinho still has it and still ranks amongst the top 10 players in the world Brazilian  or not. 


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    Originally hailed as the new Pele, Robinho, although not quite living up to that status, is still among the world`s very best. He has been the most consistently called player to the new revived Brazilian squad and has been scoring many goals for his club Milan. Just like Ronaldinho, his game was reborn recently while playing for Santos, where the joy, timing and fluidity of his game seemed to shine once more.  

Daniel Alves

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    Daniel plays for one of the best clubs in the world, Barcelona, and can easily lay claim to being the finest right back in the world. Dani has been consistent for the better of the last five years and continues to be part of the Brazilian national side where he has won many titles.  


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    Lucas plays for Sao Paulo and is nothing less than the most expensive Brazilian player in the world. His contract with Sao Paulo is worth almost 110 million dollars. Fantastic speed and talent abounds in this lad`s veins. He was a sensation for the Brazil U-20 squad and should play his first match for the main side in London versus Scotland on March 27th. 


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    The golden egg. Neymar hails from the legendary Santos where none other than the king of football—Pele plied his trade. Ironically Neymar has a style which does not match that of Pele but rather mirrors another legend called Garrincha. Neymar can stop, spin, dribble and score in the wink of an eye in a space the size of a floor tile.

    Every club with any financial backing in the world wants him but so far he still plays for Santos and is perhaps waiting to win a Libertadores or world title before going on to earn some easy cash like so many of his countrymen in other leagues so desperate to have him. 


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    If you look up football art in the dictionary, there probably will be a picture of Paulo Henrique Ganso. The Santos midfielder is without a doubt the best thing to happen to Brazilian football in perhaps a decade. Things could have been so different if Ganso was there in South Africa in place of a broken Kaka. Perhaps ex-coach Dunga had some sort of mandate to follow and knew what he was doing.

    Alas now it's Ganso who is coming back from injury, but even if he plays half the football he played last season for Santos, he will without a doubt be the greatest Brazilian player currently playing the game and poised to hit the world by storm.   

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