Arizona Cardinals History: 5 Biggest Offensive Performances

Jack London@@Londonbridges21Correspondent IJune 24, 2010

Arizona Cardinals History: 5 Biggest Offensive Performances

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    The Arizona Cardinals actually have always had a good offensive team. So this article was pretty easy, what with guys like Larry Fitzgerald and all.
    It's the defensive performances that will be tough...
    But enough on that.

    Even when the Cardinals have had subpar teams, they've had some exciting offensive performances, as you will see.

    If you have some performances in Arizona/Phoenix Cardinal history that I've missed/overlooked, feel free to let me know about it.

    But for now, here's my humble opinion on the top five offensive performances for the Arizona Cardinals.

5. Anquan Boldin vs. Miami, 2008 Season

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    It's hard to believe that Q is no longer a Cardinal. Sniffle*

    It was hard to find a true spotlight game for arguably the most prolific receiver in Cardinals history, other than Larry Fitzgerald of course.
    But when you look at his impact on this game, and that fact that exactly half of his catches were TDs, you have to say this was one of his many shining moments.

    Anquan had himself a field day in this early season tussle with the Fins, getting six catches for 140 yards and a whopping three TDs, a fantasy football owner's dream to say the least...

4. Steve Beuerlein vs. Seattle, 1993 Season

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    The journeyman Steve Beuerlein always seemed to do a good job everywhere he went. It's not his fault he played for some pretty bad teams.

    But whenever Steve went out on the field, he always left his heart and soul on the field. It just usually didn't add up to performances like this late season one against the Seahawks:
    34 of 53 passing.
    431 yards.
    Three TDs (Two INTs).
    Steve did have his fare share of weapons in the desert that year, and this game they blossomed in a 30-27 road victory.
    Most notably assisting Steve in his great performance was Gary Clark, better known as a Redskins receiver, with 12 catches for 152 yards and a touchdown.

3. Boomer Esiason vs. Washington, 1996 Season

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    That's right. That Boomer Esiason. Outside of a few diehard Cardinals fans, few remember ol' Boomer was a Card for a time.

    And while he was in the desert, he provided one of the largest number of passing yards, not just in Cardinal history, but in NFL history as well.
    522 yards to be exact.

    He also threw three touchdowns in the overtime win against Washington, though he did throw four interceptions. Still, for a guy that most people thought should've retired (sound familiar?), Esiason put on one heck of a show.

2. Kurt Warner vs. Green Bay, 2010 Playoffs

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    This will be one of the best lasting memories for the Arizona Cardinals fans of Kurt Warner. Not only did Warner help the Cardinals beat the Packers in one of the wildest playoff games ever, he did so with some eye-popping stats:
    29 of 33 passes.
    379 yards.
    And five TDs.
    At first glance, those are great numbers. Once in a lifetime numbers. Now glance again.

    You realize he had more TDs than incompletions?
    And this against one of the NFC's best defenses during the regular season.
    The Cardinals sure will miss Kurt Warner.

1. Larry Fitzgerald vs. Philadelphia, 2009 Playoffs

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    You've heard the expression, used by many announcers, "he's putting on a clinic out there"?
    This day in Cardinals history could not have been described any better.

    The statistics tell you all you need to know:
    Nine catches.
    152 yards.
    Three touchdowns.

    In case you didn't happen to see the game, all I can say is this: Larry Fitzgerald simply dominated the Eagles secondary.
    You'd think they would've caught on, but it really didn't stop Fitzgerald, who just kept making big catches. And more importantly, his big performance led to their first ever Super Bowl berth.