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John P. WiseContributor IIIJune 2, 2010

One Great Season (http://onegreatseason.com/ ) is proud to announce it will be covering World Cup 2010 from start to finish. Group previews begin Thursday and, once the games begin, they plan to update at least twice daily with match coverage, analysis, and other news and notes. Please take a moment to get to know the nine contributors who will make One Great Season the only online destination you'll need for outstanding World Cup coverage.

Jeremy Brown

Jeremy Brown is a New York-based freelance writer. He's worked as a staff writer covering English and international soccer at Goal.com UK and has contributed to several publications over the years, including the New York Post , Scientific American , Seed , Entertainment Weekly , Draft and Star . On Sundays, he can be found groggily galumphing around not-always-trash-strewn pitches in the city's Cosmopolitan League, thankful that he never tried to go pro (because, man, that looks an awful lot like running). Jeremy will be covering Group B, which is made up of Argentina, Greece, Nigeria, and South Korea.

Mike Dick

Mike Dick 's fascination with soccer began with Pele's arrival in the now-defunct North American Soccer League (NASL). Living in a virtual soccer vaccuum in Terre Haute, Ind., Mike's love of the game grew via broadcasts of Soccer Made in Germany , BBC World Service football coverage on shortwave radio, and the occasional live match. He witnessed the magnificent play of Cruyff, Beckenbauer, Best, and others in person during the NASL days. Frequently attending Indianapolis Daredevils matches as part of the Amercan Soccer League, he also had the privilege to see an aged Eusebio ending his career à la Willie Mays. A former college goalkeeper, Mike enjoyed the 2006 World Cup in Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt. He supports Nottingham Forest and considers himself to be "the special one" when it comes to prowess on the barstool. Mike, a television producer in Louisville, Ky., will cover Group E (Cameroon, Denmark, Japan, and the Netherlands).

Ben Jackey

Ben Jackey is an Emmy Award-winning former television news journalist from Louisville, Ky. He is a soccer addict, despite not following the game until World Cup 2002. Since then, he has traveled to watch and cover the United States Men's National Team and was producing a soccer documentary before he left the TV business this year. He is an avid supporter of Aston Villa FC of the English Premiership and may be the only person on the planet with cornhole boards adorned with the Villa crest. Up the Villa! Outside of the soccer world, Ben says he is fun at parties and a great dancer. Now a communications specialist in Louisville, he will cover Group G (Brazil, Ivory Coast, North Korea, and Portugal).

Mike Marshall

Having played soccer in some form, fashion or level, continually for 28 years and in six countries—with teammates and competitors hailing from more than 50 nations—no other game could have given Mike Marshall an enlightening perspective, both on the human condition and how it might be changed for the better. With interests in history, international relations, anthropology, and design, Mike finds time for kick-ups whenever possible. Professionally, he is the principal behind Marshall Arts, a graphic design and other creative works company. Mike will be covering Group F (Italy, New Zealand, Paraguay, and Slovakia).

Mike Mudd , an assistant sports editor at the Louisville Courier-Journal , is a lifelong competitive soccer player, coach, and fan. His claim to fame was making the second-team Indiana All-State level in high school in Jeffersonville, Ind. Mudd covered college soccer while a student at Ball State University in the early 1990s. He is frequently asked about the time he scored four goals in a varsity match twenty years ago. Mudd has watched every World Cup since 1986 and roots more for South American soccer than European, though he has a soft spot in his heart for England. Mike can be followed on Twitter @mudd4goals . He will cover Group C (Algeria, England, Slovenia, and the United States).

Wade Murray

Wade Murray learned to play soccer at an early age while growing up in Iowa. He was a Division III All-American player at Luther College and then played semi-professionally in Minnesota and New York. His favorite national team is the U.S., of course, but on the club level he roots for Everton . Wade is currently a digital marketing professional in New York City, and his favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo. Wade thinks Ronaldo is "simply the smoothest son of a (expletive)" he's ever seen, although "he dives waaaay too much." Wade will cover Group A (France, Mexico, South Africa, and Uruguay).

Bruce Sholl

Bruce Sholl started playing pickup soccer as a kid on the dirty streets of Toledo, Ohio. He then went on to captain the Upper Arlington Golden Bears in Columbus, and he started for the men's club team of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He currently plays for The Barnstonworth Rovers third team, a New York City club group. Along with being a fan of his hometown Columbus Crew , he has traveled abroad to play and watch, most notably the Man U vs. Man City Derby in 2008 and the Espanyol vs. Villarreal match this year. His aggressive style of play has translated well to the pub when excitedly watching matches and head-butting fellow fans. Bruce, a retail marketing specialist, is on the general assignment beat.

Steve Susi

Steve Susi is founder and chief creative officer of Brand Spanking New York, a NYC branding and creative consultancy. Steve has attended numerous Premiership matches over the past two decades—most of which involving his beloved (yet hapless) West Ham Hammers . He attended the 2006 World Cup in Germany (watch the video) and is a devout Ohio State and all-teams-Cleveland fanatic. Steve will spend the second week of World Cup 2010 watching the national teams of Germany, Holland, Denmark and England at pubs located in those countries' respective capital cities, and he will be reporting/photographing the proceedings for One Great Season. Check out brandspankingnewyork.com for more about Steve and follow him on Twitter at @brandspankingny . He'll be covering Group D (Australia, Germany, Ghana, and Serbia).

Jake Yadrich

Jake Yadrich has worked in the video production industry since 2004, spending more than five years as a videotape editor for FOX 4 News in Kansas City. While at FOX 4 , he and the station's film critic earned acclaim at the 2009 and 2010 Los Angeles Press Club National Entertainment Journalism Awards for their weekly interview segments with Hollywood's biggest stars. In January 2010, Jake obtained what he considers a dream job in becoming the head of video operations for the Kansas City Wizards of Major League Soccer . Jake avidly roots for his favorite team, Barcelona , and he brings an industry insider perspective to One Great Season's coverage of the 2010 World Cup. Jake will be covering Group H (Chile, Honduras, Spain, and Switzerland).

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