WWE Feuds for the Rock Other Than Roman Reigns

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistOctober 2, 2020

WWE Feuds for the Rock Other Than Roman Reigns

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    The rise of Roman Reigns back into the Universal Championship scene and his alignment with Paul Heyman have been the talk of the wrestling world, but many fans have turned their attention to The Rock.

    Dwayne Johnson said he would be willing to work with his cousin in a match, and Reigns echoed the sentiment. With a built-in storyline featuring The Rock returning to take his spot as the Tribal Chief, the battle is almost inevitable.

    The WWE Universe knows Vince McMahon will do anything he can to get Reigns over as a top draw in wrestling, but there are other options for possible matchups for The Great One if he did return to the ring, some more off-the-wall than others.

Drew McIntyre

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    One of the best options to square off against The Rock would be another physical Adonis, WWE champion Drew McIntyre.

    The Rock’s return would mean all eyes on WWE, and few people deserve the honor of squaring off against The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment more than McIntyre, especially after his coronation and subsequent run with the title was marred by the coronavirus pandemic.

    While the Scot has shined bright and made the most of his opportunity, the viewing numbers are way down due to a lack of overall interest in the product. Some may blame the champion, but he has been a highlight during a lackluster period for WWE Creative.

    One way the company can make it up to McIntyre would be to have him square off against The Rock for the WWE Championship. The build would be incredible, and the titleholder defeating a legend on a stage like WrestleMania 37 would make up for the lost time in the Performance Center.

Charlotte Flair

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    If The Rock wants to come back to WWE, Vince McMahon and company would have to let him do whatever he wants to get the mainstream attention he brings to their product by just showing up on Raw or SmackDown.

    Johnson has always been a proponent of women's wrestling and one way he could help the division break new boundaries would be to square off against Charlotte Flair in a high-profile intergender match at WrestleMania.

    There is a vocal contingent of fans who hate the idea of intergender wrestling, but there are no better competitors to put on a textbook match full of classic storytelling that doesn’t offend the masses than Flair and The Rock.

    Naturally, Flair would go over and build momentum as she heads back to the title scene on the red or blue brand, but the moment she creates with The Great One would live forever in wrestling lore.


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    For months, Elias has been on the sidelines with a string of injuries, but one way to ensure he returns to prominence when healthy would be to have him square off against The Rock in the ring and on the mic.

    The Rock is well-known for his concerts and ability to cut a promo through song. With Elias possessing the same traits and both men hugely popular with the WWE Universe, their pairing would make for a comedic masterpiece.

    While the two men could use their powers to fight alongside each other while verbally running down a few heel challengers, the real money would be on mic battle that ultimately gets physical and leads to a one-off match.

    Johnson would likely win the bout as a way to put over whatever blockbuster movie he's starring in at the time, but Elias having the chance to share the stage with a bona fide legend would be the boost his career needs.

Jey Uso

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    The most likely possibility for The Rock would be a long-term storyline with Reigns, but it should start with Johnson squaring off with Jey Uso, just as the universal champion did at Clash of Champions.

    The Big Dog made his mark as an unstoppable monster at Sunday's pay-per-view, but The Rock should return to WWE programming and square off against Jey as well.

    With Johnson beating Jey with class and dignity instead of dominating him in a disrespectful fashion like Reigns, the groundwork would be laid for the long-term battle to be the true Tribal Chief of WWE.

    Not only would The Rock squaring off with Jey provide fodder for the eventual storyline and match with Reigns, but it would also give Johnson the chance to knock off any ring rust he has against a member of his extended family.


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