Dream Trades to Shake Up WWE and AEW Rosters

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistSeptember 20, 2020

WWE Superstar Becky Lynch visits the Empire State Building to promote WrestleMania 35 on Friday, April 5, 2019, in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)
Charles Sykes/Associated Press

Wrestling fans who have continued to tune into WWE and All Elite Wrestling during the coronavirus pandemic will have noticed the rosters have started to get a little stale, especially on the red and blue brands of the former.

While the problem is definitely more prevalent on the WWE side of things—where a draft is desperately needed—a series of trades with the competition would breathe new life into the business.

From former women's and men's world champions being traded for star prospects to a major shakeup at the announce tables, it's fun to think about the possible deals that could be struck between both companies.

Obviously, this won't happen, but here are the dream trades to shake up the WWE and AEW rosters.


Aleister Black for Jack Evans and Angelico

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One of the most misused stars on the WWE roster is Aleister Black and a fresh start in AEW is exactly what he needs. With the lack of tag team depth on Raw and SmackDown, WWE should be looking to add a high-flying duo like Jack Evans and Angelico.

Black is one of the top stars in NXT history, and his run as champion with that brand created an aura that made wrestling fans compare him to The Undertaker. Instead of following through with cementing him as a bona fide top star on the main roster, WWE creative has squandered the momentum.

On the other hand, Evans and Angelico are still trying to find their footing in AEW, as its tag team division is the deepest in wrestling. Instead of fighting for table scraps on Dynamite, The Hybrid 2 would be an instant player in a depleted WWE tag team title picture.

The two-for-one deal would benefit both companies and the athletes involved.


Becky Lynch for Britt Baker, Allie and Kris Statlander

Trading Becky Lynch would be a terrible idea for WWE, but if there is any uncertainty about her long-term commitment to wrestling after becoming a mother, the company could bring back a major haul in a trade.

Lynch is one of the few wrestlers in the business today that has transcended the sport and become a household name. If WWE were to trade her, AEW would have to give up stars of today and tomorrow.

In return for the Lass Kicker, AEW would have to send over two premier athletes in Britt Baker and Allie, as well as a future prospect in Kris Statlander, who could become a top draw with the right seasoning and booking.

With the need to put its women's division on the map, AEW would give up a king's ransom to fetch a bona fide star like Lynch.


Kevin Owens for Kip Sabian and Will Hobbs

While Kevin Owens is an elite talent in the ring and on the mic, a recent report suggests the inconsistency of the WWE Creative team has frustrated the Superstar. If he is disgruntled, it may be time to make a trade.

Just like in the NFL, the issues Owens is facing with WWE will decrease his trade value since AEW already knows he wants out. With the value down, it would be a wise idea for Tony Khan's promotion to send two budding stars in return for the veteran.

Kip Sabian and Will Hobbs are wildly different in the ring and on the mic, but they each hold an immense amount of potential. Sabian would be an instant upgrade in the cruiserweight division, and Hobbs is the type of performer WWE CEO Vince McMahon would love to push in the main event.

Owens has history with The Young Bucks and many of the other performers on the AEW roster, so the groundwork is set for a blockbuster deal. While AEW would win the trade in the short term, WWE would benefit in the proceeding years as Hobbs and Sabian continue to develop.


Corey Graves for Jim Ross

Jim Ross is one of the greatest announcers in wrestling history, but AEW has three play-by-play commentators in JR, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur. The company needs a marquee color commentator.

With Corey Graves widely recognized as one of the best color commentators in the business and WWE in desperate need of play-by-play announcers after Mauro Ranallo's departure, both sides should be open to an exchange.

WWE should trade Graves for Ross in a straight-up deal. While JR is not the same announcer he was years ago, he is familiar with the WWE style and would be a welcome addition to any team thanks to the respect he has earned from the fans.

On the other hand, Graves adds a heel element to AEW's announce table. The deal would revitalize a stagnant WWE announce crew and bring new fire to AEW.


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