Renee Young Talks WWE Exit; Rumors on Ivar's Injury and Dominik Mysterio's Push

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistSeptember 15, 2020

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Young Explains Why She Left WWE

After departing WWE last month, Renee Young explained the rationale behind her decision during an appearance on the Sunday Night's Main Event podcast this week.

In the interview (h/t's Ross Kelly), Young suggested that she felt there was no more upward mobility left for her in the company:

"I've been there for eight years and I kinda did everything I could possibly do. I felt like I was bouncing around and continually trying to carve this path out for myself and I feel like I hit my ceiling. My strength is being a TV host and as I've realized more and more that after doing commentary for a year plus, that was really rocky for me. I didn't enjoy doing it and then not really having a solid role on SmackDown when I was listed as being a special contributor, whatever that's supposed to mean. Then that never actually turned out to mean something.

"I felt like they didn't know what to do with me either. Just having me on TV and doing backstage interviews again felt like a step back and there was just nowhere for me to go. There was nothing for me to do anymore especially when Backstage got canceled with FS1. I was really enjoying doing that and I'm gonna still be doing stuff with FOX going forward so that's really cool. I feel like I had checked all of the boxes and I turned over every card that I could there. I didn't want to waste any more time. I'm about to turn 35 and I've done a bunch of stuff there so it's time to move on. If I wanna keep growing and getting better and finding a bigger platform to be on, I felt like that wasn't the place to do it anymore."

Young's stance is understandable given the fact that she essentially accomplished everything possible during her eight years in WWE.

She excelled as a backstage interviewer and pay-per-view Kickoff Show host, but she truly made history as part of the Raw announce team alongside Michael Cole and Corey Graves. In that role, Young became the first woman in WWE history to be a full-time part of the commentary team.

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Young didn't last in that position, but she did land in a spot that was seemingly perfectly tailored to her skill set as the host of WWE Backstage on FS1. Unfortunately for Young, low ratings and COVID-19 resulted in FS1 pulling WWE Backstage from its spot as a weekly show.

That left Young with little to do other than serve as an interviewer, and while she was great at it, the job did seem beneath her after everything she accomplished.

It was probably the perfect time for Young to leave, as she already established herself as a trailblazer in terms of female non-wrestlers in WWE history.

Ivar to Reportedly Undergo Surgery

Viking Raiders member Ivar is reportedly set to undergo surgery Tuesday in Birmingham, Alabama.

According to Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live (h/t's Marc Middleton), Ivar will have surgery on his neck after injuring it on a dive last week on Raw.

Ivar's neck had reportedly been bothering him prior to the injury he suffered during an eight-man tag team match involving himself, Erik, Apollo Crews and Ricochet against The Hurt Business.

Last week, WWE reported that Ivar suffered a "cervical injury," but was expected to make a "full recovery."

With Ivar on the shelf, Erik still appeared on Monday night's episode of Raw. He helped save Crews and Ricochet from an attack at the hands of The Hurt Business and later lost a non-title match to United States champion Bobby Lashley.

The Viking Raiders had primarily been competing on Raw Underground in recent weeks prior to their involvement in the Hurt Business storyline last week.

Ivar's absence could mean a lesser role for Erik moving forward, and it also hurts the Raw tag team division significantly since there isn't much depth to speak of beyond the Raw tag team champion Street Profits.

It is unclear what the timetable for recovery may be provided Ivar undergoes neck surgery as has been reported.

WWE Views Dominik as a Top Star on Raw

Those who are calling the shots in WWE reportedly have a highly positive view of Dominik Mysterio despite the fact that he is only a handful of matches into his career.

According to PWInsider (h/t Middleton), WWE officials believe Dominik is among the top 25 percent of the Raw roster, making him one of the red brand's top three or four babyfaces.

It isn't exactly a revelation considering how Dominik has been utilized recently. He competed in a huge singles match against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam and then teamed with his legendary father, Rey Mysterio, against Rollins and Murphy at Payback.

Dominik faced Rollins in a steel cage match on Monday's episode of Raw, and although Rollins prevailed, Dominik acquitted himself once again and showed the potential to be a huge success in WWE.

While Dominik is only 23 years of age and early in his career, there is a lot to like about him, and his inexperience actually provides fans with something fresh.

Rey is currently out with a torn triceps, but perhaps a father-son team of Rey and Dominik could be a smart way to boost the Raw tag team division moving forward when Rey returns.

Until that happens, Dominik will likely have the opportunity to get more comfortable as a singles star and continue to be one of the most compelling parts of Raw on a weekly basis.

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