Current WWE Stars in Danger of Being Forgotten in 10 Years

Anthony Mango@@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistJune 11, 2020

Current WWE Stars in Danger of Being Forgotten in 10 Years

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    Not every WWE Superstar is able to build a legacy for themselves. For every legend, there are far more who get lost in the sands of time.

    Between all the possible title wins, main event matches and show-stealing moments, you'd think there would be plenty to go around. However, the biggest and best opportunities aren't available to everyone, and some Superstars fail to become memorable.

    Even after cutting some slack for younger stars and NXT talent who haven't yet got their feet wet, there's still a number of men and women on Raw and SmackDown in danger of being forgotten in 10 years.

    Let's take a look at some of the Superstars who need to turn their careers around to make a mark and become unforgettable.

Bo Dallas

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    While Bray Wyatt is a two-time world champion who has fought The Undertaker and John Cena at WrestleMania, his brother, Bo Dallas, hasn't come close to those achievements.

    Despite being employed by WWE for 12 years, there's not much to show for it. His NXT Championship run was in an era not renowned for the amazing matches the black-and-gold brand has now.

    After moving to the main roster, he became a more comedic character. He floundered there, though, and joined The Social Outcasts before reaching his career highlight as half of The B-Team alongside Curtis Axel.

    They won the Raw Tag Team Championships in 2018, but even now it's unlikely many fans can remember anything about that run.

    Dallas is only 30, so there's still time to make a name for himself, but it's not going to happen as a jobber on the sidelines.

Ruby Riott

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    Ruby Riott's time in NXT was relatively short and without a title reign before she moved up to SmackDown to form The Riott Squad.

    Unfortunately, that faction immediately competed for attention with Absolution and seemed second-best from the start. The group had no special feuds or any major victories.

    Their biggest match—a loss to Sasha Banks, Bayley and Natalya—came at Evolution in October 2018, but it won't stand the test of time. They also failed to win the tag team titles before splitting and couldn't even get a blow-off match to wrap up loose ends.

    Riott is now past the point where she's fresh and exciting as a newer talent, with Bianca Belair and even former teammate Liv Morgan taking priority in WWE.

    Her career is far from over, but if she keeps up this current trajectory, she'll be one of those Superstars who peaked at upper-midcard level.

Titus O'Neil

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    Is it better to be forgotten about or to only be remembered for something bad?

    Had Fred Ottman not been Tugboat and Typhoon in WWE, he'd likely only be remembered for the horrendous Shockmaster gimmick.

    Someone else known more for his botches than anything else is Titus O'Neil.

    He did win the tag titles with Darren Young and was the inaugural 24/7 champion before losing it immediately to Robert Roode, but neither of those runs will be remembered.

    The only other memorable thing O'Neil has done is his botch during the Greatest Royal Rumble in April 2018 when he tripped on the entrance ramp and slid under the ring. 

    Nothing he's done prior or since has matched that. Since he rarely even wrestles anymore outside of an odd loss here and there, it might have been his peak.

    O'Neil is very active with WWE in terms of charity work, which is perhaps the best way for him to be remembered, rather than his in-ring career.

Dana Brooke

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    Poor Dana Brooke had impressive athleticism and a great look from the start in NXT, but it all quickly fizzled out.

    Most of her career has been spent being overlooked. Even at the inaugural WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal in 2018, she was among the last to be announced, despite how it was supposed to include everyone available. 

    When Brooke does get screen time, it's almost always on the losing end. She was the lackey to beat to get to Emma and Charlotte Flair, and she hasn't come close to winning a title.

    She's clearly a dedicated professional, but she has yet to be rewarded for that tenacity.

    Here's hoping WWE gives Brooke a legitimate push at some point and allows her to do something substantial.

Lucha House Party

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    All three members of Lucha House Party have incredible in-ring skills, but none of them have come close to proving it consistently.

    Gran Metalik's high point was coming in second in the 2016 Cruiserweight Classic tournament, but he's never been much of a contender since then.

    Lince Dorado was the most overlooked of the trio for the longest time. Now, he's on somewhat equal ground, but that isn't saying much.

    Kalisto has had the most success of the trio, but it would be a stretch to say what he's done has been unforgettable. First, he won the NXT Tag Team Championships with Sin Cara, but their Lucha Dragons team lost the belt four months later.

    Then, he and Alberto Del Rio traded the United States Championship before Kalisto dropped it to Rusev. Most recently, his cruiserweight title run lasted 13 days and was bookended by Enzo Amore.

    If Lucha House Party can win the tag titles and have a proper run with them, they may avoid being forgotten about. But mostly featuring on the little-watched 205 Live didn't give them a great start.

Mojo Rawley

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    Mojo Rawley's biggest achievement so far has been winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal in 2017.

    That's something to be proud of, but WWE has never treated it with any true significance. Every winner lost their push within weeks of victory.

    What's even more disappointing about Rawley's win is that he isn't the most memorable part of it. It was a means to get NFL star Rob Gronkowski to make an appearance and take out Jinder Mahal to help Rawley win.

    Likewise, Rawley's only noteworthy moment since then has been winning the 24/7 Championship, when Riddick Moss stole his thunder before Gronkowski took the title from him at WrestleMania 36.

    Rawley needs to do something for himself, or he'll only be remembered as Gronk's buddy.

Tucker Knight

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    Since Otis started stealing the show as part of his romantic storyline with Mandy Rose, his Heavy Machinery teammate, Tucker, has been swept under the rug.

    He was a supporting player in the storyline to get Otis and Rose together. Once that reached a point where Otis could fight his love rival, Dolph Ziggler, there was nothing for Tucker to do.

    Now, Otis is also Mr. Money in the Bank while Tucker hasn't been on SmackDown in weeks.

    The writing is on the wall. Tucker has been overshadowed by Otis and is in danger of not being able to step out from that.

    Unless Heavy Machinery teams back up, Tucker finds a new partner who he can be successful with, or makes a name for himself as a singles star, Tucker will go down in WWE history as simply being the former partner of Otis.

Ember Moon

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    It's painful to place Ember Moon on this list, because she has barely been given a chance to succeed.

    She only became NXT women's champion because Asuka vacated the belt in 2017. Soon after, Moon dropped the title to Shayna Baszler and moved to the main roster.

    However, instead of getting a solid push, she got lost in the shuffle and never found her way out of that maze. None of her feuds have been long-lasting or noteworthy, and she's yet to win any titles.

    What's worse is she may not get the opportunity to rectify that. She is rehabbing a torn Achilles and told WWE Backstage recently it may be a career-ending injury.

    We can only hope she makes a full recovery and goes on to become the Superstar she can be. Realistically, though, if she isn't able to get back in the ring, what she's done already isn't enough to be unforgettable 10 years from now.

Shorty G

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    If Chad Gable had stuck with the career trajectory he had as part of American Alpha, he could have been the next Kurt Angle by now.

    Instead, he had an awful run as Robert Roode's sidekick and turned into a joke when he was renamed Shorty G. He became the guy who is bullied for his size, stands up for himself and promptly loses most of this matches.

    He's such a talented in-ring performer that it's a shame his skills are going to waste as one of SmackDown's resident losers, rather than someone who can work circles around most of the roster.

    With a few tweaks, WWE can turn this around. He could easily become a solid intercontinental champion, at the very least, or find plenty of other tag team partners to win more gold with.

    But if he sticks as Shorty G, he'll only be remembered for his terrible ring gear and gimmick.


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    For being the daughter of a Hall of Famer and one of the most physically imposing women WWE has had in a while, Tamina has perhaps the worst track record of anyone in the division.

    She hasn't won a single title or any important matches during her 10-year run with the company.

    Far too much of Tamina's career has been spent on the shelf because of injuries, but she's often just a lackey or bodyguard for someone else.

    Cagematch lists her WWE match statistics as an abysmal 82.4 percent loss frequency with a record of 94-448-2.

    At this point, it seems impossible for Tamina to have a memorable career with WWE.


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