Charlotte Flair's Best Potential Brand Invitational Opponents on WWE SmackDown

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistMay 15, 2020

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 06:  Charlotte Flair attends WWE's First-Ever Emmy
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With the new WWE brand-to-brand invitational in place, the door is now open for Raw and SmackDown Superstars to flow freely between brands, which means there is plenty of potential for dream matches and feuds.

It was announced this week on Raw that NXT women's champion and Raw Superstar Charlotte Flair will appear on Friday's episode of SmackDown. WWE hasn't announced who she will interact with, but there is no shortage of quality female wrestlers on the blue brand who could step up to her.

Ahead of The Queen's anticipated appearance on SmackDown, here is a rundown of the performers who should confront her and potentially face her in a match.


Sasha Banks

Since Charlotte is the NXT women's champion, it stands to reason that she and the SmackDown women's champion will have some form of interaction Friday. If that is the case, then a match between The Queen and Bayley is possible.

They have faced each other many times dating back to NXT and have great chemistry together, but an even more exciting and anticipated match would be Flair vs. Sasha Banks given the fact that they previously engaged in what was one of the best women's division rivalries in WWE history.

Banks and Charlotte have gone at it often over the years, but the height of their rivalry was in 2016 when they faced each other multiple times on Raw and pay-per-views and traded the Raw Women's Championship back and forth.

Their rivalry has cooled since then, with only two singles matches against each other over the past three years. But there is little doubt the magic will be rekindled if and when they get back in the ring against each other.

WWE has been slowly building tension between Bayley and Banks. Just a few weeks ago, The Role Model volunteered The Boss to face Tamina in a singles match with the stipulation that Tamina would earn a title match if she could win.

Banks clearly wasn't happy about Bayley throwing her to the wolves, so perhaps the champion will do it again on Friday and back down from a fight with Charlotte in favor of having her friend do her bidding for her.

It would be a logical way to advance the story between Bayley and Banks, while also giving fans a great main event-caliber match for SmackDown in Charlotte vs. The Boss.


Sonya Deville

While Charlotte has been a top star for years, Sonya Deville is seemingly just starting her road to the top.

It has long been known that she has plenty of potential. She showed it as a contestant on Tough Enough and then continued to grow in limited opportunities in NXT before getting called up to the main roster in 2017.

Perhaps Deville wasn't quite ready for the call-up when it happened, but she is clearly coming into her own now, and facing Charlotte would be an ideal test to see how she measures up against one of the best in the ring.

Deville finally broke off on her own when she turned on best friend Mandy Rose a few weeks ago. She viciously attacked her longtime ally and then did an even bigger number on her the following week after costing her a spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match.

Last week, Deville defeated The Golden Goddess on SmackDown. During the match, she talked a ton of trash and continued to raise her own stock as one of the best heels in the women's division.

Charlotte is something of a tweener who can switch between heel and face when needed, and putting her in a face role against Deville could be huge for her continued development.

It is abundantly clear there is something special within Deville, and Charlotte may be the best person to bring it out of her.


Dana Brooke

Like Deville, Dana Brooke has been making significant strides over the past several weeks, and she may be on the verge of a big push if she can prove she deserves it.

Brooke was one of the standouts in the Money in the Bank ladder match, as she was featured in some of the most entertaining moments. She had a fun exchange with Stephanie McMahon before Carmella broke a painting over her head. Then, she was shown later in the match with the painting still over her head, which garnered a big reaction on social media.

Brooke has taken everything given to her and thrived recently, so it may be time to give her a step up in competition. She still has a long way to go, but she has a good look and the necessary athleticism to go toe-to-toe with The Queen.

Charlotte and Brooke have only faced each other once on the main roster and that was three years ago, so a match on Friday's SmackDown would be far different because both Superstars have changed significantly since then.

Brooke is seemingly getting over as a babyface, which means Charlotte can employ her cocky heel persona and aid her continued growth, just as she did in a recent match against Liv Morgan on Raw.

While Brooke doesn't have to beat Charlotte in order to take the next step, a good showing against her and proof that she can measure up to The Queen could go a long way.


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