Klay Thompson Rumors: Hawks 'Focused' on SG If Warriors Don't Offer Max Contract

Megan ArmstrongCorrespondent IIJune 8, 2019

Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson celebrates the team's win over the Houston Rockets in Game 6 of a second-round NBA basketball playoff series Friday, May 10, 2019, in Houston. Golden State won 118-113, winning the series. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)
Eric Gay/Associated Press

A lot of hypotheticals have to hit just right in order for the Atlanta Hawks to even get in a room with Klay Thompson

However, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Michael Cunningham reported Tuesday that the Hawks are "confident they'd get a chance to persuade Thompson to sign with them" if the Warriors don't offer him a max contract. 

More from Cunningham:      

"I heard Travis Schlenk planned to make a run at Thompson as a free agent soon after the Hawks hired Schlenk as GM in 2017. I figured it was just dot-connecting speculation: Schlenk was a Warriors front-office executive when the team drafted Thompson in 2011. But since then several people in the know have insisted that Schlenk is focused on trying to sign Thompson, and now I believe that's his plan if the Warriors provide an opening."

All of this hinges on what is most probable: that the Golden State Warriors will offer their five-time All-Star a five-year deal worth roughly $190 million. 

Thompson is set to become an unrestricted free agent July 1.

The 29-year-old's father and two-time NBA champion, Mychal Thompson, recently said on San Francisco radio station KNBR 680 (h/t NBC Sports): "It's not even a negotiation. It's not even an issue." 

If father is speaking for son, Thompson doesn't seem to be open to taking anything less than a maximum offer. And according to Warriors owner Joe Lacob, the organization is willing to do whatever is necessary to hold on to the three-time NBA champion. 

"Obviously, my intention is to keep [Stephen Curry and Thompson] as part of our organization forever," Lacob told ESPN.com's Nick Friedell last month. "That's our goal. We'll see what happens." 

Lacob added:

"I have a special bond with him. I always have. He's the first player, since I bought the team, that we drafted. The very first one. And I just have always felt an incredible attachment. People make fun of me a little bit -- I always say I love Klay. I love Klay. I just do. He's so real. He's so real. There's no B.S. And there's something about him, I have a very special relationship with him." 

It would be a hard sell for Thompson to leave the NBA's pedestal for the cellar. The Hawks finished the 2018-19 season at 29-53, fifth-worst in the league, while the Warriors are competing against the Toronto Raptors in the 2019 NBA Finals and hoping to complete a three-peat. 

All of that said, nobody can blame the Hawks for shooting their shot.