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Why Klay Is Worth a Max Deal to GSW

By Zach Buckley (Photo: Ross D. Franklin/Associated Press)

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    Latest NBA Buzz on Monroe, Thompson and More

    by Brian Mazique

    The future of the Detroit Pistons' prized restricted free agent Greg Monroe is still uncertain. The talented 24-year-old big man is a wanted man, but because of the terms surrounding restricted fr... Read More »

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    How Klay Can Justify Warriors' Loyalty

    by Scott Burns

    Klay Thompson has steadily improved every year of his young NBA career, but he must truly elevate his game in 2014-15 to justify the Golden State Warriors ’ loyalty... Read More »

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    Report: Klay's Agent Wants Max Deal

    by Timothy Rapp

    For much of the summer, rumors have swirled that Kevin Love could be traded to the Golden State Warriors. And for much of the summer, rumors have swirled that the Warriors wouldn't be willing to move... Read More »

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    Latest Buzz on NBA Trade Rumors

    by Timothy Rapp

    LeBron James went home. Chris Bosh kept it green and stayed in Miami alongside Dwyane Wade . Carmelo Anthony flirted with a few suitors but stayed loyal to the New York Knicks... Read More »

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    Should Klay Be Indispensable?

    by Simon Cherin-Gordon

    The two sides of the Klay Thompson-for-Kevin Love debate perfectly represent the dichotomy between those with an analytics approach to the game and those who watch basketball. Love is a statistic... Read More »