1. #SplashCounter 1/4: Steph   Klay  #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  2. Klay Celebrated Contract with Chick-fil-A

  3. Klay Thompson to KNBR on receiving 1st paycheck of new contract: "Believe it or not, I just went straight to Chick-fil-A and celebrated."

  4. Klay Says He Choose Winning (and $70M) Over Stardom

  5. Thompson (Back) Returns vs. Raptors

  6. Death lineup in for GSW…Green, Iggy, Barnes, Steph, Klay. Trouble

  7. #SplashCounter 1/2: Steph   HB  Iggy  Klay  Blur  #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  8. VIDEO: Draymond Green, Klay Thompson connect on the halfcourt lob! https://t.co/w1OgPF2yJY https://t.co/fktvKz3fg5

  9. How Much Better Are Dubs This Year?

  10. What's Happened to Klay Thompson?

  11. Klay Adds Underwear to List of Sponsors

  12. Warriors go on a mini-run to end the third, lead 77-73. Curry with 18, Klay 15. Butler with 23. Gasol with 14-9-5

  13. Klay gettin' creative with the dish to Steph who hits the #SPLASH. Dubs up by 3!

  14. Wonderful ground ball rebound + shovel pass play by Klay

  15. Number Crunch: Warriors Setting All Kinds of Records

  16. Klay Thompson probable for tonight

  17. Jump-Shooting Dubs Troll Barkley with Title Shirts

  18. Steph misses a 3, rebound bounced to Klay on the floor. pitches to Steph…Oracle. 92-89. Let’s just call it #leaguepassalert

  19. Not quite an offensive rebound, but let's call it a 2nd-chance 3 by Curry after Klay digs out loose ball. Exactly what Hoiberg feared

  20. Klay Thompson goes to the deck to control loose ball, flips to Curry for 3. GSW 92 Chicago 89 5:25 left . Timeout Bulls

  21. Thompson Sets High Goal: Hopefully I Can Get 40 in a Quarter

  22. Kawakami: Warriors Set for Repeat in 2015-16

  23. Could Klay Thompson Be an MVP Candidate?

  24. This isn't fair either. Klay is a hell of a player. Just Draymond is a more unique force, like Curry. https://t.co/fUwh8xmZAW

  25. Mychal Thompson, Klay's dad, sees multiple NBA championships in Warriors' future. https://t.co/mDeoPsUOGc https://t.co/EdOEB07vkq

  26. Anta's Klay Thompson Warriors shoe https://t.co/uTD6Xk6QjA https://t.co/xSe6EgTETp

  27. B/R's Ultimate Season Preview for the Warriors

  28. So the Champs Asked for a 'Game of Zones'...

  29. Klay on Dubs-Clips Rivalry: 'We Smacked Them'

  30. Klay Thompson Warriors Shoe from Anta https://t.co/RSlOOUjwWE https://t.co/MYQkMyfu2v https://t.co/NAODSeplBN https://t.co/UMJ45Qs0X1

  31. HAS to be a misprint. Dubs' Small Ball Five (Curry/Klay/Iguodala/Barnes/Green) averaging ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-SEVEN points per 100 possessions

  32. Klay's Bro Can Play Defense, Too

  33. Vine: Thompson Throws Out 1st Pitch at A's-Giants

  34. Klay!  SIGHTS & SOUNDS: https://t.co/9P23mP6pRc, : https://t.co/47XDkoeqca https://t.co/xH0YuCjP6T

  35. Klay on Mudiay makes sense. He's good with the stronger PGs

  36. Klay on Bucks Passing Him Up: I Thank God Every Day

  37. Klay to Throw Out First Pitch for Hudson vs. Zito

  38. Klay finds Dray for the trey! #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  39. Klay with some savvy passing to start

  40. Good Luck Keeping Up with the Thompsons

  41. Klay Cheats in Go-Kart, Ends Poorly

  42. Nice jumper by Klay #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  43. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson return at the 6:51 mark of the second quarter.

  44. Klay Just Saw His First Signature Shoe and He's Not Happy

  45. Warriors Talk Repeating, Offseason and David Lee

  46. Shooters roll on Klay’s jumper. #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  47. KLAY SPLASHES THE TREY #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  48. Thompson Nutmegs DeRozan, Throws Alley-Oop at USA Scrimmage

  49. Watch: Klay Hits Half-Court Shot on a Bike

  50. Klay with a Monta Ellis (some of you will remember that)

  51. KLAY SPLASHES ANOTHER #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  52. Foul called on Klay on the buzzer on Barton’s three point attempt. #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  53. #SplashCounter 1/2: Klay  Dray Steph  HB Iggy #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  54. At the half in Denver: #Warrior 64, #Nuggets 55. Klay with 16 pts, 14 in 2Q. Gallo, Barton, D Arthur with 13 apiece for DEN.

  55. #DimeCounter 1/2: Steph  Klay  HB Iggy Dray Sdot Blur #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  56. Klay Thompson has 16 points (5/10 FG, 3/4 from deep), 1 rebounds and 4 assists. #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  57. Klay Thompson, Small Ball Death Squad leads Golden State to 64-58 lead in Denver #SBDS https://t.co/JpeoVebOj7 https://t.co/NPLMEh4scM

  58. Too unselfish there.. Klay should’ve let that fly! #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  59. #SplashCounter 3/4: Steph  Klay  Dray Iggy  HB  #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  60. Curry finished with 19pts & 7asts Klay had 21pts & 7asts HB had 17pts & 4asts Iguodala had 12pts & 4asts Dray had 13 pts, 7rebs, 4asts

  61. Klay Thompson recorded his 3rd 20-point game of the season while Stephen Curry's 20-point streak ends at 14-straight games (had 19 tonight)

  62. Pat Riley has seen a lot of hoops. This is his take on Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. https://t.co/wUuCZrhYjn

  63. Klay Thompson: No interest in becoming top player on lesser team than Warriors https://t.co/jTfrENyk7z

  64. Q&A: Klay Thompson on Steve Kerr, the Warriors' hot start and more https://t.co/9rKR2AjACd https://t.co/rq9P0JVSAU