4 Most Intense Moments in the Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees Rivalry

Brian Roach@BrianRoachJrCorrespondent IMay 10, 2013

4 Most Intense Moments in the Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees Rivalry

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    The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees rivalry has been strong for over 100 years. From the first time they played in 1907 to the present day, the rivals have been involved in some tough, intense action.

    Of course, there are way more than just four intense moments in the history of this feud. The following four moments highlight just a few periods in the long-standing rivalry, including one moment that put the Red Sox back on the map. 

Carlton Fisk Gets Run Over

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    In 1973, the game between the Red Sox and Yankees was tied 2-2 when Gene Michael missed a bunt with Thurman Munson at third base.

    However, Munson still came home, trucking Carlton Fisk right over.

    The collision at the plate immediately caused a fight bewteen Fisk and Munson. Fisk ended up getting punched right in the face by the Yankees star.

Lou Piniella Collides with Carlton Fisk

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    Back in 1976, the Yankees kept up the fireworks in the sixth inning of a game where Lou Piniella tried scoring feet-first, which resulted in a fight between Fisk and Piniella.

    The benches cleared and eventually the fight calmed down.

    After the clash, Bill "Spaceman" Lee and Graig Nettles got into an exchange of words that ultimately escalated into another fight. Lee would miss much of the 1976 season with a separated shoulder due to this incident. 

Pedro Martinez Lifts Don Zimmer

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    During the 2003 ALCS, an incident occurred that will forever be remembered due to the age of one of the men involved.

    In Game 3 between the Yankees and Red Sox, Pedro Martinez hit one of the Yankees' hitters and a brawl ensued that eventually settled down before it got too out of hand.

    However, in the bottom of the same inning, Roger Clemens put a pitch right under Manny Ramirez's chin and that was what did everyone in.

    Don Zimmer went charging at Martinez and Martinez took him by the head and tossed him to the ground.

    The Sox would ultimately lose the series on a Game 7 walkoff home run from Aaron Boone off Tim Wakefield. 

A-Rod Gets It from Varitek

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    This was the defining moment in the 2004 season that turned the ship around for the Boston Red Sox and helped lead to a World Series victory. They were the underdog all season long and this fight showed their heart and pride for the love of the game.

    Alex Rodriguez got plunked by Bronson Arroyo. Afterward, A-Rod had some not-too-kind words to say to the starter. Jason Varitek then started getting into it and started a brawl with a punch to Rodriguez's face.