100 Pics of Athletes Making Weird Faces

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterApril 3, 2013

100 Pics of Athletes Making Weird Faces

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    It's a well-known fact that the camera is unforgiving. Who hasn't experienced that jarring moment when a bad photo shatters the personal delusion of coolness you'd had so much faith in for so long?

    For most of us, a set of photos yields a handful you find acceptable, and the rest run the spectrum of weird to awful. Then there's the one or two that make you wish you were never even born and/or seriously question all of your life decisions. 

    Professional athletes live in a world of flashbulbs. Whether the photographers capture the action in the game, the presser following it or are just trying to get a candid shot of their nightlife, most athletes have countless images of themselves floating around the web.

    Some may come from their own social media accounts, like Twitter, and that's on them. But many more are documented by the various outlets like Getty Images. Speaking of Getty, talk about a virtual treasure trove featuring some awesomely awkward, weird and creepy photos of athletes' faces. 

    Maybe it's not entirely fair to highlight these real-time moments that are rarely noticed in real time. It's like when you pause the DVR and someone is making the dumbest face you've ever seen in your life. 

    But guess what! Life's not fair. 

    So here are 100 pics of athletes making weird faces.

100. Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens

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    I realize it's kind of unfair to freeze frame someone during a press conference and make fun of their weird face. At least I'm not making fun of his eyebrows, though. 

    But whatever, the Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco just won a Super Bowl, so he can freaking deal with us making fun of his postgame presser face. 

99. Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Not sure what Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook is thinking right there, but I don't know if I'd want to be on the receiving end of that ball during a game against the Lakers in January 2013. 

    Westbrook is definitely shooting more than the ball—he's shooting someone the evil eye, too. 

98. Scott Hartnell, Philadelphia Flyers

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    Philadelphia Flyers forward Scott Hartnell isn't the happy-go-lucky sort—is anyone in Philadelphia that sort?—but he looks relatively jolly during a game against the Sabres in April 2011. 

    Don't let that goobery smile fool you, though, Hartnell is a bit of a brute and fits the Broad Street Bullies mentality to a T. 

97. Manny Pacquiao, Boxing

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    Obviously, this photo of boxer Manny Pacquiao was taken before being epically taken down by Juan Manuel Marquez in December 2012.

    Poor guy looked much worse for the wear after. Like much worse. 

96. Wes Welker, Denver Broncos

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    This is Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker's headshot from when he was with the Patriots back in 2010, and it's not exactly doing him justice.

    The photographer must have given a blanket order to bust out your best creeper face. 

95. Lolo Jones, Track & Field

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    Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones looks pretty fierce on and off the track, but everything from the face to the hair was a big freaking miscue at the Salute to Women In Sports event in October 2010. 

    Jones is probably making that face because she's trying to balance that hairdo of hers. 

94. Brad Keselowski, NASCAR

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    Driver Brad Keselowski was caught in a bit of an awkward moment answering questions during NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Media Day in February 2013 

    It's awkward and weird for sure. But to be fair, that's just how his face looks. 

93. B.J. Upton, Atlanta Braves

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    Then with the Tampa Bay Rays, outfielder B.J. Upton shows off his chewing tobacco face in a game against his future team, the Atlanta Braves, in June 2010. 

    That face alone should be enough to get that poison banned in professional sports. 

92. Rafael Nadal, Tennis

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    Tennis sensation Rafael Nadal is well-known for his intensity and wearing his ginormous emotions on his sleeve. Here he is on Day 12 of the BNP Paribas Open in 2013.

    I think he's a little excited—it's just so hard to tell. 

91. DeMarcus Cousins, Sacramento Kings

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    The Sacremento Kings DeMarcus Cousins looks like he smells something unpleasant during a game against the Hawks in March 2013. It's something extremely unpleasant. 

    In that case, it's probably just his own bad attitude that stinks. 

90. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger displaying his less-than-lovable mug in a divisional game against the Bengals in October 2012. 

    Let's just leave it at that because most of the things you want me to say about Big Ben wouldn't get past our content standards people. 

89. Ronaldinho, Atletico Mineiro

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    Atletico Mineiro forward Ronaldinho's face in this photo, taken in December 2010 when he was playing for AC Milan, is equal parts amazing and weird. 

    It's one of those perfect moments in time captured on film. 

88. Jordyn Wieber, Gymnastics

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    Olympic gymnast Jordyn Wieber rarely has even a hair out of place during competition, such was the case on Day 4 of the Visa Championships in August 2011. Her face, on the other hand, does look a little goofy here. 

    Things may not have gone her way at the 2012 Olympics in London, but hopefully, she'll get another chance in Rio. 

87. Prince Fielder, Detroit Tigers

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    Detroit Tigers slugger Prince Fielder—now that's the weird face of someone who just beat out the catcher at home plate during Game 2 of the World Series against the San Francisco Giants in October 2012. 

    Hopefully, Fielder savored that moment, because the Tigers didn't have much else to savor during the series. 

86. Rickie Fowler, PGA

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    PGA golfer Rickie Fowler doesn't seem to like the look of that shot at the Arnold Palmer Invitational in March 2013. Or maybe he does? Hard to tell.  

    I never know what Fowler is thinking or doing because I'm usually distracted by all that orange—his trademark uniform. 

85. Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins

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    Washington Redskins stud quarterback Robert Griffin III played the role of dutiful warrior by playing in a playoff game against the Seahawks in January 2013, despite a serious knee injury. 

    You have to wonder if he's thinking "Oooo…I really wish Mike Shanahan hadn't talked me into this," in this particular moment. 

84. Henrik or Daniel Sedin, Vancouver Canucks

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    There's absolutely no way to tell if this is the Vancouver Canucks' Henrik or Daniel Sedin making a weirdo face at the NHL All-Star Media Day in January 2012, because they are the most identical of identical twins.

    Their existence is counterbalanced by the fact that New York Rangers' Henrik Lundqvist also has an identical twin

83. Chris Bosh, Miami Heat

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    You gotta appreciate the Miami Heat's Chris Bosh's enthusiasm during a game against the New York Knicks in March 2013, though that's not to say that it isn't a little frightening. 

    Or maybe he's mad because LeBron and D-Wade get all the attention, and he just gets made fun of. Unfairly, I might add. 

82. Michael Phelps, Swimming

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    It's not difficult to find a picture of a swimmer making a weird face in the pool, but I think Olympic legend Michael Phelps' gazillion gold medals make him immune to this kind of silly (good-natured) mockery. 

    Even if he isn't, at least he'd understand it...unlike a certain other famous American swimmer. 

81. Steve Smith, Carolina Panthers

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    Carolina Panthers petite wideout Steve Smith makes a weird face during a game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in September 2012, but you probably wouldn't say anything about it to his face. 

    Looks like someone may have made him angry and you won't like him when he's angry. 

80. Milos Raonic, Tennis

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    When Canadian Milos Raonic took on the legendary Roger Federer on Day 8 of the 2013 Australian Open, his face looked like this pretty much all day. 

    If you're thinking he lost, you're right. 

79. Rajon Rondo, Boston Celtics

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    Someone forgot to tell Boston Celtics superstar point guard Rajon Rondo that this game against the Lakers in March 2012 would be played inside…like all NBA games. 

    Maybe his future's so bright, he's gotta wear shades? 

78. Albert Pujols, L.A. Angels of Anaheim

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    L.A. Angels star Albert Pujols is looking a little skeptical of something or someone during a game against the Mariners in August 2012.

    Who knows what's up, but you can be damn sure it doesn't have anything to do with the size of his game checks, though. 

77. Tom Brady, New England Patriots

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    During a game against the Miami Dolphins in December 2012, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady looks like a guy who knows I had been making fun of him all season for wearing that ridiculous hat. 

    Yes, I realize he has to wear it. No, it doesn't make me laugh about it any less. 

76. Jon "Bones" Jones, MMA

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    Jon "Bones" Jones is known for cracking skulls in the Octagon, but at the Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Arts Awards in 2011, he looked more like an extra from the set of Zoolander 2.

    Either that or he's got some delicious gossip that he's just dying to share. And I wish he would. 

75. Chris Kaman, Dallas Mavericks

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    Former L.A. Clippers center Chris Kaman is probably wondering why his stylist let him leave the salon looking like that during a game against the L.A. Lakers way back in November 2006. 

    In his defense, he doesn't have a lot of time to focus on his hair when he's busy figuring out ways to protect his personal arsenal from an imaginary government seizure. 

74. CC Sabathia, N.Y. Yankees

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    New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia looks a bit strained celebrating New York's divisional series win over the Orioles in October 2012.

    Hopefully, he really savored that, because the next series didn't go nearly as well. In fact, it went terrible. 

73. J.J. Watt, Houston Texans

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    Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt emerged as one of the most physically dominant and feared defenders in the NFL in 2012—he was the nearly unanimous selection for Defensive Player of the Year. 

    But that doesn't mean he can't get a little weird off the field. Which is exactly what he did with the Houston Astros mascot during a game in March 2013. 

72. Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs

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    San Antonio Spurs superstar Tim Duncan may have been playing in the NBA since dinosaurs roamed the earth, but this crazy intense face he displayed during a game against the Dallas Mavericks in December 2012 proves age ain't nuthin' but a number. 

    Duncan is one of the greatest, and most lovable, players to ever play the game—hopefully, he's still playing when dinosaurs roam the earth again...because we cloned them and things are going to get ugly.

71. Hope Solo, Soccer

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    During a game against Ireland in December 2012, U.S. goalkeeper Hope Solo was photographed doing something that was likely mundane, like blowing away a bug.

    But the moment definitely captured a weird face. Maybe she was cursing at Brandi Chastain under her breath to get her motivated for the match. 

70. Richard Sherman, Seattle Seahawks

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    The Seattle Seahawks animated cornerback Richard Sherman was one of the most talked about players of the last NFL season—probably because he never stopped talking about himself! 

    Sherman's menacing, but not usually mean-spirited, taunting ways were on display during a game against the Buffalo Bills in December 2012. 

69. Kevin Love, Minnesota Timberwolves

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    That is one heckuva an intense moment in time for the Minnesota Timberwolves Kevin Love in a game against the Miami Heat in December 2012. He's like seriously, seriously intense. 

    Hopefully, he didn't break his damn wrist on the play. 

68. Yu Darvish, Texas Rangers

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    I can't tell whether Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish likes what he sees during a game against the Tampa Bay Rays in August 2012 or doesn't like it. That could be rage face or kissy face. 

    Hopefully, he likes it because the Rangers probably want to keep the guy they shelled out $51 million for just to have a conversation with in late 2011. 

67. Frank Gore, San Francisco 49ers

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    San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore may not have won the Super Bowl, but he'll always have the fond memories of defeating the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship in January 2013.

    So will Drew Rosenhaus, apparently? That dude is everywhere. 

66. Maria Sharapova, Tennis

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    We all know that tennis goddess Maria Sharapova has far more good moments than bad, but this shot on Day 13 of the 2013 Sony Open is a rare bad one. 

    At least she has a killer tan and was able to perfectly coordinate her outfit with the tennis ball. 

65. Andrew Bynum, Philadelphia 76ers

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    There was a time before he was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers when L.A. Lakers big man Andrew Bynum actually used to play. And sometimes, he looked goofy doing it, like in this playoff game against the Denver Nuggets in May 2012. 

    This is actually a vast improvement for Bynum, though. Normally, he just looks bored. 

64. Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers

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    There aren't many players in the NFL with a more animated game face than San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers. Here it's on display in a game against the Tennessee Titans in October 2010. 

    Although, since he hasn't made the playoffs in years, some of Rivers' enthusiasm has likely waned. 

63. Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid

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    Can't fault Real Madrid's Cristiano for getting worked up during the Copa Del Rey semifinals against rival FC Barcelona in February 2013—even if it's a bit too worked up. 

    Although, couldn't you imagine his publicist pulling a Beyonce and trying to get all his unflattering images removed from Getty?

62. John Wall, Washington Wizards

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    Not sure I know what the Washington Wizards' John Wall was doing in a game against the New Orleans Hornets in March 2013, and I'm not sure I want to know. 

    Whatever it is, it's probably awesome. 

61. Kevin Kolb, Buffalo Bills

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    I'll admit that this angle of this photo doesn't do much for former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb, which was taken prior to a game against the Dallas Cowboys in December 2011. 

    But what does do much for Kolb? If only fumbles, interceptions and concussions were worth points in the NFL. 

60. Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers

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    Detroit Tigers Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera is looking like a guy who's not short on swagger during Game 4 of the divisional playoffs against the Oakland A's in October 2012. 

    Dude doesn't look like he has a care in the world. 

59. Andy Murray, Tennis

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    Sometimes, the camera captures just the wrong moment, like it did for Scottish tennis player Andy Murray on Day 14 of the Sony Open in March 2013. 

    Although, after looking through his gallery, it's clear that Murray isn't the most photogenic athlete on the planet. He's like the polar opposite of Roger Federer. 

58. Rey Maualuga, Cincinnati Bengals

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    Maybe this isn't so much a weird face moment for Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga at Cincinnati minicamp in May 2009, as a really bad hair moment. 

    The blank stare counts as at least a little weird, though. 

57. Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas Mavericks

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    Pretty much all of Mavericks big man Dirk Nowitzki's faces are kinda weird—that's just his face!

    This one during a game against the Lakers in April 2012 was just especially funny. 

56. Albert Haynesworth, NFL Free Agent

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    I vaguely recall Albert Haynesworth being initially enthusiastic about his brief stint with the New England Patriots, but this official headshot from 2011 suggests otherwise. 

    Maybe he was just bummed about having to get off the couch—a problem he no longer faces. 

55. Chris Andersen, Miami Heat

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    When he's not on the court, the Heat's Chris Andersen seems to be content at marveling the superstardom on display by his Miami teammates, which was the case during a game against the Orlando Magic in March 2013. 

    It looks like his fellow bench players are marveling at Andersen, too. But what about him could possibly attract attention? 

54. Nyjer Morgan, Yokohama DeNA BayStars

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    Former Milwaukee Brewers head case Nyjer Morgan is as known for his weird faces as his weird behavior; here he is doing whatever it is he does in a game against the Toronto Blue Jays in June 2012. 

    If I had to venture a guess as to what he's doing, I'd say, mostly, he's just creeping everyone out. 

53. Eli Manning, New York Giants

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    That's what the Internet refers to as "Eli Manning face." In this photo, the Giants quarterback was facing the Philadelphia Eagles in December 2012. 

    And he was looking as Eli has ever looked. Obviously, he uses that dopey stare to disarm the opposition in order to win Super Bowls.

    Advantage: Eli. 

52. Anthony Davis, New Orleans Hornets

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    Let's be real, that unibrow the New Orleans Hornets' Anthony Davis has always makes him look kinda weird, such was the case in a game against the Houston Rockets in January 2013. 

    But at least he's rich as hell. Boom. 

51. Joey Barton, Olympique De Marseille

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    The bad news is that Olympique De Marseille's Joey Barton is making a stupid face during a French Cup match against Paris Saint-Germain in February 2013.

    The good news is that he's not stabbing anyone...yet.

50. Ndamukong Suh, Detroit Lions

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    Here's Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh looking the way his reputation would suggest his game face looks like during a game against the Philadelphia Eagles in October 2012.

    At least he didn't stomp on anyone during the game...that we know of. 

49. Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals

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    Washington Nationals young gun Bryce Harper seems to be making a weird face in a game against the Cardinals in August 2012, but most of his faces are weird. 

    Thankfully, that doesn't matter, since he happens to be pretty OK at playing baseball. 

48. Metta World Peace, L.A. Lakers

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    Looks like the L.A. Lakers' Metta World Peace is the one trying to avoid an elbow to the dome this time in a game against the Clippers in January 2013. 

    If Caron Butler actually delivered on that 'bow, James Harden probably sent him a gift basket. 

47. Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals

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    This goobery photo of Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin was obviously taken early in the 2012 NHL playoffs, because we all know how things go for the boys in Washington by the end of their run each year. 

    Ovi may be one helluva a hockey player, but boy oh boy, if that isn't a face only a mother could love, I don't know what is!

46. James Harden, Houston Rockets

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    It's easier to find a photo of the Houston Rockets' James Harden making a funny face than a serious face. This one was taken during a game against the San Antonio Spurs in March 2013. 

    As for what he's doing with his hand? Only the beard knows. 

45. Cole Hamels, Philadelphia Phillies

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    Philadelphia Phillies' ace Cole Hamels is so adorable, it's hard to catch him making a weird face unless it's mid-pitch—so here he is mid-pitch in a game against the Colorado Rockies in June 2012. 

    Not gonna lie—he still looks hot. 

44. Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans

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    It's tough to look dignified with gold teeth and a giant chin band-aid—it's safe to say that Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson couldn't pull off the look in a game against the Carolina Panthers in November 2011. 

    He probably couldn't help the Titans pull off a win either.

43. Lionel Messi, FC Barcelona

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    Barcelona's Lionel Messi is unquestionably the best footballer in the world, but in facing rival Real Madrid in the Copa Del Rey semifinal in February 2013, even he can make the face of a surprised little girl. 

    Although because it's Messi, it just makes him all the more adorable. 

42. Deron Williams, Brooklyn Nets

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    It doesn't look like Brooklyn Nets stud point guard Deron Williams knows which way is up during a game against the Charlotte Bobcats in March 2013. 

    Or maybe he's trying to explain which way is up to the Bobcats. That sounds more likely. 

41. Ryan Braun, Milwaukee Brewers

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    Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun looks oddly surprised to see his own bat during a game against Mexico in the World Baseball Classic in March 2013.

    Or maybe he just got some more news incriminating himself in another PED scandal. But that probably wouldn't surprise him at this point. 

40. Ronda Rousey, MMA

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    If you're not making a weird face during a UFC match, you're doing it wrong.

    Obviously, Ronda Rousey, the baddest broad in MMA, was doing it right when she defeated Liz Carmouche at UFC 157 in February 2013. 

39. Joakim Noah, Chicago Bulls

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    Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah has carefully crafted his very eccentric persona for years, right down to his trademark messy bun he sports on game day. 

    During a game against the Philadelphia 76ers in February 2013, Noah added some very prominent neck veins to his signature look. Talk about intense. 

38. Dante Bonfim Costa Santos, Bayern Munich

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    Speaking of crafting a noticeable signature look! Bayern Munich's Dante looks positively unforgettable during a game against BATE Borisov in October 2012. 

    Proof that hair can, in fact, make the man! 

37. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts

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    Before you make fun of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, you'd be making that weird concerned face if you were facing Tom Brady's Patriots your rookie season, too—which he did in November 2012. 

    But feel free to make fun of the neck beard as much as you want. 

36. Danica Patrick, NASCAR

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    Even a GoDaddy girl has the occasional awkward moment. It's shocking, but true. 

    NASCAR driver Danica Patrick knows how to handle herself when cameras are present, but didn't look quite herself at the Subway Fresh Fit 500 practice in March 2013. 

35. Carmelo Anthony, N.Y. Knicks

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    That fingers to the head thing seems to be New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony's signature move; no ,it was appreciated by the L.A. Lakers in a game in December 2012. 

    You know who would probably appreciate it less? Kevin Garnett

34. A.J. Pierzynski, Texas Rangers

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    Former Chicago White Sox pitcher A.J. Pierzynski is routinely ranked among MLB's most hated players, but he looks like a friendly enough guy during a game against the Kansas City Royals in September 2011. 

    Unless he and his teammate are celebrating their pivotal role in a bench-clearing brawl—which is plausible, if not probable. 

33. Terrell Suggs, Baltimore Ravens

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    Baltimore Ravens linebacker/defensive end Terrell Suggs is a man of a million faces, and all but one of them is mean looking. The other is this one from a divisional playoff game against the Broncos in January 2013.

    Suggs is looking a little cocky, but we all know he had plenty of reasons to feel good about himself and his Ravens on that chilly day in Denver. 

32. Blake Griffin, L.A. Clippers

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    It may be weird as hell, but that's what we call a dunk face—and nobody has one like the L.A. Clippers' star Blake Griffin. It was on full display during a game against the Lakers in January 2013. 

    Actually, isn't it always on full display?

31. Phil Mickelson, PGA

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    Phil Mickelson, pro golfer, looks physically pained (or maybe hungry?) during Round 2 of the Northern Trust Open in February 2013.

    Maybe he's thinking more about his taxes than playing golf. 

30. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant isn't known as a bruiser, but he looks like he's about to smack someone on the dome during a game against the Atlanta Hawks in December 2012. 

    This should be pretty easy, considering KD is approximately 100 feet tall. 

29. Wayne Rooney, Manchester United

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    Manchester United's talented problem child Wayne Rooney is obviously fired up during a match against bitter rival Manchester City in December 2012. Maybe a little too fired up?

    No, never mind. You can never be too fired up to face your hated rivals. 

28. Brittney Griner, WNBA Prospect

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    Baylor's Brittney Griner may have had her college hoops career end a couple of games short in 2013, but the sky's the limit for the girl who won her first ESPY Award in July 2012.

    And it looks like she had fun doing it!

27. Ryan Lochte, Swimming

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    American Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer Ryan Lochte is pictured here shaving in public on Day 9 of the Procter & Gamble Family Home event in August 2012. 

    He looks oddly content. It's probably because Lochte doesn't know the difference between wherever he is at the moment and his own bathroom. He's easily confused. 

26. JaVale McGee, Denver Nuggets

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    "HUH?" is what the Denver Nuggets JaVale McGee looks like he's asking in a game against the Washington Wizards during a game in February 2013. 

    But knowing McGee, he was probably saying something much stranger. 

25. Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots

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    New England Patriots superstar tight end Rob Gronkowski busted out his best "I'm seriously constipated and very uncomfortable in a suit" face at the 2012 ESPY Awards. 

    And later, he ripped off that tie, threw his blazer in the trash and got drunk as hell with his brothers, while bird-doggin' the chicas. At least that's what I imagine he did. 

24. Kevin Garnett, Boston Celtics

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    Boston Celtics big man Kevin Garnett is unquestionably one of the most animated players in the NBA and he was true to form in a game against the Atlanta Hawks in March 2013. 

    I'd hate to be on the receiving end of whatever he's yelling about, because it's probably upsetting. Just ask Carmelo Anthony. 

23. Shaun White, Snowboarding

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    It may not be as weird as his mugshot, but snowboarder Shaun White was definitely mugging for the cameras on Day 4 of the X Games in Aspen in January 2013. 

    Hopefully, there will be more amazingly weird mugshots to come for White. I kid. Sorta. 

22. Mario Balotelli, AC Milan

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    Perhaps, Italy's Mario Balotelli is thinking to himself "Why always me?" during an international friendly against Brazil in March 2013. 

    Is it just me, or does that international friendly look especially friendly? 

21. Jayson Werth, Washington Nationals

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    Nationals right fielder Jayson Werth is almost unrecognizable as the player who came to Washington in 2011. His spring training portraits in March 2013 are proof that this "phase" may be permanent. 

    What a treat for everyone in his life. 

20. Serena Williams, Tennis

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    Tennis superstar Serena Williams has never been short on talent or passion, as evidenced by this photo on Day 9 of the 2013 Sony Open.

    Who cares is a face of victory is weird anyway? Winning is the ultimate mask. 

19. Jared Allen, Minnesota Vikings

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    Not known for being a super sensitive guy, the Minnesota Vikings' Jared Allen looks on the verge of getting a little weepy during a game against the Arizona Cardinals in October 2012. 

    Perhaps, he's just thinking about a massive 12-point buck that escaped his clutches on a recent hunting trip? I just made that up, but it's entirely possible. 

18. Alex Rodriguez, N.Y. Yankees

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    Considering aging Yankees headache Alex Rodriguez was benched during this particular playoff game against the Detroit Tigers in October 2012, he sure looks pleased with himself. 

    Though, something tells me that A-Rod is always pleased with himself. 

17. Kyle Busch, NASCAR

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    Most of NASCAR driver Kyle Busch's faces are weird because things just didn't quite come together for him in that department.

    But that's probably not what's getting him down at Auto Club 400 practice in March 2013—he has to be used to that face of his by this point. 

16. Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers

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    L.A. Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant looks as intense as ever during a game against the Mavericks in February 2013.

    Intense or really excited to beat down Dallas after their owner Mark Cuban suggested the Lakers dump him after the season. 

    Amnesty That!

15. Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears

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    This almost feels mean—like shooting fish in a barrel. But here's Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler looking how Jay Cutler looks in a game against the Arizona Cardinals in December 2012. 

    And I don't want to hear about how he has diabetes because nobody is making fun of an illness here. We're making fun of a person. And an unlikable one at that. 

14. Tiger Woods, PGA

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    PGA living legend Tiger Woods hasn't had much to be bummed about lately, though he managed to at the Arnold Palmer Invitational in March 2013—despite the fact that he won

    Gee wiz. It must be tough to be Tiger Woods, huh? 

13. Brian Wilson, San Francisco Giants

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    Can anyone turn a celebratory trip to the White House into a creepy stare contest like San Francisco Giants relief pitcher Brian Wilson? That's exactly what he did in July 2011. 

    Something tells me Wilson won't be invited back for anything ever again. Those guys probably still have nightmares about that stare. 

12. LeBron James, Miami Heat

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    Miami Heat superstar LeBron James strikes some kind of Godfather pose during a hard-fought battle against the Boston Celtics that almost ended their winning streak in March 2013. 

    King James probably felt like the Godfather after the Heat came from way behind to keep their streak alive. 

11. Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos

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    Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is giving someone the universal "talk to the hand" gesture and the "this face doesn't care" look during a game against the Ravens in December 2012. 

    Or he's just waving. Whatever. 

10. Usain Bolt, Track & Field

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    It's not all fun and games for legendary Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt—actually, maybe it is—here he is at a track and field clinic in October 2012, displaying that trademark personality of his. 

    Also on display? Far too much of the whites of his eyes!

9. Caroline Wozniacki, Tennis

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    It's no easy task finding tennis cutie Caroline Wozniacki looking anything less than fantastic, but she looked just a little strained during a Day 12 match at the BNP Paribas Open in March 2013. 

    Strained, but stunning. Naturally. 

8. Floyd Mayweather Jr., Boxing

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    Not sure what's going on here, but Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz almost look photoshopped together at their pre-bout press conference in September 2011. 

    Either Mayweather isn't being his usual hateful self, or Ortiz is really amused by really unpleasant things being screamed at him. 

7. Joey Chestnut, Competitive Eating

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    Competitive eater Joey Chestnut, the pride of America, competes at Nathan's Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest in July 2012. Who said you couldn't look sexy choking down hot dogs dipped in water?

    Oh, everyone? That's right.

6. Ray Lewis, Retired NFL

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    In the weeks leading up to his retirement, legendary Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis was a surprisingly volatile roller coaster of emotions—especially at Super Bowl XLVII against the San Francisco 49ers. 

    I'd be tempted to call him kind of a baby, but for obvious reasons, will refrain. 

5. Marc-Andre Fleury, Pittsburgh Penguins

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    Hmm. You think Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury would rather be in the net in a game against the Winnepeg Jets in January 2013?

    He looks a little…uh…bored. Maybe he should bring a book to read. 

4. McKayla Maroney, Gymnastics

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    Perhaps, one of the most famous funny faces in forever, American gymnast McKayla Maroney displays her most hilarious "not impressed" face after taking the silver in vault at the 2012 Olympics in London. 

    This weirdo face inspired a meme that made Maroney one of the biggest sports stars of 2012. 

3. Jason Kidd, N.Y. Knicks

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    It didn't take long to find a picture of the New York Knicks' Jason Kidd making a weird face. This pic, taken during a game against the Boston Celtics in March 2013, was the very first one in the gallery of nearly 2,000 photos.

    Poor guy looks confused as heck. Hopefully, he didn't drive into a tree later that night. 

2. Josh Beckett, L.A. Dodgers

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    It's hard not to look weird with a soul patch, so L.A. Dodgers pitcher Josh Beckett doesn't do himself any favors by calling attention to it during a game against the Cardinals in September 2012. 

    But that's just Josh Beckett. A super mean weirdo idiot with a soul patch that sucks at pitching whom nobody likes. 

1. Dwight Howard, L.A. Lakers

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    The last year hasn't been the best for L.A. Lakers big man Dwight Howard, but it takes a lot more to break this guy's spirit.

    He looks like the same mischievous prankster he's always been during a game against the Portland Trail Blazers in December 2012. 

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