Best Reactions to NBA Legend Phil Jackson Joining Twitter

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistMarch 27, 2013

The Zen Master has become social.

Yes, it's true. Phil Jackson has up and joined Twitter (@PhilJackson11).

UPDATE: Wednesday, March 27, at 6:45 p.m. ET by Grant Hughes

And based on his maiden tweet, it's safe to say that Jackson has plenty of room for improvement.

Maybe a quick scan for spelling errors would be in order next time, coach.

Fittingly, Jackson was treated to one of Twitter's most endearing characteristics on his first attempt: immediate, sarcastic feedback.

---End of update---

Jackson's fiance, Jeanie Buss, broke the news on her own account.

This is the biggest thing to happen since the equivalent of social-media sliced bread—Kobe Bryant joining twitter.

You know it's a big deal when the NBA itself rolls out the digital welcome mat.

Almost needless (but not quite) to say, the Twittersphere exploded upon learning the 11-time coaching champion took the micro-blogging plunge.

Dennis Rodman, who won three NBA titles under Jackson with the Chicago Bulls, welcomed his former coach—or as Rodman put it, his "dad"—to the social-media party.

Clearly, he couldn't hide his excitement. Not unlike how Jackson couldn't hide his championship rings.

Depicted on the Zen Master's wallpaper were 11 of his 13 total championship rings.

To some, 11 isn't enough. Yahoo! Sports' Kelly Dwyer responded to Jackson not representing all of his titles.

SLAM Online's Myles Brown implored us to count his rings as well.

The nerve of Phil, right? My condolences to New York Knicks fans (oh crap, that's me).

Speaking of nerve, Brown also poses an intriguing question about who will follow the other first, Kobe or Jackson?

Toeing along the same lines, who will follow whom first, Phil or Justin Bieber?

Aside from questioning his page design and potential followers (or "followees"), others had suggestions in regard to what his first tweet should be.

Not sure how you tweet a really loud whistle, but to each their own.

Others advised him to use the platform as a means to crucify current Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike D'Antoni.

Admittedly, that seems a bit harsh and inaccurate, since it wasn't like D'Antoni pried the job away from Jackson. 

But let's not mince pleasantries any longer. Is Phil going to be active on this thing or not?

Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today seems to think he will.

I've always considered Jackson to be a man of many rings, not many words, but Howard Beck of The New York Times appears to share Zillgitt's sentiments.

Let's hope it's "fun." Twitter accounts that aren't "fun" are like the most un-funnest of un-fun things ever. If he's not going to be "fun," what was the point of him joining?

Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times warms us up to the idea of Jackson using his account as a vessel for him to bestow his "Zen" upon the rest of us.

I'm totally fine with that. He could be the NBA's version of Dr. Phil, except, you know, with hair, and he would know what he's talking about.

No matter how he uses it, we're in store for something special. Kudos to whoever sold Jackson on embracing social media.

As Andrew Kamenetzky of puts it, the Zen Master joining Twitter is awesome.

Keep your eyes peeled for Jackson's Twitter feed. He has yet to tweet, but it's coming soon.

At least, that's what the self-proclaimed American ambassador in Rodman claims, and who are we to doubt the suddenly intercontinental traveler?

So buckle up and hide your desserts.

The Zen Master has officially arrived.


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