New WWE Championship Belt: Ugly or Awesome?

Anthony Mango@@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistFebruary 19, 2013

New WWE Championship Belt: Ugly or Awesome?

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    On tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, The Rock unveiled the new design for the WWE Championship title belt.

    He boasted that it was not only great but "bad-ass" and would bring a more prestigious look to the brand.

    Does it succeed, or does it fail?

    The Internet Wrestling Community has been clamoring for a change from the spinner-belt and now they have it. Is it going to be met with applause or with shaking fists of anger?

    Here are some pros and some cons of what I personally think the new title design has going for it.

The New WWE Title Belt Design Is Ugly

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    Since people usually like the bad news first, here are some of the arguments I've heard so far about the new belt design being hideous.

    First and foremost, it is rather bland. The WWE logo sits on an empty black background instead of having something more glamorous. The generic answer would be to put a globe behind the logo as seen in the past. To me, it looks designed by someone on Microsoft Paint.

    Second, the bulls on the side have to go. It's understandable that the Rock has them on his title temporarily as he's had them customized before but once he drops the title I have no doubt that they'll be removing the bulls.

    The question is what they'll replace them with? There shouldn't be "Mon-nite Raw" on it as they've had in the past, nor should there be more WWE logos. They need something classy and to take a page out of the history books.

    Some say it resembles the United States Championship too much or that it looks more like a belt buckle than a title belt. I'm not as big of a supporter of this concern as I am with the other two, but there are still some people out there that were hoping for a resurgence of the more rounded WWF Championship from the attitude era.

The New WWE Title Belt Design Is Awesome

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    Not everyone is complaining about the new design. In fact, there are some differences from this and the spinner belt that people are very enthusiastic about.

    The most obvious is the fact that it doesn't spin.This logo is stationary and I'm assuming will remain so even after John Cena inevitably holds it in the future. The spinner feature hasn't been active for some time, but as we all know, wrestling fans never forget.

    Another positive is that the rhinestones are gone. The bejeweled look contributed to the cheapness of the old belt similar to when you get something sparkly out of a vending machine at a supermarket.

    One particular change I want to commend them on (and more importantly, retroactively berate them for not having in the past) is how the belt now says "champion" as opposed to "champ". That has always irked me and we finally have a design that contains the full word.

    While some are complaining that the title belt is too generic, others are fond of that after seeing the over-the-top spinner belt.

    What are your thoughts on the new title belt design? Do you think WWE has stepped up from the spinner belt or do you think this is an even worse belt? What other positives and negatives do you think about the title? Leave your comments below.

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