New York Yankees: What Are Bombers' Most Realistic Solutions for Alex Rodriguez?

Doug Rush@Doug_RushSenior Analyst IFebruary 15, 2013

New York Yankees: What Are Bombers' Most Realistic Solutions for Alex Rodriguez?

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    The relationship between the Yankees and Alex Rodriguez is at the point of no return now.

    Four years ago, A-Rod was outed for taking performance enhancing drugs while he was with the Texas Rangers, but said he had been clean while as a member of the Yankees.

    Four years later, the Yankees third basemen is now tied to allegations that he had been receiving PEDs from a Miami doctor while as a member of his current team.

    The Bombers are absolutely fed up with a guy they are paying MVP-type money, but are getting lackluster production out of, not to mention, headache after headache every single time his name is in the media.

    And what's even worse; the Yankees are on the hook with A-Rod for another five years and $114 million of the same old song and dance.

    For the sake of the Yankees future and their sanity, a breakup has to happen. A-Rod can not be a member of this team anymore.

    Currently, A-Rod is recovering from hip surgery and is nowhere near Tampa, Florida, where the Yankees are currently residing as spring training has officially kicked off for 2013.

    What can the Yankees do to make sure that this break happens?

    Lets take a look at what the Yankees can do regarding the trouble and mess known as Alex Rodriguez.

Pay Him to Sit at Home

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    The first option is to tell A-Rod to sit at home.

    He gets paid, which he'll definitely want, but he'll get paid to not be a part of the team.

    Bringing A-Rod back after he has lied to his employers and the fans simply can not happen.

    So if he really doesn't want to accept retirement or negotiate a release, then he can still be an official member of the Yankees.

    But he can do it from his couch down in Miami and make his millions.

    It's crazy to think that this idea would actually work, but at this point, I would rather have A-Rod on the books and not be on the field than have him be a dark cloud continuing to be a lightning rod of controversy and un-needed drama for the team.

Offer Him Up in a Trade, and Pay Most of the Salary

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    The second option would have to wait until A-Rod is off the disabled list.

    This would be along the ideas of what the Yankees did with A.J. Burnett.

    And that is offering to trade him to a team for virtually nothing, and pay most, if not, all of the contract.

    No team is going to willingly inherit the five years and $114 million left on A-Rod's deal because no GM in their right mind wants that kind of albatross on their payroll.

    As a 37-year-old, A-Rod might have a little value left as a player, and he might be better than some of the players that are on some current teams' rosters.

    So if the Yankees wanted to pawn off A-Rod in a trade, they could do it, but they'll have to front the bill for the next five years for him to play elsewhere.

Hope He Physically Can't Play and Is Forced to Retire

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    Over the last four years, it seems like it's been one injury after another for A-Rod.

    Whether it's been a hip, a knee, a thumb, or the other hip, the injuries just keep piling up.

    And with the latest surgery and recovery, who knows if A-Rod even recovers from this.

    I honestly feel deep down that the reason why A-Rod is so injury prone is the after effects of the PEDs he has taken and his body is breaking down as a result.

    This next possibility is a long shot, especially because it means that A-Rod doesn't get the rest of his contract.

    But if in fact A-Rod is physically unable to play baseball anymore because of the injuries and if his hip doesn't properly heal, then he may have no choice but to retire.

    Hopefully, A-Rod has saved his money wisely.

Release Him

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    This option the Yankees can do at any time.

    A-Rod would still get the rest of his money on his contract, but he wouldn't be a member of the Yankees anymore.

    The Yankees could simply give A-Rod his release and be done with him.

    I'm sure another team in need of a hitter could scoop up A-Rod and pay him the minimal for a major league contract, but that wouldn't matter for that team, nor would it for A-Rod.

    Because even if another team picks him up, the Yankees are still forced to pay him for the next five years if they decide to cut him.

    But it would rid themselves of A-Rod and then the Yankees can start to move on with their future of the franchise and not wonder how A-Rod can find another way to weigh them down.

Void the Deal If MLB Finds out He Took PEDs

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    The fifth and final option is the one most Yankee fans want to have happen.

    Ever since the news hit of A-Rod's tied with Dr. Anthony Bosch and the anti-aging clinic in Miami in which he received PEDs from, the Yankees have been looking for a way to void his contract.

    As of right now, Major League Baseball is leading the investigation and is looking into this situation.

    I don't know how long it will take for MLB to conduct their search on what really went down in Miami involving A-Rod and Bosch, but if they find out A-Rod did in fact take PEDs illegally, then the Yankees may have a case to get the deal voided.

    I don't know if there is a breech of contract clause that is involved; hopefully the Yankees put one in there when they made this god-awful deal back in 2007.

    Sure, the players union will likely try to fight the Yankees and MLB on trying to not allow them to void the deal.

    But if there is any way the Yankees can void A-Rod's deal and get it off their payroll, trust me, they will look to do it in the blink of an eye.

The Bottom Line: Alex Rodriguez Can Not Be a Yankee Anymore

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    To say that Alex Rodriguez has become an embarrassment is an understatement.

    Every time I, and many other fans, hear his name, we all have to cringe because we know something bad is following.

    The fans gave him a pass back in 2009 because he helped the Yankees win the World Series, but that seems like centuries ago.

    All the fans remember now is the guy who either gets injured, strikes out in big spots, or embarrasses his employers with another scandal.

    The Yankees can not, in any way, shape or form, allow A-Rod to come back and play baseball for them.

    If he were playing at the MVP caliber level he once was at, then I think the team could find an excuse to put him back on the field.

    But he's not a great player anymore. Hell, he's not even a good player anymore.

    And he's not worth the drama anymore, and like I said earlier, a breakup is best for both sides.


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