LA Dodgers Are Trendy, but N.Y. Yankees Are Proven

Jim MorisetteCorrespondent IIIFebruary 5, 2013

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 04:  Derek Jeter #2 of the New York Yankees holds up the trophy as he celebrates with A.J. Burnett (L), Jorge Posada (2nd L), Mariano Rivera (2nd R) and Robinson Cano after their 7-3 win against the Philadelphia Phillies in Game Six of the 2009 MLB World Series at Yankee Stadium on November 4, 2009 in the Bronx borough of New York City.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Recently, Jon Friedman of the Wall Street Journal wrote a commentary about how the retooled and trendy Los Angeles Dodgers are armed and ready to unleash business and broadcast warfare on the New York Yankees.  

Per Craig Calcaterra of HardballTalk.com, the Dodgers took a big step in its efforts to trump the Yankees, when American Media Productions launched SportsNet LA last Monday.

In sum, SportsNet LA is now the all encompassing, billion-dollar broadcast network of the Dodgers.

In response, CBS Sports columnist Danny Knobler went on the attack, pointing to how the Yankees creation of the YES Network was supposed to lead to a big treasure trove of World Series riches.

Yet while the Yankees have witnessed success the past 11 years since buying YES, this iconic team has just one World Series to show for it in this span.  

Today, fans of this aging Yankees team of stars are at odds over the strategic direction this club should take. It is George Steinbrenner vs. Hal Steinbrenner at its finest.

Surely, Dodgers brass knew the Yankees recent history before going on its spending spree to stockpile star power. They had to have gotten the memo that spending big does not always lead to postseason glory.

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So why has this outfit of billionaires chosen to take a similar path to King George’s “Evil Empire?”

Perhaps the Dodgers have acquired "Napoleon Complex" after watching Bruce Bochy and the San Francisco Giants win the World Series twice.

One might think the Dodgers would heed lessons from how the Giants have excelled.

Maybe the Dodgers are so bogged down in red carpet Hollywood mentality that this huge “trend-setter” is willing to spend hoards of cash to feed its monster ego.

Meantime, prospects in the Dodgers’ system pray they be traded elsewhere so they do not spend the majority of their early 20's in the minor leagues.

Whatever the reason for the Dodgers new obsession with trumping the Yankees, the bottom line is this: For every hot minute the Dodgers obsess over yanking the Yankees from its gloried perch, it is loses focus of the fact the Dodgers should not be mentioned in the same breath as the pinstripes when talking success.

Fans can spew hatred for the Yankees all they want. The same can poke fun at this aging team. And they can dream all they want about the Yankees dwelling in the AL East cellar.

Yet with 27 World Series rings, the Yankees will nearly always emerge from the fog of MLB war at, or near, the top of the heap.

And with a fresh crop of home-grown prospects waiting in the wings, and with fresh cash to spend on a solid 2014 free agent class, the Yankees will continue to be an elite MLB team.

So the Dodgers can spend all the billions they want to trump the Yankees. But they will never counter this fact.   

The new look Dodgers may be trendy.  

But the New York Yankees are proven. 


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