Chicago Bears: Meet the Team's New-Look Coaching Staff

Alexander Crowe@@AlexCrowe38Correspondent IJanuary 16, 2013

Chicago Bears: Meet the Team's New-Look Coaching Staff

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    Early Wednesday morning, Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune broke the news that everyone had been waiting for; The Chicago Bears had finally hired their head coach.

    That news didn't come as much of a shock to most Bears fans, as Trestman has rumored to be the guy the Bears were looking at for quite some time now. 

    Shortly after the Trestman announcement was made, the ball kept on rolling for the Bears and the rest of their coaching staff.

    Trestman has now roughly assembled the staff that he will be coaching with in 2013, a staff that will feature almost entirely new faces on the sideline for the bears next season. 

Special Teams: Joe DeCamillis

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    He's no Dave Toub, but the hiring of Joe DeCamillis for the Chicago Bears' vacant special teams coordinator position could help the organization recover from the loss of former-Bears special teams coach Toub rather quickly.

    Shortly after the news that Toub would not be returning to the Chicago Bears next season, it was leaked that Dallas Cowboys' special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis was interested in the job. This morning, the job became his.

    This is the sixth team that DeCamillis has been the special teams coordinator with a team. The other teams went as follows:

    Denver Broncos - 1988-1992

    New York Giants - 1993-1996

    Atlanta Falcons - 1997-2006

    Jacksonville Jaguars - 2007-2008

    Dallas Cowboys - 2009-2012

    Now DeCamillis begins his newest adventure with the Chicago Bears. Obviously, the previous success of the Bears in the special teams unit was intriguing to DeCamillis and the team is looking forward to having him on the sideline next season.

    One more thing to note: DeCamillis was severely injured in the infamous 2009 practice facility collapse of the Dallas Cowboys. He had surgery to repair damaged vertebrae in his neck and spine but, just nine days later, he was back on the sideline coaching with a neck brace on. This is a guy who wants to be there on the sideline with his team week in and week out.

Offensive Coordinator: Aaron Kromer

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    Aaron Kromer has just become the third Chicago Bears offensive coordinator in as many seasons, as he agreed to sign with the team early this morning.

    Kromer was chosen not just because of his work with Drew Brees and the high powered offense he has assembled in New Orleans, but also his rich history working with the offensive line, a facet that the Chicago Bears clearly need development.

    Kromer has been coaching for a while, starting out with Miami University in 1990. He has brief stints in the college game coaching in Miami from 1990-1998 before switching to Northwestern University for the 1990-2000 season.

    After that, Kromer went to the NFL where he bounced around, helping multiple teams with their offenses. His previous NFL jobs are as follows:

    Oakland Raiders - 2001-2004 (Offensive Line)

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 2004-2007 (Senior Assistant/Offensive Line)

    New Orleans Saints - 2008-2012 (Offensive Line/Offensive Coordinator)

    Kromer was promoted at with almost every team he was with, most notably the Saints.

    He started off as a running backs coach with the team and, after just one season, was promoted to the offensive line coach in a year that the Saints went on to win their first Super Bowl.  Kromer was the interim head coach for the first six games with the Saints this season, a span in which the team started out 0-4 but ended on a 2-game winning streak.

    Kromer makes sense for the Bears because he has a very experienced background in the offensive line area and, in addition to the offensive coordinator role Kromer will also be coaching the line in Chicago.

    His expertise in working with tailbacks can help Matt Forte rebound from a down-year and his advice could be just what the Bears need to get the most out of their offense and build a line good enough to protect Jay Cutler

Defensive Coordinator: Rod Marinelli

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    As of this morning, Rod Marinelli was the only assistant to survive the new wave of coaches coming into Chicago.

    Does that mean he will stay on the Trestman coaching staff? Only time will tell.

    As of now, it's looking like Marinelli will be on the sideline for the Bears next season.

    According to the Chicago Sun Times, "Two sources indicated that they believe Trestman may keep some of Lovie Smith's assistants, most notably defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli."

    The question then becomes will Marinelli want to stay on the Bears or will he chose to go the route that Toub did and look for a job elsewhere?

    Marinelli was very loyal to former-coach Lovie Smith, and the two worked very closely to run the defense together the past few seasons. If Smith gets a job somewhere else, Marinelli could follow him there. If not, it will be interesting to see whether Marinelli will stay with the Bears or continues his coaching career with someone not related to Smith or the Chicago Bears organization.

    It's not a secret that Marinelli and Smith have together built one of the best defenses in the league. The defense they had this past season set records for touchdowns on defense and, without the defense putting up as many points as they did, the team never would have come close to 10 wins.

    Most fans would like to see Marinelli back on the sideline in Bears attire next season. Nobody is quite sure what will happen but, as of right now, Rod Marinelli is still the defensive coordinator in Chicago.

Head Coach: Marc Trestman

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    The man on the left, talking to someone with his headset on, is the 14th head coach in Chicago Bears history.

    The news broke early Wednesday morning and, by the time most fans had woken up Wednesday morning, it had become official: Marc Trestman was coming to Chicago as the newest head coach for the Bears.

    Trestman has built himself an impressive resume over his career, one that features coaching in the NCAA, NFL and CFL.

    In the NCAA, Trestman started out as the quarterbacks coach with the University of Miami, from 1981-1984. After coaching in the NFL for quite some time, he returned to the NCAA from 2005-2006 to be the offensive line coach with NC State.

    In the NFL, Trestman spent 1985-2004 holding jobs with the Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, San Francisco 49ers, Detroit Lions, Arizona Cardinals, Oakland Raiders and Miami Dolphins, serving as quarterbacks or offensive line coach for each team.

    In 2008 Trestman left the NFL, NCAA (and USA altogether) to become the head coach of the Montreal Alouettes. His time there was spectacular to say the least.

    In his first season with the Alouettes, Trestman and his team went 11-7 in the regular season and ended up losing in the Grey Cup. The next year in 2009, the team went 15-3, won the Grey Cup and Trestman won the CFL Coach of the Year Award. In 2010, the team went 12-6 and won the East Division again, making it all the way to their third straight Grey Cup and winning it, making it two in a row.

    In 2011, the Alouettes had their worst season under Trestman, going 10-8, finishing second in the East Division before losing the playoffs. It was the first time the team didn't make the Grey Cup under Marc Trestman.

    2012 was Trestman's last season with the Alouettes, a season in which the team went 11-7, finished first in the East Division once again, but fell in the East Final, failing to make the Grey Cup for the second straight season.

    Some fun facts about Trestman: he is a member of the bar in the state of Florida after having graduated from law school at the University of Miami also wrote a book titled Perseverance that was released in 2010.

    It's pretty easy to see why Phil Emery chose Trestman for the job in Chicago. His resume speaks for itself, loaded with full experience and success at every level. 

    His success in the CFL shows that Trestman can coach at big-time levels and win big-time games. More importantly, it demonstrates that not winning the division would be a disappointment to him. Note that the Alouettes made the playoffs every season under Trestman,.

    Finally, his work with quarterbacks means he is going to get the most out of Jay Cutler that he can. Cutler made it to the Pro Bowl in Denver when he played under a West Coast style of play and Trestman brings that to the Bears, where he will be reunited with Cutler. 

    Now that the coaching staff is mostly assembled, it's time for Trestman and the Bears to get to work. After the press conference and team meetings, it's time to begin off season work for both Trestman and his team, so that they can come out firing on all cylinders next season.

    The Lovie Smith Era has ended in Chicago and the Marc Trestman Era has just begun.